Last Minute Party Prep: Our Favorite Holiday Snacks At Trader Joe’s


I’m not sure what the heck we’d do without our Trader Joe’s. It’s easily a TME Team favorite for so many reasons…but the one that’s top of mind right this hot second?

Party snacks.

Whether you need a last-minute dish or a hostess gift to bring, or you decided to have people over…here are a few quick and easy party snacks you can pick up at Trader Joe’s that are easy to make AND delicious.

(Side note: For this video, we treated it almost as a timed run: Go to Trader Joe’s, grab the snacks we KNOW we love, grab some stuff we’ve WANTED to try, run home, create a party. The party-making took roughly an hour (including cook time), which is pretty incredible.)



S, Tori, Laura, Gwen & Lex

P.S. This one’s for the pinners!

What's good at Trader Joe's? Holiday party snacks. For last-minute party prep or a hostess gift...these easy Trader Joe's must-haves are also delish.


  1. Lol, for years my husband thought TJ’s *only* sold snacks bc that’s what I would come home with. I had to tell him, they have other stuff but they have the best snacks so I load up!

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