Happy Labor Day Weekend….


Hey Gang!  We’re back from our travels (my Mom survived, even enjoyed her first trip without my Dad), the kids have started school (despite the half days all week long due to heat), but that all pales in comparison to the BIG news:  my sister just had her baby!!!

As you can imagine, my head is spinning.  I can’t wait to fly home and squish that baby boy.

But first, THE SALES.  By the time Labor Day rolls around, I’m typically OVER IT.  Over the sales, over the hot temps, over searching through pages and pages of crap.  But this year’s sales have surprised me – they’re totally worth a look.  Per usual, we’ve pulled together a tightly edited list of our favorite sale pieces (on a per retailer basis) in our Best Of Labor Day Sales page.  Most of the pieces we loved in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are back in stock and on sale, and I’ve also been impressed with the sale selection at Reformation and Anthro (an extra 40% off sale).  Instead of just warm weather clothing (like my fav slouchy white tank – I may also get the red), there’s a ton of Fall merchandise on sale, too.  Personally, I’m kinda loving this understated brown leather jacket with a serious 70’s vibe.

Coming soon:  Fall Trends.  Per usual, Fall Trends are all over the place, but I think we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of trends that will be wearable, fun, and help your existing wardrobe feel fresh.  Case in point?  Varsity stripes (like this) and leopard print everything (for example, this silk cami I’ve been wearing nonstop or this on-sale sweater) are all on our short list.  More soon, Gang.

Not that kind of naked.  In addition to its Beauty Insider sale, Sephora has a Labor Day sale going on, and Scotti’s favorite, the Urban Decay Naked palette is a whopping 50% off.  As is the Naked Ultimate Basics palette, a bunch of very neutral, matte shades – that one is totally my speed.

Blame Berlin.  Berlin was so wildly eco-concious, I couldn’t even get a to-go smoothie one morning.  I had to drink it quickly on site, in a glass tumbler with glass straws.  I was mildly annoyed…but now can’t stop thinking about how smart glass straws are.  I just ordered this little package to try….as well as this gorgeous set of rainbow stainless steel straws for the kids.  I’m planning to put glass straws into these glass tumblers and keep one by my bed, one in my office, and one in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to stay hydrated.  (Linzi’s idea.)

Last weekend for Crabcakes.  I don’t know if this is actually the last weekend for crab cakes, but Labor Day Weekend is typically the last time we have my friend Christine’s amazing crabcakes.  If you haven’t yet tried her recipe (here)  it will RUIN YOU for other crabcakes.

So….I’m going to be in a book.  The Editors of LikeToKnow.It have published a coffee table book called The Influencer Next Door.  Guess who is featured?  Well…fancy people like Molly Sims, Louise Row and, uh….me.  (Along with 99 others, haha.)

This one has all the feels (hint: she’s spunky): McCain’s 106-year-old mom to attend his Washington services (thanks, Alexis!)

Crazy that this is newsTo promote breastfeeding among women of color, Philly campaign features black mom. Still, a in a step in the right direction, I suppose.  Representation matters. (Thanks again, Alexis!)

Sing it. I loved the NYC article, The Gender Divide in Preschooler’s Closets, especially this part: “Increasingly, I find it silly that we have “boys’” and “girls’” clothes at all. I’d much rather buy my children clothes that speak to their actual interests rather than the interests they are presumed to have because of their genders. Why should girls be confined to pastels and kittens, boys to navy blue and construction-equipment motifs?”  YES.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  I was hoping to try and get home to see Scotti and the baby, but the flights are completely, 100% full.  Such a bummer!  Instead, we’ll hang here in Philly.  I think we’ll take the boys to see the Viking ship heading into the harbor, maybe play some classic video games at the Franklin Institute (it’s the last weekend!!) or….and this is if we get realllllly crazy….convert our hallway into a Nerf Gun Armory.  Like this or….this (OMG that quote is killing me).

Enjoy your long weekend!!



ps. I’ll let Scotti tell you guys the name of her baby boy – it’s a really special one.


  1. I was just thinking about Scotti and her baby yesterday! I hope she had a quick, easy delivery. Can’t wait to see pictures! Happy Labor Day to your family! Glad your mom was able to enjoy the trip!

  2. My brother surprised my son with his closet turned into an all Nerf everything just like those pics one year and he LOVED it. It’s always organized and put away bc he wants it to stay nice … win win all around.

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