Top Two Favorite Maternity Dresses for Summer


We recently had a reader question about what to wear while pregnant in the summer.  Greenlea was born in July, so I remember what it was like to be big, uncomfortable, and hot – SO hot in those last few weeks before she was born.  I was always cold before becoming pregnant, but that summer Zack & I had a war over the AC (thank God we had it).  He was freezing all the time and I was sweating all.  The.  Time.  (I swear I still sweat way more now than I ever did before I got pregnant).  Maternity shorts were NOT happening (hello, hot and uncomfortable maternity panels) and I found myself reaching for dresses over and over again.  There were two types of dresses that I lived in: bodycon dresses and long flowy maternity dresses. 

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses were so much more flattering when I was pregnant!  It was actually kind of freeing to be able to wear them.  I bought both maternity and non-maternity dresses and would just size up (sometimes way up) for the proper fit.  They were so easy to dress up or down . . . a simple black t-shirt dress like this could be worn with anything from flip flops to wedge heels (and yes, I wore heels when I was pregnant – they were one of the few things that fit throughout 9 months!) and was comfortable because of the soft, stretchy fabric.

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Flowy Maxi Dresses

My other favorite go-to dress were flowy maxi dresses.  They were just easy and comfortable and not constricting like some maternity panels.  Like bodycon dresses, they could easily be dressed up or down.  Sometimes I’d add a belt to create a little shape (less of a tent-like shape) but other times I just let it go when comfort was my number one concern.  I’m wearing a strapless bra in these pictures, but I also wore a swim top or a bralette underneath these kinds of dresses (again, sometimes comfort is your main priority).

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  1. Love this! I am not pregnant, but wanted to chime in with my summer pregnancy experience. Summer 2013 I was pregnant with twins and was MOH for my sister’s wedding (as well as a guest at another wedding… Or 2?). Target’s Liz Cailborne summer dresses were my lifesavers. I bought 2 sun dresses that were jersey knit (so super comfy) and one was dress enough to wear for her bridal shower! I also bought a black maxi, awesome neck line (nursing friendly, but bra wearable) with a slit to keep it “sexy” (snort). I added a sparkly belt for the weddings to keep it fancy (but again jersey knit so… Comfy). My water actually broke while at my sister’s wedding and in said dress… It washed perfectly clean ????.

  2. I had a few dresses that I wore all the time pregnant and I loved! They were silk (dangerous, I know, but the pattern looked like someone threw dirt all over it or had trouble with dye so it didn’t matter) from Anthropologie. If I were pregnant right now I’d buy all the Audra dresses (the one Shana has been raving about) since they look like it would accomodate a belly. Anything with an empire, below bust, waistline and flowy bottom half was what I wore. Anthro was a great place for those kind of dresses.

  3. I love body on dresses when I was pregnant. I felt so sexy- and it was the only time in my life I didn’t feel like I had to hold my breath/wear shape wear/etc.

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