Why am I researching travel toilets you ask? Easy: Anyone up for a road trip right about now? Shana is a yes for sure, she said so right here. Me, my kids, and my friend Liza and her kids have one such trip under serious consideration. Raise your hand if you personally know anyone who’s bought an RV this year–like if there are three parked right outside on your city block right now. Amazing, right?

Liza is actively tempting me with Selma to Montgomery, and then continuing on west to a ranch in Northern California. “Next week?” she asks. “Why not?” she asks. We have 7 kids between us, it’s the first week of school from home, and we both work–more than one job. We call those: minor challenges.

Maybe even more so given those realities, I’m on a strong, almost yes! (Maybe just not exactly next week, Liza…maybe in a few weeks–in a few weeks and with a ‘lil custody negotiation, some serious safety precautions and a HUGE RV, we can get to a full yes on that. And we have wireless for school while driving??? Surely someone can make that happen.) I’m almost giving in to my natural yes on this. Almost. And so we may as well start packing.

Road Trip With Kids? Pack These Travel Essentials

There are, always, silver linings everywhere if we look for them–even mid-pandemic is that true. This paused, delayed, super-restricted, new-rules-world in which we live has let us stop, and consider a few things, and maybe even to dream up some fun we might not have gotten to quite yet and weren’t planning on now, but maybe now is a GREAT time for a road trip! Here are a few things a few friends who have taken the trip on these types of adventures recommend. I might be making a list, and beginning preparations around here…(Linzi likes lists….maybe this will help bring her to a yes too:)

Remote learning + coronavirus restrictions = travel opportunity. Our 12 essentials for an RV road trip across the USA with kids, right here.


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1 Rechargeable LED Lantern + Flashlights | I LOVE these things. They are the BEST!!!  I’ve tried a few, and they charge in the car, and break down to flashlights, and are just overall amazing. And necessary for such adventures.

2 | Yeti Cooler | You may as well just get yourself a cool cooler. It doesn’t get cooler than this. And wheels are good. That’s kind of our theme here.

3 | BBQ Tool Set | Obviously this is the most organized, efficient, full set that I’ll use along with the cute little grill that comes next. Can you see the tiny house tour coming soon?

4 | Portable Grill | Cutest little grill I ever did see. We can feed nine with that little thing, right? Sure we can.

5 | Sea to Summit Kitchen Travel Sink | Woah! YAAAASSSSS! Why did I never think of this thing before RIGHT NOW? Now I can’t unthink it, so I carted it.  

6 | Enamel Bowls With Airtight Lids | Prep, serve, store, easy clean, nice and light. And cute too.

7 | Enamel Dish Set | Obviously we need a cute set of lightweight, easy-to-clean dishes on the road.

8 | Rocker Chair | My son’s favorite birthday gift this year, all of our favorite chair, and taking it apart and putting it back together are easy and genuinely a calming meditative-type exercise, no stress. It feels so happy to sit in.

9 | Thule Storage Totes | These are my own personal organized packer mom trick. They just make so much sense, and make everything so easy.

10 | Neck Support Pillow | I just handed down all my current travel pillows to my kids (they are super-excited.) They don’t know I did that so that I can justify a need for this new one. But yeah, that happened. Liza, I ordered one for you too–relax.

11 | Family-Sized Car Charger | This just feels necessary. The end.

12 | Portable Toilet | When the kids were small, I had a small, French, version of this for long car trips. It was A-mazing. Do you know how many times since I’ve wished I had kept it? Let me be clear, not for the kids, for ME. This thing is just amazing. Road trip or just a regular day, we all obviously need one of these. Now.

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Are we all feeling a little more ready for an adventure? Linzi, Mike D, I’m looking at you!  Let’s just do it! Get to the YAAAASSSS, and then take it on the road.

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  1. Hope you decide to say yes and go! We drove from CA to MA this summer in our family SUV camping in a tent, stayed for 6 weeks, and then back to CA . We stayed right next to a lake all summer, but my boys (9 and 11) still rave about the drive. Camping on the Mississippi River in Iowa and seeing crawdads the size of my fists, stoping at the salt flats in Utah, all the pb+j sandwiches, and listening to hours of audiobooks. They barely register the summer, but driving across country felt like an epic adventure to them.

  2. Love this post. We are craving more outdoor time now that virtual school is in full swing. FWIW, that camping sink was the bain of our camping trips. I loved the idea of it, but it had some design flaws when attempting to wash dishes – the sides would collapse on me, and when dealing with a camp spigot, I was often losing dishes to the ground. I hated to give up on it, but after 4 years of trying to make it work, I ended up getting a collapsible tub instead. It takes up a little more space but since it collapses flat wasn’t too bad. Made dishwashing much more palatable this summer;-) Hope you go for it with a trip soon!

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