The Easy, Everyday Dress (Wear It Now And Into Fall)



When we were in Philly recently, Shana took us to Spruce St. Harbor Park, a summer pop-up park in Philly that includes sand, hammocks, riverfront views and all kinds of fun.  It’s usually crazy packed on the weekends, but was perfect during the week when we went.  There were comfy lounge chairs right on the water, tasty margaritas and awesome food.  The chips and guac were to die for.  TO DIE FOR.  As you can tell in these pictures – not sure I stopped to breathe.

It’s always fun visiting my sister in the city–we walk everywhere, stopping here or there for drinks, shopping or just sight-seeing.  But when I say walk everywhere, I mean it.  Shana’s always like, “Bring comfy shoes!” and I’m like, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”  (Fast-forward to having to run into a store midway through the day because my feet are killing me.)  We often leave the house in the morning and don’t come back until after dinner.

So . . . aside from the shoes (comfy), what to wear?

For me, the easiest thing is to find a drapey dress that can easily go from day to night.  Going to a nice dinner?  Add a statement necklace or earrings and some fancy shoes.  The park?  Add sneaks and a hoodie.  These dresses are super versatile and comfortable, and the drape means they’re flattering even after a big meal. (Of Guac.  Lots and lots of GUAC.)









Trapeze Swing Dress (similar)

Lace-up Sandals (Purchased mid-day while walking around Philly cause my feet hurt . . . lesson learned.)

Rebecca Minkoff Backpack (This has become my go-to bag after lusting after Shana’s forever.  It’s such a comfortable bag (hands-free and the leather is so soft) and big enough for everything I need to carry.  I’m loving all of the colors right now – especially the seafom and and vintage pink.)

Nickel & Suede Earrings (lightweight and my new favorites . . . more on them here!)

More Easy Dresses for Summer-to-Fall Styling

These everyday dresses easily transition into fall – add tall boots (Shana would say Over-the-knee), a cozy cardigan, and big scarf – done!  Here are my latest favs….


But seriously, you have to try the chips & guac.






  1. Love these dresses! Especially all of the h&m ones! Looks like I’ll be going shopping soon! Also, love how cool my city looks in your pictures! Spruce Street Harbor Park is so great, isn’t it?! PS – the flower tattoo on your arm is fabulous!!!

    • Lisa, OMG thank you! It was actually from H&M and I canNOT find it online anywhere . . . so I included the one from Nordstrom because it looks virtually the same.

  2. I just got those sandals in white and love them! Super comfy, stylish and affordable. They have some padding underfoot so you don’t feel like your foot is pounding the ground like some other flats. Love those pics Scotti, looks like a fun day!

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