The last two weeks have been brutal.  In addition to the lice and broken toes I mentioned last week, Pax had to get stitches, we’ve all gotten some form of the flu, and my Dad is still dead, which means that my entire family is still kiiiind of a mess.  I could go on, but OMG BORING.  Too heavy, gang.  Too heavy.  As a very wise man once said, “life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”  (And now he’s dead, too.)

Mr. Stephen Hawking, you will be missed.  And if you run into my Dad, give him a high-five.  He was always such a huge fan of yours.

Which color?  I can’t stop thinking about this easy, oversized Zella sweatshirt.  My only issue is….which color should I choose?  I’m leaning to the light blue, but am thinking I may get more use out of the gray?  Hmmmm….

Allllmost done….The 2018 Swim Guide is almost ready.  I switched things up this year, and I think I like it better.  Front and center is a boutique of our favorite sexy black swimsuits, because that seems to be what most of us end up buying.

Do we like this sneaker? This Steve Madden sneaker is a Balenciaga knock-off, obviously, but….I’m intrigued.  I have my eye on the green multi.  (Especially with this broken toe situation.)

Gorgeous and refreshing.  A reader reminded me that American Eagle’s line of swimsuits are pretty great (this one is her fav), and then I came across this picture.  Calling this beautiful girl curvy is a stretch, but she’s a nice change from the super skinny models we’re used to seeing.

About girls, by girls.  I loved this list of books from Brightly – they asked a bunch of authors to share their favorite female-led kids’ books.  The catch?  All had to be written by women.  It’s a good list.

Bake me some Irish Soda Bread.  I used to bake Irish Soda Bread every year for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’d make a salted honey-butter to smear on it, hot from the oven.  Before we started eating dairy and gluten-free (most days, anyway), this recipe was my favorite.  This year, I might try making this dairy-and-gluten free brown soda bread version….but….there’s no possible way it’ll be as good, right?

The walkout.  Did you participate in the school walkout?  I ended up signing Raines out for 17 minutes, but not Pax.  First grade seemed a little young, and Pax had no idea about any of it.  But Raines was adamant he be involved.  I’m really happy I did – the principal of his school handled the whole thing really, really well, and I found myself fighting tears the entire time. The New York Times ran a bunch of photos from walkouts across the country – it’s a powerful piece.  I am so inspired by our kids.  Despite everything, we must be doing something right.

Two Instagrams you’ve gotta see.  First go look at this photo of 7000 pairs of shoes outside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  There’s one pair of shoes for every child killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook.  The visual is horrifying.  Then, to help restore your faith in humanity, check out this sweet photo of ageless love that my husband shared with me.  It’s basically our new life goal (and obviously, loads of luck is required).  And Mom….that totally should’ve been you and Dad.

Life, man.  Happy, uh, weekend?

Hope you guys are hanging in there.  We’re heading out on Spring Break next weekend, so hopefully this weekend article will be less….gloomy.



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  1. Love how real you are, because yeh, it’s been a week. TGIFF! Hope you find some sunshine over spring break, both literal & otherwise. And check out the insta Advanced Style if you haven’t seen it – inspiring fashion and love at any age – plus they have a coloring book!

  2. I know.. why does life need to be so hard? I broke my toe before too, jumping off the bed. It hurt for a long while. The good news is that I can still wear heels, something to look forward to : ) I am more into the Grey top, but I think the blue would look great on you. Happy weekend and spring break!

  3. Thanks for sharing. My dad’s still dead too (1st birthday since he passed was Wed) and it’s breaking my heart every day. Also, while family has the stomach flu right now. Was feeling sorry for myself then I read your post! Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. So much to comment on…I’m leaning towards the blue sweatshirt, too. Maybe because it’s springier and I so desperately want some Spring in my life. I have to see the sneakers on someone. Intriguing is the perfect word to describe them! Love that bathing suit! Price, model, style…it’s all so good! And I feel you on the dad front. My dad hasn’t been gone for two years yet and my grandfather (my mom’s dad) just died two weeks ago. Brutal. My heart hurts for my mom. She just can’t catch a break. It’s tough when you have to take care of your mom, isn’t it? We’re taking my mom out tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day. Hoping that some time with grandchildren and friends, and maybe a pint and some live Irish music, will be a bright spot in a pretty rough month. Hope you guys are able to do the same. Can’t wait to see your posts about Spring Break!

  5. I’ve been following your blog for quite a few years now. This one is hands down my favorite. You managed to make me tear up several times, while also pointing me in the direction of cute swimsuits.
    You’ve allowed your readers into your home and family. We feel your pain, loss and sorrow. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and yours.

  6. I started following. your blog about a year ago and I love it! Very real which I think is lacking in many blogs. I also lost my dad…11 years ago…it still hurts! Good for you for letting your son participate! I am a teacher and our school formed a 17 on the field…very powerful and the kids were amazing. I tell them daily they are our future and they need to start now to make change. Thank you for your very real words!
    PS…Not into the shoes! 🙂

  7. One day at a time sweet S. Take it slow……feel all the feelings. He will give you the strength to find the joy again, but sadly, it takes a lot of time. xo

  8. I’ve read forever but never moved to comment until now. Love you always but love you most when you share the infinite, constant, never ending challenges and heartbreaks of trying to be good to the little people we brought into the world and the people we loved before that and will love forever…this stuff is hard. That’s why it means so much. And with a post like this, that’s why you mean so much.

  9. Thank you for always being real.And I hope that next week is better/easier.

    And thank you for that Brightly list! Such a trip down memory lane! But how could they forget “Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great”, “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”, “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” or “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”?!

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