Top 5 Picks From Backcountry’s Sale (oh hi, YETI coolers)


I’ve always loved a good hike, but these days, hiking has taken on new meaning. Our weekly family hike is one of the few things keeping us sane in quarantine (and yes, hiking is one of our state-approved activities, thank goodness).

Because we hike so often (even before COVID), the entire fam is pretty well outfitted. It’s not absolutely necessary, of course, it just makes things easier: easier to get out the door, easier on the trail…and when hiking with kids, easy shouldn’t be underrated.

YETI, Danner, The North Face & Hestra: 5 Favs At Backcountry

It turns out that Backcountry is running a couple of promotions that are, quite frankly, too good to miss.

Take 20% Off One Full-Price Item With Backcountry

If you sign up to become a member of Backcountry’s rewards program (literally a one-click situation if you’ve already signed in to your Backcountry account), then Backcountry will automatically take 20% off the highest full-priced item in your cart. There are some exclusions to this Backcountry promo (good until May 25th), but you guys…Danner boots and YETI Coolers are eligible. Additionally, Backcountry has started a Memorial Day sale that is pretty epic. Here are my top five Backcountry picks, as well as a little sale section at the end (since I was there, perusing, anyway.)

1. YETI Coolers!!

Danner hiking boots, YETI coolers & The North Face jackets are too good to pass up. We're shopping Backcountry for outerwear for the fam. #OutdoorLife.

yeti backpack cooler

Backcountry actually has an insane selection of all things YETI…but we do love our backpack cooler. It’s great for BYO restaurants in the summer, hikes, picnics in the park, etc., It will not, however, keep things as cold for as long as a traditional hard-sided YETI cooler. So if we’re at the beach all day, or doing a road trip that involves keeping food cold in the car for days…a hard-sided YETI would be better. But the backpack is so portable and easy — and legitimately comfortable to wear — we end up using it alllll the time. It wipes out easily, and, with ice, will keep food cold almost as long as the traditional coolers.

WAIT — am I crazy to want a YETI cooler with wheels??? Mike just pointed out that we could haul it out to the patio for parties, too. When, ya know, that’s allowed. Let’s discuss.

2. Danner Mountain Light Hiking Boots

Danner hiking boots, YETI coolers & The North Face jackets are too good to pass up. We're shopping Backcountry for outerwear for the fam. #OutdoorLife.

Patagonia fleece jacket (xs) | similar backpack | Danner boots

I cannot say enough about my Danner hiking boots — these are, hands-down, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. You can read my full review here.

Sidenote: my exact backpack is sold out, but there is a similar style in that exact color on sale — and it looks like this color is being discontinued. Which is a shame because this color looks especially cute with my Danner boots (if you care about that sort of thing).

3. The North Face Kids’ Raincoats

These are basically the only windbreakers we buy the kids. We’ve taken them to Iceland, to Cuba, to Ecuador, to the shore, to Michigan, and we usually have them stuffed into a backpack while hiking. Backcountry has a pretty decent selection, and some are on sale all by themselves, no promo needed, for 35% off.

Danner hiking boots, YETI coolers & The North Face jackets are too good to pass up. We're shopping Backcountry for outerwear for the fam. #OutdoorLife.

4. This Insanely Cozy North Face Fleece Hoodie

If you’ve seen me schlumping around the neighborhood lately…it’s probably in this. This North Face fleece has turned out to be key piece of My Official Quarantine Outerwear Uniform. Which means I may have to burn it when quarantine is over. But for now sooooo coooooozy.

Danner hiking boots, YETI coolers & The North Face jackets are too good to pass up. We're shopping Backcountry for outerwear for the fam. #OutdoorLife.

Do I need to specify that this pic was taken in good old days, pre-quarantine? Obvi, right?

The North Face Fleece (size M)

5. Hestra Mittens

These are, without exaggeration, the ONLY mittens I’ll wear skiing. I am one of those never-warm types, and my hands are clinically cold (self-diagnosed but still YOU GET MY MEANING). Hestra mittens are like magic. They are also stupidly expensive, and almost never go on sale. Not only are they a whopping 35% off at Backcountry right now, but their mens and kids’ lines — including racing gloves — are also part of this Unicorn sale.

Truth be told, I don’t even know if we’ll have a ski season next year…but if I buy the gloves the season will come.

Fingers crossed — hard — anyway.

Danner hiking boots, YETI coolers & The North Face jackets are too good to pass up. We're shopping Backcountry for outerwear for the fam. #OutdoorLife.

Best of Backcountry’s Sale Section

My top 5 buys are above, but since I was browsing anyway, here are a few other things I found…



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  1. Sweet! I was hoping to order several of these items before next fall or winter but I went ahead and did it now as they’re on sale. Thank you for the heads up!

  2. I’m a fellow Philadelphian who’s been following TME for a while and a big fan! Could you share suggestions of where to hike? My son is 9 and we’re a family who love to hike but most places we’ve tried so far in the area have been crowded with people not wearing masks or social distancing. Desperate for suggestions to help with our cabin fever!

    I also suffer from chronically cold hands while skiing so will have to try the Hestras!

    • Ugh, we haven’t really found anything great for social distancing. Our favorite hike – by far – is Rickett’s Glen, but it’s PACKED. Our only option is to get up reallllly early and go. And then it’s usually glorious for a couple of hours, and gets busy as we’re hiking back. That said, if you are willing to wait until the path clears (next to the waterfalls is where it gets congested) then you can usually hike by yourself. We had more luck social distancing at the Mount Minsi area – the parking lot was packed, and the top was packed, but the hiking itself was clear. Like I said…not great. We’re thinking of trying some campgrounds when allowed, just to get farther away from the congested cities. We’ll see. For hike ideas, I’ve been using this website – it’s awesome.

  3. My family and I are planning a lot of hiking this summer. We live in North Carolina, and we’ve already had a few 80-degree days. I’d love to see recommendations of cute hiking outfits for hot weather!

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