Timeless Wardrobe Combo: Black Wash Jeans + Distinctive Black Sweater


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Fantasizing about that perfectly timeless, chic winter wardrobe? Picture it: cherished stylish pieces (organized artfully in an only-in-my-dreams immaculate closet) all at the ready to mix and match effortlessly for countless winter scenarios.

It’s my ultimate wardrobe dream. And while I’m likely not going to have that immaculate closet anytime soon, I have found a duo that belongs in this versatile and chic collection. I’m calling it my winter wardrobe power duo: A killer pair of black wash jeans + a chic, not-basic black sweater.

Black Wash Jeans

sweater (s) | denim (29) | bag | shoes | earrings

This power duo can be worn with shiny accessories for a little glam, or with casual sneaks (and an eye-catching puffer) for everyday out and about. Black wash jeans + a distinctive black sweater is a power-house wardrobe combo you wear on repeat and don’t want to part with — ever.

Green Puffer North Face

puffer (m) | sweater (s) | jeans (29) | bag | sneaks | sunnies | earrings

From Everyday to Glam: Black Wash Jeans & A Chic Sweater

While I admit adding sparkly sequin-y tops and dresses to your closet is undeniably exciting this time of year, for maximum versatility (and ultimate comfort) nothing can beat the reliability of jeans & a stylish sweater. They’re wardrobe workhorses that can be worn again-and-again, year-after-year.

And when you discover a comfy jean + chic sweater duo that can effortlessly transition from casual to glam (with just a few quick accessory changes)…that’s when you’ve hit curated versatile closet GOLD.

How To Wear Black Wash Jeans

Left: puffer (m) | sweater (s) | jeans (29) | bag | sneaks | sunnies | earrings

Right: sweater (s) | denim (29) | bag | shoes | earrings

The key to switching these closet staples between effortlessly stylish laid-back and a little bit “extra”, is the fun accessories, of course. But FIRST, you have to start with creating the ultimate wardrobe base outfit that does the heavy lifting.

1. Identify Your Killer Black Wash Jeans

MOTHER Weekender Black Wash Jeans

sweater (s) | denim (29) | bag | shoes | earrings

Not surprisingly, my killer black wash jeans of choice are the MOTHER weekender flares. I’ve been wearing this style forever. They’re the ultimate timeless jeans for my personal style and body type — stretchy with a comfortable mid rise and a shape that accommodates curves. They’re an absolute pleasure to wear. This particular wash is more of a charcoal gray than true black, which works especially well for keeping monochromatic head-to-toe looks a little bit interesting.

I’m a forever fan of flares, so in terms of timeless killer black wash jeans, these were an easy pick. If you’re more of a straight-leg or wide-leg gal, though, those in a great black wash would work just as well. More options below.

More Black Wash Jeans

2. Select A Distinctive Black Sweater

Saks Black Sweater

sweater (s) | denim (29) | bag | earrings

So many things I love about this particular sweater. First of all, it’s soft, comfortable, and completely enjoyable to wear in the colder months. Second… it’s got a touch of sexiness and glamour with the off-the-shoulder detail, but the amount of shoulder showing is a bit more subtle (and versatile) than others I’ve tried. Third…it’s thin enough that it can be tucked into high rise pants and jeans, but long enough that it can be worn comfortably untucked with mid rises (like my black wash jeans above).

If off-the-shoulder isn’t your thing…plenty of chic black sweater options below with distinctive design detail that checks the box for “not-boring” (making them easier to dress up).

MORE Not-So-Basic Black Sweaters

3. Accessorize Your Jeans & Sweater: For Casual Or Glam

Now THIS is the fun part. My absolute favorite way to get dressed — classic closet staples (i.e. chic sweater & black wash jeans) paired with playful accessories and pops of fun.

…With A Fabulous Puffer, Sunnies, & A Chic Black Bag

North Face Green Parka Puffer

puffer (m) | sweater (s) | jeans (29) | bag | sunnies | earrings

This green puffer coat is SO freaking good you guys, and I am in love with the way it pops over all black. What makes this green puffer special is the GORGEOUS color, of course, but also the fact that it’s super lightweight and a dream to wear. North Face’s Hydrenalite coats are known for their lightweight feel, and get major points from me for their non-giant-marshmallow-y shape. This particular Hydrenalite Down Parka has typical beloved North Face technical features, but with an overall stylish and chic vibe. With North Face’s high quality reputation (and the chic style), it would be a great addition to a winter wardrobe.

Add in modern transparent frame sunnies, silver hoops, a slightly oversized chic black bag and comfy platform sneaks to your black wash jeans and sweater combo, and you’re set for a daytime out-and-about go-to look.

Staud Vivi Leather Bag

sweater (s) | jeans (29) | bag |

… With A Shiny Bag & Metallic Mary Janes

Larroude Metallic Mary Janes Pumps

denim (29) | bag | shoes

No easier way to glam up great closet staples than with shiny accessories. You could go sparkles for sure, but I like the slightly more subtle glam look of the silver mirrored metallic. This adorable silver Staud bag is a stunning clutch, but can also be worn with the included strap as a crossbody. My metallic Mary Janes from Larroude, with the nice walkable block heel, will be seen all winter popping out from under my various jeans and sweater combos. They magically make ANY comfy casual combo a little bit festive.

Black Wash Denim

sweater (s) | denim (29) | bag | shoes | earrings

Quick note on my earrings: They’re Shana’s. I don’t typically do silver hoops, but these are kind of EVERYTHING. Feather weight with just a touch of texture to them, bright enough silver to catch the light and feel festive, but not at all flashy. Yes, I will return them, Shana…but it may take me a while.

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Would love to say my next post will be that artfully created immaculate closet I mentioned… organized like a mix-and-match wonderland. Unfortunately, that’s not happening. I will, however, likely be back with more timeless closet staple picks as well as more playful pops of fun. Here’s to finding those pieces you cherish and love wearing again and again!


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