Time After Time: Our 12+ Favorite Clocks

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Sing it with me? Can’t get it outta your head now, can you? You are welcome. Don’t worry….I’ll be waiting.

For a girl who is notoriously LATE…I have an interesting obsession with clocks. They just make me happy. Maybe I identify with their constant motion? Or their running in circles? Or the goal of being aware of time? We’ll go with that. They are among my favorite wall decor art d’objects. They are my favorite gift to anyone who has meaningfully shared their time with me. They are my favorite symbolic gift for whomever hosts NYE…b/c you know, time passes: by the minute, hour, day, and year…all too soon. Make it count; count it down; tick, tock, you don’t stop. xoxo, A

Always on time? Always late? Mas o menos? Or maybe you just love clocks—you're a mom, so however timeful or timeless you are—1 of these clocks is for you.12345678910111213

1/  Norm 11.81″ Wall Clock: For those of us not afraid of our gorgeous noir sides.

2/  Cuckoo: If you are only willing to go just a little Cuckoo over time. And in case you missed our round-up of all the crazy cuckoos.

3/  Flip ClockWe are FLIPPING over the PHLIP here in Philly. I promise…invest in this now, and it will be worth more to your kids than anything you can possibly do in the stock market right now.

4/  Block Mountain Fold Desk Clock: Do you get bent out of shape over time? I’m not sure we can be friends. If we already are, I might gift you this to remind you to relax. It’ll all be OK. Eventually.

5/  Get $#it Done Clock: It’s the subtle $#it that just gets me. Now motivate. Just because.

6/  Shark Pendulum: If you don’t already know a child who needs this pendulum clock for love, laughter, time-telling, and lessons in basic physics, introductions can be made.

7/  Late Clock: Do you ever feel like some genius with a sense of humor made something just for you? If ever there were a me clock, this is it. You too? Don’t worry, I’m two steps behind you, pulling up the rear.

8/  Dali Melting Clock: Someday I’ll tell you my father’s story about Salvador Dali, the Indian Holy Man. We aren’t there yet. THIS clock however, is fabulous. AND it actually tells time. It’s time for a little more Dali in all our lives is what it’s telling us.

9/  22″ Wall Clock: You are going to need to click on this, and see it correctly at 90 degrees or 12 o’clock. It’s gorgeous. And a great way to not know what time it is, unless you really want to. This works for many of us, often. Let’s just celebrate that.

10/  Oval Marble Clock: It’s just not hard to love anything oval, marble and brass. Not hard at all. Sometimes hard shiny things are the easiest to love. Let’s not read into that. It’s time to move on.

11/  Mister Edwards: You have my heart. This is the clock that hangs in my kitchen. And it makes me so happy every time I see it. The alarm guy gave me a pad that looks like something from the ’80s below it, but I just choose to remove that from my line of beautiful sight and appreciate my gorgeous clock…the one that is always telling me it’s time to go, go go! Now!

12/  Pace Walnut Cuckoo Clock: Keep pace with this Cuckoo, and I promise you’ll be all good.

13/  Blink Analog 27″ Wall Clock: Time is not a line, but a dimension. Have we all yet seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? We should. It helps life make more sense, with a few laughs too.


Happy Countdown to 2019!
xoxo, A

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