How To Keep That Romance Alive During Quarantine


If there’s anything we should all be focusing on right now it’s romance. I mean, what better time?

If you live with your special someone, you are around each other every waking moment (or at least within shouting distance). Those two-day-old pjs have never looked sexier, and “did I brush my teeth this morning?” is a question you both tease each other with (“You’re so funny!” “No, YOU’RE so funny!!”). Not to mention, those cute kids you created are now home with you 24/7! If that doesn’t spell out l-e-t-s p-r-o-c-r-e-a-t-e I don’t know what will.

And since The Mom Edit team are experts on the Arts of Love, we thought we’d do the world a solid, and round up our best tips for keeping romance alive during this #StayAtHome phase.

How To Keep The Romance Alive While Stuck #AtHome, 24/7

Tip 1: Well…hello there, Jaime

Personally, my go-to tip is to simply watch Outlander…but fast-forward to all of the sex scenes. On the downside, the children have to be safely sleeping in bed, but on the upside, the husband isn’t 100% required. Perfect if you love an accent as much as I do.

Tip 2: Wear Leather & Spike Your Hair

The second tip comes from our friend Laura. She finds that adding an extra-long spike to her hair (since it won’t be cut anytime soon) has the happy side of effect of pairing nicely with leather…wink, wink.

Tip 3: Let Distance Make The Heart Grow Fonder

We have our introverts (Jess and well…myself) to thank for this genius tip: simply don’t talk. Don’t speak. Maybe…maybe just spend the day in completely different rooms. If he tries to ask for dinner, make shushing noises and hide in a closet. He’ll thank you later.

Tip 4: Try Dark Rituals of Questionable Origin

Syd claims this will work every time. If you needs more specifics, check the Player’s Handbook…or ask your Dungeon Master.

Tip 5: Light a Candle & Be Bathroom Buddies

Scotti pointed out that the bathroom already has a candle in it…why not just lock yourselves in and light allllll the flames?

Tip 6: Pitch A Tent In The Living Room

If the living room mess starts to dampen the mood, do as S suggests and just pitch a tent. In the middle. Of the room. ‘Cause nothing is more romantic than the two of you reading directions together while you work on a project that also requires clean up! By the end, I’m sure another tent will be pitched ifyaknowwhatImean.

Wow. OKAY!

I am feeling it. Dare I say I am getting a little turned on just by thinking of putting one or two of these plans into action?! (I’m blushing.)

Here’s to keeping that sexy isolation romance alive, ladies!



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    • BAHA! Poor innocent, naive and kidless couples…soon they will know. This isolation crap is NOTHING in comparison to the event that is having a first child. hehe. 😉

  1. Yesssss…. so many laughs throughout this read and laughter and sunshine will get us through this isolation stuff!!!! Outlander definitely “hits the spot”?

  2. PERFECTION! And yes, tip #3, totally ME as well. Thanks for a good laugh, these are few and far between, but soooo needed these days.

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