The Jeans You’ll Wear Alllll Summer (& into Fall)



Have you seen that article about things women shouldn’t wear past 30??  I can’t begin to explain how much I disagree with almost every single thing on this list.  (Except maybe scrunchies . . . I’ll give them that).  However, my biggest issue with this list?  American Eagle.  “Sure their jeans fit perfectly, but that doesn’t make it trendy for women over 3o to be wearing them.”  Um . . . they fit perfectly?  And are under $50?  Yeah, I’m going to wear them.  Screw the age police.  Their ‘Tomgirl‘ jeans are my favorite jeans EVER.   They key is to size DOWN.  While I normally wear a size 8 in their jeggings, I buy these in a size 2 or 4 (the 4 is baggy like a true boyfriend jean and the 2, the size I’m wearing in the pics, are a bit more snug for a sexier look).  They’re on sale right now for under $30.  You need a pair . . . no matter how old you are!









Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket (I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect faux leather jacket and this one is perfect . . . quilted sleeves and no bulky collar.  This is a size 4 regular for reference – it’s also available in petite).

Barcelona Tank

American Eagle Tomgirl Jeans (on sale)

Sam Edelman ‘Patti’ Sandals (on sale) also available in neutral colors here (actually comfortable and I can wear them all day!)

Gigi New York ‘Stella’ Clutch

BP Aviators (similar)





  1. I’m 37 and I freaking love my American eagle jeans. I have 7 pairs!! The beauty of being over 30 (eeek closer to 4 0!) is that you don’t give a crap anymore what other people say is appropriate to wear!

    • Uh-oh. I’m 35. But honestly, if someone tells me I’m too old to wear something it sooooo makes me want to wear it . . . except for maybe a scrunchie. Hmm. 🙂

      • That article reads like it was written by an eleven year old. I’m 34 and I wear whatever the f*ck I want. I shop wherever the f*ck I want. Life’s too short to match socks, I’ve probably saved hundreds of hours of my life not matching socks and spending those precious moments on doing other things I actually care about.

  2. Wait. How old is the chick that wrote this?!?! It’s kind of bizarre to me! I’m…gasp…41 (it still hurts a little to say that) and I wear lots of stuff on this list! American eagle, short dresses, hoops!!! Lots of things. This list is crazy. I’m sticking with what you TME girls suggest. That other site seems a little nutty to me! Love those jeans on you! You look fab!!!

      • I never saw the original article and only saw this response. A few weeks shy of 40 and firmly of the wwtfyw camp!

        • The beauty of 40-something is that IDGAF changes its meaning. I do GAF about what I’m wearing and what that says about me today. I don’t GAF whether that aligns with the most random list of rules ever. (Seriously, leopard? Audrey Hepburn much? Graphic tees? Staple.)

          Loved seeing Iris Apfel as THE rebuttal but for the love of all that is holy Helen Mirren? #dropthemic

          Scotti, don’t know if you GAF but you are ROCKING it.

  3. What is G wearing? My daughter is about the same age and her jacket and shoes are just super cute!

    I also love that TME often gives moms (over 30, under 30, who cares) ways to confidently rock the trends shown. Like the mom crop of wearing the tank under or high waist pants with a not too cropped shirt, I do that a lot!

  4. You mentioned that the Sam Edelman’s sandal is very comfortable. Do you think it’s comfortable because you are used to wearing high heal shoes?? I always wear flat shoes.. but they look very cute so I’m curious to see if I should try it! (I know I know.. I probably should go to the store and try them on myself….) thanks for this post anyway!

  5. #24 is Graphic tees? Seriously?! I just ordered six from Zara and I’m 41. I do agree with the scrunchies. They should be banned.

  6. The author of that article may be very young, or maybe just clueless…Let’s just say I do GAF- I’m thinking Kate Moss x Equipment might know a little more about how to dress over 30:

    Articles of this ilk are offensive. I do not GAF what anyone else thinks I should be wearing, and the overall tenor of judgement and put-downs is destructive, mean-spirited nonsense.

    Thank you, Scotti! You look gorgeous, as always.

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