Three Ways To Stay Warm In Overalls



Do you know what I wore to my very first tailgate?  My sorority had partnered with…Sigma something or Alpha whatever and ANYWAY…I wore overalls.  Over a voluminous plaid flannel shirt and those yellow workboots that were all grunge-cool in 1995.  Mine had a chunky heel, natch.  Five years later, know what my sister wore to her first tailgate?  A belly shirt and a skirt so short it came with attached underpants. Times change

Plaid Shirt + Blazer + Necklace

Inspired by my 19 year old self, here’s one way I’m bringing my overalls into Fall.  (Or winter, rather – it’s snowing as I type this.)


I’m finding that a comfy heel really helps with overall styling. I like how the blazer nips in and creates a waist.



shirt:  old J.Crew….this year’s version

blazer: old….try this one in gray (designer20 for additional 20% off) or Gap’s herringbone or comfy ponte

overalls: Current/Elliott ranch hand….or this affordable pair from ASOS (or this darker wash)

shoes: old Clark’s….similar

socks: old Gap….similar

necklace: old…like these chunky ones:  korsnordies

hair:  henry margu



Cool T-Shirt + Parka

I like the peek of texture/pattern an interesting tee provides.  A striped tee would also work.

Any sort of longish coat is surprisingly chic paired with overalls.  My next try will be a striped tee and trench coat – all subversive Parisian.  




shirt:  old J.Crew…try tweed sleeve, camo, or this cool printed tee

parka: Zara

overallsCurrent/Elliott ranch hand….or this affordable pair from ASOS (or this darker wash)

shoes: old Clark’s….similar

hair:  Forever Young Edge Savy Wig


Turtleneck + Faux Fur + Hat


During my third chemo treatment, guess who came to visit?



Awwww…M.  I’ve missed you.

So I did the chemo thing, M arrived as I was finishing up, then we went shopping and had dinner after and I ate a fish taco and had a few sips of wine.  Isn’t that weird?  Chemo day is so different from what I expected.  

Even if I do look sort of glazed.  But that’s to be expected, I think.


For the first two days post-chemo I’m jazzed from the steroids, so M and I just…had fun.  Like, honest-to-goodness fun.  Another one of our besties, J, arrived on Friday and all was still going pretty well, but by Saturday afternoon the Chemo Crush had hit.  While in the Crush, I just feel like….shit.  It’s like having a really intense, really awful, very strange case of the flu.  Thankfully, it only lasts a few days.  Usually.  Hopefully.  And of course I’m glossing over things a bit – you feel the overall effects from chemo for much longer than just a few days but my real point in all of this mess is this: 

I only have to do it one more time.  ONE MORE TIME.  Tomorrow.  

I am…ready.  I am tired, soverytired, and still a little sad that this has been my life..but mostly I am ready.

See you on the other side, Mamas.



ps.  HUGE thanks to those of you who have sent in Reader Street Style pics lately.  SUCH a huge help for the next week or so.  xoxoxo


  1. I remember wearing a similar outfit to a frat party in 1995. But, no, I am not bringing the look back…I can’t rock it like you do. I do miss a nice cozy plaid flannel shirt, though…the new styled ones just aren’t the same.
    Best wishes for tomorrow. I work in that cancer center building, I recognize it from your picks, I’ll send good vibes your way.

  2. I love the slouchy fit of those overalls! I’d like to order a pair but did you go for your normal size or a size bigger? Love love love!

  3. I’ve been lurking for some time and love your blog. I was just getting ready to ask for suggestions for styling coveralls if you can believe it. These images are great! (I got the coveralls for a Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume, took them in a bit, and, presto!, they’re my most comfortable, favoritest clothes! Rocking leopard heels with them and working on various styles for the top…)

  4. Isn’t that red fur trim coat at anthro drool worthy? I live in south Florida. Never going to happen, sigh.
    I wish you luck tomorrow. You are a soldier

  5. Oh, S. Yes. It is so very sad that this has to be a part of your life and of course it’s okay to grieve in that, we have grieved with you.
    However, even though you didn’t choice it, it does not control you, you haven’t let it define you. You are defined by the manner in which you have walked through this, by the wisdom and insights you have gained while going through this and how you use your wisdom and insight to help others who are facing the same battle as you have. You didn’t choose this path in life but you have chosen to respond to it instead of react to it and that takes a bigger person. Fighting like a girl is serious business!
    100 years from now it won’t be the cancer that mattered anyways.
    Lifting you up to a Sovereign God in prayers today Mama.
    ok, sorry, you pushed my spew button. Catch ya on the flip. (btw, had to be a dork and google Natch. which makes me feel waaaay older than I am! thanks)

  6. Shana, you’ve always been ready. Now you just know it for sure.
    Thank you for being such an inspiring example of strength and style.

  7. Um hey you chemo queen – no deets on the last outfit?! It’s my fav of all three – so “cancer can suck it” chic ;). Love you!

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