Thrilled To Be A Buru Tastemaker!




Morgan from Shop Buru, my favorite on-line source for all thing nursing-friendly, had asked me to be a Buru Tastemaker.  If you are interested, it includes a fun little Q&A (she came up with some seriously great questions)…but the best part?  The tastemaker sale.  From now until Wednesday, all of my very favorite pieces from Shop Buru are on sale.

If you are unfamiliar with Shop Buru, Morgan painstakingly chooses each piece in her shop based on the needs of a nursing or post-partum mother (working moms?  You’ll find SO many options here).  I mean, there’s an entire category dedicated to elastic waist pants!!  And I love that in each piece’s description, Morgan includes notes about how breastfeeding would work with that piece.  It’s total genius – I LOVE it.


I had the chance to meet Morgan last September at the Buru Brunch in NY.  She’s down to earth, funny and real – exactly the kind of gal I’m thrilled to support.  Her mom and adorbs baby Olive were both there, too.  I ended nervously bringing Pax (one of those last-minute situations) and everyone was so kind – Morgan’s mom even took special care to help out with Pax.  I mean seriously.

But you guys, I have to tell you about Morgan’s husband, Brett.  He was throwing down his “Derek Lams” and “Mara Hoffmans” and “Rachel Comeys” like a CHAMP.  I was all, “Dude!  How long have you been in the fashion business?” and he blushed (blushed!!) and said something like, ‘how long has the shop been open…?’   Martial support at it’s best right there.  High fives to you both.



So the blizzard….and Pax in sneakers.  Yes.  Well.  We had taken the boys to see BalletX, and ALL WAS CALM I SWEAR.  Blue skies, even!  Ok, maybe not blue skies, but there certainly wasn’t snow on the ground.  Anyway, we went in like normal and came out to….this.










shirt: Bradamant The CEO bodysuit (size XS for reference, also in tall sizes)

overalls: Rachel Antonoff Shockproff Plaid Overalls (size 2 for reference)

jacket: Iro Tamie Leather Jacket (size 38 for reference)

scarf: old men’s JCrew scarf…I actually really like this gap men’s plaid scarf

hat: Ulla Johnson

necklace: Chan Luu….it’s like this one, but on a leather cord.

boots: Marc Jacobs lug soled boots – which have been AMAZING all winter.  These Doc Martens heeled Chukka boots caught my eye – almost ladylike, with a high, lug sole.


Happy Friday, you guys!!  I had more to talk about, but we’re dealing with another round of the stomach flu over here, sooooooo….yeah.




  1. Okay, so, ever since I stumbled on your site Ive been in awe of you! I think you’re real, brave, beautiful, brilliant, fun, to name a few:) but after reading the buru Q&A I’m totally internet mom crushing on you ( in the least creepy way possible:) ) I type this as I’m trying to put my 2.5 yr old son to bed, it’s a process, has been since birth, it’s been a long wild ride and reading things like your last answer remind me I’m not alone on the journey and we are carving our own path!

    You rock! Thanks for being you and inspiring others to step up our sweatpants game!

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