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Happy Valentine’s Day! Naturally, I’m using this holiday as an excuse to treat myself to something. Sometimes ya just have to be your own dang Valentine! Plus, no one knows what you’ll like more than you. The top sellers this month really just solidified it for me.

More specifically, this month’s best sellers has me thinking I need deserve to finally take the leap into a splurge-worthy pair of jeans (there’s a ton that our readers and the team have been loving lately). The other thing I’m so close to buying — the Free People floral jacket (undecided which pattern I like the best). I never thought I’d want a floral jacket this bad but take a peak for yourself and you’ll get it. 

Our Top Sellers This Month: Baggy Denim, Everyday Shoes + Essentials

Besides all the denim we’re loving and that gorgeous quilted jacket, we’ve got quite the number of shoes in our top sellers. It makes sense. January and February feel like the perfect time to get those shoes you’ve had your eye on for a new year. Valentine’s day? Even better excuse. Treat yourself!

top sellers

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1. Original Retro Brand Classic Crew Sweatshirt

top sellers

At Free People

Totally not surprised this guy showed up in our best sellers. I’ve seen S with different variations of this sweatshirt and it tempts me every single time. I can’t pass up a graphic sweatshirt especially when it has an oversized, relaxed fit. Crossing my fingers they come back with the Philadelphia version. 

Shana’s Note: These oversized sweatshirts are thin, drapey, and perfectly oversized. I wore my Paris sweatshirt around the house, with leggings, and even with jeans.

2. Favorite Daughter Wide Leg Cargo Jeans

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I loveee the subtly of the cargo pocket on the back, with a pretty standard front. Just a touch of utilitarian. (And I love the entire styling of this outfit). 

3. Moroccanoil Night Body Serum

Moroccanoil Night Body Serum

At Nordstrom

Adding this to my cart ASAP. The winter’s definitely taking a toll on my skin, but admittedly, I usually don’t like the smell of a lot of oils. But everyone seems to love this scent so I, of course, have to try (and desperately need right now). 

Scotti’s Note: I tried this stuff in store the other day and have been OBSESSED with it ever since. It does wonders for dry winter skin and smells amazing!

4. UGG Classic Mini Boots

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Oh, UGGs. I think we can admit they’re a classic at this point. (It’s no wonder they’re in our top sellers). There were times when I questioned how good they look, but with the combo of recent trends they work seamlessly — baggy jeans, a graphic hoodie, trench coat. Dare I even say they work with a blazer and jeans or denim skirt. If nothing else, they’re too cozy and enjoyable to wear and will always look cute with leggings. 

Shana’s Note: They’ve been sold out for months, but Nordstrom somehow managed to restock chestnut UGGs – in that classic mini style

5. Joylux Pelvic Floor Red Light Therapy Device

top sellers

At Nordstrom

If you haven’t already checked out Scotti’s sexy-self care, you should. Everyone deserves a little treat to take care of themselves and feel good. 

Scotti’s Note: I balked at the price of this Pelvic Floor Red Light Therapy Device, but when I read the reviews (“game-changer,” “WOW,” and “incredible results”) it seems to be 100% worth it to most who’ve tried it – it helps with everything from bladder leakage to increased sensation, natural hydration, and other perimenopause and menopause side effects. Glad I stumbled across this one!

6. Wit & Wisdom Wide Leg Carpenter Jeans

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I’ve been eyeing these jeans pretty much on the daily since Shana and Linzi tried them out. S explains below exactly why I can’t stop thinking about them. 

Shana’s Note: What’s special about these jeans? Uhh…EVERYTHING? I love, love, love the details here – the carpenter details, the hidden elastic waistband (makes these especially comfortable) and the pleat details that are sewed in such a way that they *look* like pleats without having that extra pleat fabric puckering up. The wash is dark, but has some variation to it, too. These jeans are just shockingly good.

7. MOTHER The Hustler Roller Sneak Jean

MOTHER the hustler roller sneak jean

At Nordstrom

As much as I love baggy jeans and wear them regardless, I can’t deny that I love a slight flare or bootcut on my particular short, curvy frame best. So these? Yeah, I’m tempted guys. 

Linzi’s Note: The MOTHER denim brand is annoyingly expensive. I know. Which is why I keep looking for alternatives. BUT, if given the choice between one pair of great-fitting comfortable MOTHER jeans (my current most-worn are the MOTHER Hustler Rollers) or four pairs of some other denim brand, I’d go with one of my favorite MOTHER jeans every single time.

8. Sundry Alpine Crop Sweatshirt

top sellers

At Shopbop

Green has been my color. Vintage-washed sweatshirts? Graphics? Also my big things. A match made in heaven here. Bonus for the crop working with high-waisted jeans.

9. Z Supply Ines Top

top sellers

At Shopbop

A simple top is a wardrobe-necessity. It ends up being the thing that I reach for the most. Something like this one by Z Supply with the pretty neckline, knit fabric, cut and slightly flared sleeves feels special, but would still get worn often. 

Abby’s Note: Slightly special, really pretty cream top? Meet your new go-to.

10. P448 Monza Sneaker

p448 sneakers

At Nordstrom

I am a sneaker GIRL. I have to stop myself every single day from buying more pairs. (See above for my current temptation). But I will admit, whenever I do buy a new pair I end up wearing them constantly. They go with my daily outfits of leggings and jeans, but if I decided to pop a dress on…works with that too. The ones above are a perfect example. A classic tennis-esque shoe that’d be timeless. 

Scotti’s Note: Ooh these sleek sneakers are a part of Nordstrom’s Spring Wardrobe Essentials…and I LOVE them.

11. Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Sneakers

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Laura’s the one that finally tempted me into buying these. They truly go with anything, and if you’re a shortie like me (5’2) or Laura (5’4) don’t let the high-top scare you off. They still just work. Dresses, jeans, leather pants, trousers. I don’t know if it’s the fresh, clean white leather or the sleek fit of the ankle. Perhaps the combo of the two. 

Laura’s Note: The easiest shoe to wear with the cuffed men’s jeans I’ve been loving? These are my longtime favs.

12. Abercrombie & Fitch Shell Denim Midi Dress

top sellers

At Abercrombie

Ahhh, Bev! I saw her trying this out in our weekly sales report and…umm, yeah it looked amazing. There’s something about the newer style of denim dresses. They feel put-together but casual-enough so they’re not overly fancy. Pop on a pair of heels, though, and it feels perfectly fancy enough. This Abercrombie one is the best example I’ve seen so far. (Definitely check out those other washes too). 

Bev’s Note: I stopped in Abercrombie last weekend and tried on this denim dress which came home with me. It’s a dress that I could see myself styling for work, playdates, as well as out to dinner. Abercrombie has really been surprising me with some of their pieces as well as the quality of their items

13. Cougar Meteor Waterproof Insulated Boot

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Okaaaay, Shana. You got me. Moon boots were one of those things that whenever I saw someone wearing them I thought, wow, they look so cool and chic. Me? I just couldn’t picture it, guys. I’m not there yet as much as I want to be. But this boot by Cougar might be my stepping stone into the serving-chunky-statement-winter-boots-Danielle. Maybe by next winter I’ll be in my Moon Boots (updates to come). 

Shana’s Note: I’m eyeing up this pair. While admittedly Moonboot-adjacent, they’re less insane (said with love), a little more chic, but still retain that playful element. They’re rated for weather up to -22, waterproof, and the colors are soooo pretty (check out ‘gold matte‘).

14. Free People Chloe Floral Print Jacket

At Nordstrom | At Free People (more colors) | At Zappos

Scratch me being a sneaker girl. Although that technically reigns true, I might be even more into jackets. They just totally switch a simple top and jeans up. Now that I’m in my color-era (admiring afar and slowly implementing into my wardrobe), this jacket has been on my mind more than I care to admit. Abby styled the blue colorway up for one of her winter looks and I loved. Amy styled the multi-color one up a bunch of ways and further proved the patterns work with more than you might think. 

Amy’s Note: It was Nordstrom that actually came in swinging with the restock in my color, and I jumped at the chance to try a medium. I’m 5’9” and some change, broad shouldered, and the jacket fits amazingly everywhere – even in the arms (which can be tricky for tall people).

15. MOTHER The Scooter Ankle Bootcut Jeans

top sellers

At Nordstrom

As I’m planning my spring-summer wardrobe, this wash of jean is exactly what I look for. A blue-wash that doesn’t feel dull or too-baby-blue. However, I tend to wear my blue jeans all winter long and with that crop, they’d be perfect for my heeled booties and winter boots. 

Scotti’s Note: Nordstrom is now using puppies to sell these Mother Jeans and it is 1000% working.

16. FRAME Le Slim Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Oh, are we surprised by another pair of jeans in the top sellers? I think not. We’re denim lovers at heart, and we’ve been pretty excited over the recent styles. It keeps our wardrobe feeling fresh even if we wear the same old white tee and simple jacket with ’em. What got me the most with this particular pair by FRAME? Scotti’s praise over the softness and stretch. I so appreciate a pair of jeans that have some stretch without losing its shape. 

Scotti’s Note: These jeans are–hands-down–one of the most comfortable pair I have ever put on my body. (And…I’ve tried a lot of jeans.) I ordered them with a slew of others and the fabric was so…soft and stretchy and perfect that it set them apart from the rest immediately. I was praying they would fit before I ever tried them on, and when I did…love.

17. J.Crew Pintuck Denim Trouser

j.crew jeans

At J.Crew

First, this entire outfit. LOVE. Second, those jeans. We’ve been getting into the trouser-like denim that’s out right now. (Check out all the other styles we’re into for 2024 here). They feel sleek and a tad fancy but still have that casual-denim vibe depending on how you style it up. That perfect in-between.

Abby’s Note: The easiest to dress up (because of that drape) is this pair by J.Crew.

18. Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer

top sellers

At Amazon

I’ve been wanting to try this concealer forever and I officially ordered it. Top sellers, you get me again. I’m always looking for a new concealer that works for my complicated skin (rosacea, hormonal breakouts and dry skin). One of the things that drives me nuts about most of the ones I’ve tried is the settling in the creases around my eyes and forehead, so I’m hoping this will do the trick. The reviews (and Shana) rave about it for fine lines and mature skin. 

Shana’s Note: If I want more coverage, I just apply a bit of this anti-aging concealer under my eyes, or maybe around my nose. That’s it! (I’ve mentioned that concealer before – it really is the freaking best for older skin, and it happens to be on sale, too.)

19. Lululemon Scuba Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Pant

top sellers

At Lululemon

Did I think velvet sweats would be on my radar? No, I did not. Until now. The wide-leg sells it for me, but when I zoomed up on the fabric I saw it was velvety cord. For some reason that feels even more wearable. All the colors are tempting me, but the espresso color is calling my name the most (I think, ahhh!) 

Abby’s Note: Lululemon aced this pair of velvety sweats. I can’t tell if I want ‘espresso’ or ‘storm teal’ more.

20. Sorel Kinetic Impact Conquest Boots

top sellers

At Zappos

I’ve seen Shana wear these boots for years. Subsequently, I’ve wanted them for years. They’re practical but still manage to work with a bunch of different outfits. Something about them is more chic than most winter weather boots and they almost feel like a sporty sneaker. I styled them up paper-doll style recently if you’re curious. 

Shana’s Note: I’ve worn these boots while traveling (easy on/off), I’ve worn these boots apres-ski, and I’ll probably wear them — once again this winter — almost daily.

Happy February! See ya next month for more top sellers.


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