Top Five Outfits (Still In Stock) From The 2018 Anniversary Sale


Well, it looks like not everything is getting restocked for the public portion of the 2018 Anniversary Sale.  But don’t despair!!  There are still some amazing pieces that have been overlooked by the early shoppers.  Some of these pieces are only available online, some have confusing product pictures and some….well…who freaking knows?  The one thing I do know?  These five outfits contain some of my sale favorites – the pieces on my short list to keep – and they all happen to be in stock.  Obviously, I had to share.


My Favorite Pieces (Still in Stock) From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Hope this helps!


  1. Shana, I have a random question. I got my hair colored recently and wanted a color similar to yours. Mine turned out way too dark. Do you know what color you use or the person who does your hair used? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for making the sale so fun! Can you please share what you do indeed decide to keep? I always wonder what makes your “cut.”

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