Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, welcoming new babies, graduations, and just plain old life celebrations a plenty this season (and in seasons soon to come) are all an awesome time to gift really special, yet very practical gifts to the amazing people in our lives!!! Read on for my picks for top gifts from the Anniversary Sale…

My favorite gifts, for occasions, for host/hostess gifts when you visit a new home or a home you haven’t gifted in a while, to say thank you to the countless people that help you get through your own life, and just occasionally, for no reason other than from your heart and completely spontaneously are the ones that are:  a treat we wouldn’t buy ourselves, something just a little bit special, personalized, meaningful, and clever, with a great note attached, of course!  And the ‘gestures’ gifts…where you say or do something that’s hinted at or represented by a small actual gift, but in a large meaningful way-those are such wonderful gifts!

Registries are great (says everyone except for my own mother who steadfastly refuses to shop them, and well, true that, if we all had her exceptional taste and life experience, they’d inarguably not be necessary.)  I find that often, one wedding has many celebrations, and so I usually go on registry for a gift and off for another:  something special, that the couple hasn’t thought of, that they’ll use and will make them smile every time they do!

And let’s face it…my kids aren’t wrong:  Christmas and Hanukkah are in fact ALMOST here!  I’m not the type to get so far ahead of things, I prefer strong pressure and a good last-minute-just-in-time scramble. But for special gifts, and holidays and celebrations we all know are coming…why not just get on it?

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas from wonderful ones I’ve received and from ones I’ve given that have been received well and with love and gratitude!

Top Gifts: Cheese Boards and Cutting Boards

They are so beautiful, and are absolutely a treat we don’t normally gift ourselves!  And, to make the gift really special, choose one of the monogram-able ones or buy some great cheeses (a Manchego, a goat brie, a truffle infused cheese) to gift with the board for an occasion.  Voila!  You’ve brought food to contribute to the meal, taken a job off the host and left them with something beautiful!

  1. Marble & Acacia Wood Serving Board
  2. Set of 3 Acacia Wood Cheese Boards & Marble Knife
  3. Copper Edge Marble Lazy Susan
  4. Round Extra Large Marble & Acacia Wood Serving Board
  5. 5-Piece Monogram Cheese Board & Utensil Set
  6. Set of 3 Cheese Knives
  7. ‘Butterfly’ Salad Bowl & Servers (maybe include a recipe for your favorite salad!!!)
  8. Monogram Slate Serving Board
  9. Monogram BBQ Grill Tools(great gift for an end of year pool or beach party!!!)
  10. ‘Legacy Heritage Collection by Fabio Viviani – Medium Raccolta’ Pedestal (couple this with these and maybe even the ingredients!  yum!!!)

Top Gifts: Drink Vessels

One taco night, our beautiful friend Katherine arrived with a fantastic reusable glass jug full of a delicious pineapple margarita!  Ole!  We drank the most delicious fun drink, and were left with a serving pitcher that’s been used time and time again!

My friend Andy decants all wine, always.  And I have to say, it is more special, to share a glass of wine in his kitchen simply for the ‘life celebration’ of just watching the process of opening a bottle of wine and pouring it into a beautiful decanter first, then into our glasses!  A glass of wine with friends is special.  I love that he respects that and shares that respect with all of us!

The wedding shower gift I received that had me laughing my pants off (wait for it…wait for it…) was from my friend Mo.  The card read, “Don’t forget to keep the hanky panky in your marriage!”  She put a cute pair of Hanky Panky thong underwear (so sexy, so comfortable, and my everyday go-to) in each glass of a set of Champagne Flutes!  I’ve done the same a few times over and topped it with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or a nice dry Cava!  Ooo la la!  So fun, and giggles are promised!

I also, recently, on a date, learned what a growler is (what a beautiful piece of glass says the non beer drinker!!!) and how much fun it is to take an empty one to a wonderful place where it can be filled with a great craft beer!

  1. ‘Atelier’ Champagne Glasses(tuck a rolled 6 pack of Hanky Pankies and/or Air Trunks in these and gift with the “don’t forget the hanky panky note)
  2. Monogram Craft Beer Carrier(tuck a note about date night and a six pack of craft beer for a picnic or byob in here)
  3. Monogram Insulated Growler Cooler(don’t know what a growler is?  nor did I until J took me on a date in the burbs…think craft beer from a tap, filled in your own beautiful bottles for take home…also makes a great gift with a note as a sub for wine for date night)
  4. Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong(roll and insert into champagne glasses for a fun gift)
  5. American Atelier Beverage Dispenser(fill this with a super fun yummy drink like this as an amazing party or home gift)
  6. Air Trunks(roll and tuck into champagne glasses for a fun gift)
  7. ‘Crescendo’ Decanter(think:  Andy.  Andy has the right idea.  Slow down. Savor the moment.)
  8. Monogram Flask Set(always a classic mens’ gift, maybe couple it with a great bottle?)

Top Places Gifts:  Going to them, Coming from them, and Celebration Travel

So many people bring their lives together from so many different places, and it’s really fun to watch cultures blend over the fullness of a family, whether it’s two people from opposite sides of a city, from different states, or from different countries.  We’ve found so many fun ways to celebrate those ‘comings together’ in home gifts over the years, like clocks hung on a wall to represent different time zones, and pillows and prints with recognizable art from different cities or flags worked into the same!  Nordstrom has some really great customizable travel gifts that would be awesome wedding/honeymoon gifts as well as home gifts that can be customized to represent the places people come from, and or the ones where they’ll go together!  Some of these would also be awesome gifts for that amazing teen in your life that’s about to embark on a magical gap year, or study abroad, or the twenty something heading away from home for their first trip abroad or to their first home away from home!  They’d also be great gifts for your newly retired parents, aunts and uncles, or even your boss and the travel and trips they’ve been saving their whole lives for!

  1. Monogram Duffel Bag
  2. ‘World Map Hearts – Michael Thompsett’ Giclée Print Canvas Art
  3. ‘Home State’ Glass Coasters(choose your state(s))
  4. Monogram Passport Case & Luggage Tag
  5. ‘Home State’ Glasses (choose your state(s))
  6. ‘Our World Travels’ Canvas Wall Art
  7. ‘Home State’ Canvas Wall Art(choose your state(s))

Top Life Lessons Gifts:

There’s no one like a divorced woman who’s been through a graduate degree’s worth of marriage counseling to dish out marriage advice to the newly engaged, right?  Questionable for sure.  In retrospect, an exercise I wish I had gone through, and one of my favorite gifts for engagement is to print out a Marriage Inventory Survey.   There are tons of good ones online.  Write a meaningful letter regarding the strong advice of the importance of communication and DATE NIGHT weekly and any other wisdom you’ve gained along the way.  Print them the list, and gift them date night gift certificates to great local restaurants, or a case of wine, growlers or a six pack of craft beer for BYO restaurants, or stay at home date nights, or one of these fun date inspiring gifts and tell them to ask one another these questions, and to LISTEN to one another’s answers.  Great conversations and solid relationships will come, in the fullness of time.

My friend Tosh takes his wife Laura coffee in bed EVERY morning.  YUP.  Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed; what a loving gesture and a simple but meaningful way to care for your love.

My father takes my mother a cup of tea to bed every morning and every evening.  There are reasons they are 47+ years into happy marriage.  I count this among them.  Sometimes it really is the littlest things we do for those we love that let them know we care; and that caffeine matters.

One of my own favorite things Jason did once was to bring a wireless speaker and a bottle of wine up to the beach so we could just sit and talk and listen to the waves and music.  The speaker was totally beach proof and sounds great.  And what can I say, product of the 70s/80s/90s that I am…I love a great playlist that someone else has thoughtfully prepared with me in mind.  For sure, one of my favorite gifts!!!

  1. Genuine Goat Hair Rug(this just feels like love and screams pleasure gift, for fun!!!)
  2. ‘Love’ Framed Fine Art Print(this works on love theme, but also places.  this would be Philly.  there are plenty from all other places!  find and ‘couple’ them.)
  3. Wifey/Hubby Set of 2 Coffee Mugs(sweet, with a cute note about the gesture of taking one another coffee or tea)
  4. ‘For the Couple’ Ceramic Coffee Mugs(because not all wives and moms are female…love is love…and you can order it at least 3 ways here. end point.)
  5. ‘Chambord Classic’ French Press(did you know you can both press coffee and tea?)
  6. Diptyque Scented Candle Set(nothing says romance and pleasure like a candle and these are by far, by far, by far THE BEST!!!)
  7. 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Single Sheets(one of my own fav wedding gifts)
  8. Boom 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (not nordi anni sale, still worth it, 100%)
  9. ‘Romance’ Picnic Basket(enough said)
  10. ‘Fun in the Sun’ Turkish Pestemal Towel(doubles well as a picnic blanket)

This post has me thinking about all my people, so maybe I will do something crazy and start working on my own Holiday shopping!  Happy gifting!!!  Giving is just the best!  Especially when it’s from the heart!!!

xoxo A


  1. Thanks for the Mr-Mr mugs – more nods to the different types of families out there would be great, and truly overdue.

    • Love is Love. Right? I was super proud of Nordstrom for those and one of the other mug
      sets also comes in three combos: wife/wife, wife/hubs, hubs/hubs. As well all things should. xoxo

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