What I’m Actually Buying My Husband & Kids At The Anniversary Sale


I always wait until the end of the Anniversary sale to shop for Mike and the kids. Frankly, by the last weekend of the sale I’m OVER ALL OF IT GO AWAY but then I remember that Mike needs underwear and sooooo. Here I am.

Anyway, we had gotten a few questions about what we’re shopping/buying/keeping for the rest of the family, so I thought I’d share. (And a few other TME editors pulled some husband & kids short lists together, too.)

What I’m Actually Buying My Husband & Kids At The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

There’s a couple of doubles in this list. Typically I just bring everything home and then let Mike pick his favs.

Laura’s Picks

I picked up a cozy, cute robe and cool jacket for Sienna during the sale last year, and they were two fabulous purchases. She still wears the robe…and omg this leopard print raincoat is just gonna be so adorbs this fall on her. Pinky, on the other hand, is harder to shop for, as he doesn’t care enough to go out and shop for himself on most occasions, but yet has strong opinions (hashtag fun). All of these are pieces he would wear, I would really encourage him to wear or that we already have in his wardrobe.


Linzi’s Picks

My husband requested the least expensive black belt that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offered and some new white undershirts. He’s the wild shopper of the family, obviously! I threw in a few more basics for him, some comfy finds for the kids, and two amazing cheeseboards that I cannot WAIT to use. I’m putting these in the “Buys for the Hubby” because he’s the one lugging Shana’s gorgeous enormous board between our houses…so you’re welcome, sweetie! 

A’s Picks

I don’t have a husband, we know this, right? But I do love men and men’s clothes, and I actually enjoy shopping for those more than for women’s. Early on in our divorced life the kids were leaving to go to their father’s for a weekend and they made me a LEGO “guy” to keep me company in their absence. We named him Bob and referred to him as “Mom’s boyfriend.” So below is what I’d pick for Bob from the NSale. My son AJ told me, he’s “all good on clothing.” He doesn’t think he needs anything, and he’s probably right. My girls however…well they always seem to need something, so here’s what they brought home from the sale too!  xoxo A

Scotti’s Picks

There are so many cute kids’ clothes in this sale, but realistically I try to stick to high-quality practical things that will be worth buying in the long run. UGG boots, The North Face coats and jackets . . . things that will stand the test of time. Now is the perfect time to stock up on those brands that rarely go on sale. (And of course a rainbow dress. ‘Cause it is pretty cute.) Zack’s pretty simple, so a sweater, some comfy shoes and a sweet bomber jacket and he’ll be all set. Oh, and skin care. Manly skin care.



  1. I can just simply enjoy looking at your posts for women. The minute you post your boys clothes, I loose all self control. where else can I find style inspiration for boys??? Denim hoodie, bought, shorts, bought and bought. I still want those socks they wear???
    Keep up the great work!

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