Three Workout-to-Streetwear Outfit Ideas


Hey friends. Today I’m here solving my own most-frequent fashion challenge: what to wear to and from a workout. I hit the barre3 studio at least three times a week, and you know I love LOVE my jeans, but it just doesn’t make sense to change a million times a day. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, most mornings I’m sporting leggings, yet trying to figure out how to make them into an outfit that doesn’t always scream “I’m going to workout.” It’s like my on-going thing…forever…trying to figure this out for EVERY season. I’ve come up with a few ideas I’m going to put fully into rotation over here. I hope they’re helpful/interesting/fun for you, too.

Outfit 1: Sporty Meet Preppy

This might be my favorite look. I’m putting white high tops with EVERYTHING right now. While it may seem dumb during the winter, it’s become my go-to shoe when I need a more interesting element to my look. And don’t worry, if you’re not into white canvas shoes this time of year like I am (I’m getting good at avoiding all the puddles) then I’ve linked to some more weather-friendly leather versions below. But, I LOVE these high tops. Like, you’re gonna see them all the time. Haha. And it’s taken me YEARS of searching for a white high-top I like.

Need an effortlessly chic look to take you from home to barre3 & post-yoga errands? These 3 solid workout-to-streetwear outfits are it. Comfy-glam? Yasss!

Outfit Details

Everlane The Cocoon Coat – I mean, the name alone says coziest. I love Everlane’s items. This camel color is pretty much perfection…easier to wear than some of the shades of camel out there, especially for us blondes — it’s a hard match to find. This one is excellent. Aaannd…I just talked myself into ordering it. Check back to hear my review.

J.Crew Shrunken Sweatshirt – I have this in gray and LOVE it. Much cuter/ more wearable than your typical sweatshirt because of the fit. Works perfectly with high-rise anything, even my wide-leg jeans. I love it. TTS, but a more fitted fit.

Alo Airbrush Tech Lift Leggings – Alo are another of my favorite leggings. Super high-quality and they last.

Gola High Tops – Another of my favorite, most-worn items right now. The exact version I have are sold out, but I’m dying over this silver and white pair. I throw mine on with everything, and they make it cooler, more sporty, and are less expected than your typical running sneaker. If you need a more weather-resistant version right now, I’m loving these or these.

A&F Beanie – The pop of red just makes this outfit. You could do a great red scarf, but the beanie is right on-trend right now.

Outfit 2: City Chic

This combo is one of Shana’s favorites for workout to streetwear. The OTK boots keep legs nice and warm, and look more put together than sneakers. Add a gorgeously warm coat and bold lip, and you’re set for any before or after workout errands.

Need an effortlessly chic look to take you from home to barre3 & post-yoga errands? These 3 solid workout-to-streetwear outfits are it. Comfy-glam? Yasss!

Outfit Details

Abercrombie Shiny Nylon Parka – This is gorgeous. I think Scotti has this, and I’ve been dying over this color and the chic faux fur.

Everlane Cashmere Square Turtleneck – Everlane’s cashmere is great and reasonably priced for cashmere. I love the shape of this sweater and the subtle fleck.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Tight – Many people swear by Athleta leggings, and I agree. They are awesome. They have a lifetime guarantee on all their products, too, which is awesome. They used to run large, but I haven’t tried them in a while.

Marc Fisher Yuna OTK Boot – These are the boots I have, and I love them. The pointed toe looks fancier to me than a rounded toe, and these stay up really well. They’re also half-off right now!

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Broadest Berry – This is moisturizing and a nice intense color, i.e., it goes on more like a lipstick than a gloss. I LOVE it. The color is more like the color of the coat when it’s on.

Outfit 3: All The Layers

I’ve talked about it before, but layering is my favorite way to add something interesting to an outfit. A coat over a jacket is always gonna be more unexpected and interesting, and these shades of denim, camel and ivory just work together so nicely. These Sorel boots are my other most-worn shoe right now for morning drop off, because they have this thick, insanely cozy liner that you can wear for short periods without socks. (But let’s not get into that whole thing again, you guys…)

Need an effortlessly chic look to take you from home to barre3 & post-yoga errands? These 3 solid workout-to-streetwear outfits are it. Comfy-glam? Yasss!

Outfit Details

J.Crew Double Breasted Long Cardigan – Wear it like a cozy coat. I love this kind of thing layered over another jacket. You know unexpected is my fav.

Abercrombie Denim Jacket – They have such great washes. Considering going up one size at Abercrombie.

J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie – Such a cute & cozy layering piece.

Beyond Yoga High Waisted Midi Space Dyed are Shana and I’s favorite leggings ever. They’re so soft, fit well, don’t slide down and… I don’t know…. There’s magic in them. They’re my favorite for barre3, and I want to wear them around the house all the time, too. They’re not supe- thick for wearing outside everyday right now, but to and from a workout with a long cardigan would be fine. TTS.

bootsSorel 1964 Waxed Canvas boot – Wearing these almost every morning right now. That wool liner is insanely comfy and warm and I just slip them on without socks for drop off or going to barre3.


You may have seen my latest calendar post where I come clean with being a graphic designer on the side.  Well, this post is another example of how I nerd-out about pretty design. I loved putting these looks together because: a) these collages are kinda my jam, and b) they’re helping solve everyday problems…that I actually have every day. Have you found a favorite way to style up your workout wear to and from the gym? Do share!

And if you’re looking for something new to add to your workout regime this January, may I once again recommend my favorite barre3. Their January Challenge this year is all about intention and meeting yourself where you are, and I love it. I hit my two year anniversary this week of working out 3x a week, and believe me when I say I’ve never done that before, ever. They have online workouts and childcare in the studios, and are so focused on mamas and safe, effective workouts. I can’t say enough good things (and NO, they’re not paying me to say this). Haha. Give it a look and happy January, y’all!



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  1. This post speaks to my soul! Love your suggestions. And I bought the J. Crew cardi coat for my mom and my sister for Christmas! Love seeing how you styled it here! Also, I totally agree that a cool pair of sneakers can elevate any look. Love this!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!! TME has definitely elevated my overall “style game”; however, I wear workout (yoga) gear the majority of the week and always felt like a schlump: i.e. typical leggings, t-shirt, sneakers (add jacket if its cold). I can not wait to try out these looks. Thank you, Laura!!

  3. Laura! So awesome! (<– both you and this post! 🙂 )

    These are wonderful ideas and combos you've put together … and they're somehow simple but yet have this nice flair to them. And take our everyday wardrobes up a notch in a cool way. I'm actually wearing my OTK boots (thanks to Gwen and Shana and now you for the Marc Fisher Yuna recommendation; I bought them during the last N sale!) with tights right now after reading this last night and getting inspired by you; I love the comfort, the warmth and the look — so thank you! And honestly,while it now seems obvious, I wouldn't have thought of throwing on the OTK boots with tights and a sweater — I'd been putting them with jeans, skinny camo pants and dresses only.

    Thank you and ALL of you for all the amazing work you do!

  4. I’m on Team Lindzi with the cool comfort shoes and love wearing my black Dansko Maria clog boots with my black workout leggings, a slightly cropped box cut sweater (often black or grey), and an old thrifted J. Crew swing rainjacket in olive green – I think the proportions of a boxier top and clunkier shoe help balance the very fitted leggings…

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