What We Play So We ALL Have Fun On Family Game Night


Our family LOVES games. Games after dinner, games when it’s too cold to go outside, games when it’s too hot to go outside, games at the shore, games while camping, and especially games during winter vacation. We usually go to Ohio to visit family this time of year, and games are a super-fun way for all ages to get involved with play. They make us take a break from whatever holiday madness is happening, and sit down and be present with each other. I hate that I have to remind myself to do this — ugh— but once I do remind myself, I NEVER regret it. Games are especially fun when the person you least likely expect (that would be my ridiculously kind mother-in-law) gets super into the competition, and DESTROYS us all with her sly manipulation and innocent demeanor. She’s going down, though, this year! 

We LOVE when everyone from kiddos to grands gets to play on game night. These insanely fun family board games & card games are our favs —  what are yours?

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Games We ALL Love in My Family

Games We Love to Play with the Little Ones

Games We Want to Play in the Next Year

Games that Look Pretty on the Coffee Table

Games that My Kids LOVE, but I find “Meh”


Who has played the games on my “want” list? Which ones should I start with first? Any other favorites? Happy gaming to you all, and please wish me luck with taking my rightful place as Catan Champion over the break.



  1. Ticket to Ride is great. We also like Zooloretto and Carcasonne (as much a classic as Settlers of Catan). Sushi Go is indeed amazing and fast. For the younger ones (or poor losers), Hoot Owl Hoot is a good cooperative game that is still fun for the adults playing. For anyone into Settlers, Yspahan is another great game.

  2. Catan Junior and Ticket to Ride Junior are good for younger kids. My 5 year old will play those with his 8yo brother.
    King Domino is fun with kids and even just adults.
    Splendor should also be on your list. And Alhambra too!

  3. Sequence is by far the family favourite in my house this year! Its a board game… that you play with packs of cards. Easy for all ages.
    We also love ticket to ride, blokus, battleship, and anomia.
    FYI – my kids are 9 and 12.

  4. Ticket to Ride and KingDomino are among my family’s favorites. My husband is a huge board-game geek (plays several times a month with friends–loooong, complex games) but I like games that are easy to learn, take less than an hour, and are fun no matter how many times you play. These both fit the bill!

  5. We have and love pretty much every game here (except for the “meh” category) and I’m excited to check out Fast Track and Munchkin! Highly recommend Saboteur and Battle Sheep for 5/6 year olds and up and Outfoxed or Busytown Mysteries for the preschool crowd.

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