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I’m not always the best at stepping back, taking a look at myself and knowing what I need. I’m a details gal, a do-er, and a live-in-my-head kinda woman. BUT, if there’s one thing I’ve always known about myself, it’s that I must travel.

Travel Like A Pro: Packing Tips For Comfort

That travel doesn’t have to be worldwide or exotic or expensive, but I gotta get outta Dodge… regularly. It’s that Aquarian boredom thing I mentioned in the raincoat postchange. Aquarians love change, and I fully embrace that.

Whether you’re like me and crave travel or you do it for work or other reasons, we can all probably agree the journey is SO much better when you pack the right stuff. With input from some of my most-traveled friends, I came up with a list of pieces that are worth packing each and every time.

We all agree that travel is SO much better when we pack the right stuff (well-organized). Our packing list of all the essentials — plane, train or Tesla.

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Packing List: To Hydrate

1/ Glossier face mist – One of the most common recs among my friends? Face mist to keep skin hydrated on flights — this one by Glossier looks amazing.
2/ Travel humidifier – I haven’t been brave enough to run this on a plane yet, BUT this is amazing for hotels or AirBnbs, especially this time of year. I swear running a humidifier to ward off illness really works!
3/ l’Occitane hand cream – After all that travel hand-washing, you need a rich hand cream. I love this brand, especially because the tube is nice and sturdy (i.e. it won’t get squished in your bag).
4/ Qtica lip therapy – My new lip obsession. Exfoliate with a washcloth each morning and use this, and you’ll have the softest lips ever.

Packing List: To Stay Cozy

5/ Everlane scarf – I have and adore this. Not only is it a gorgeous scarf, but it also works well as a blanket when the plane (inevitably) gets freezing. I love this color, too.
6/ White + Warren cashmere wrap – One of Gwen’s favorite brands…cashmere is such a great lightweight option that still provides plenty of warmth.
7/ Striped scarf – Well, this one is just fun. So cute!

Packing List: To Reduce Stress

8/ Hanging toiletries kit – Cam’s sister (I think) recommended this to her years ago and I got one — I’ve loved it ever since. I keep mine stocked with minis of my fav products so it’s ready to grab-and-go, and I don’t have to worry if I’m missing anything. My friend does this with her makeup, too, so she doesn’t have to think when packing!
9/ Biossance top shelfies – I’m a skincare junkie who loves to try out new products. The best way to do this is to order little trial sets from various brands…and it works great for packing, too!
10/ Packing cubes – Shana did a post about packing cubes a while ago, and ever since I’ve been in love with them. Your suitcase looks so neat and organized, and I swear you can pack more with these. They don’t have to be fancy (these are really inexpensive) but I do love a fun print for jazzing up a boring ol’ suitcase!

Packing List: To Stay Healthy

11/ Sockwell compression socks – Many of my friends travel with compression socks, especially for longer flights. I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet (except when I was pregnant), but I want to for my next cross-country flight.
12/ XLear nose spray – This stuff is just necessary for planes and when traveling anywhere arid. It works like the humidifier to keep your airways from drying out and being more susceptible to illness.
13/ Airborne – I buy this in bulk. Feeling the slightest throat tickle? Take an Airborne. Flying? Take an Airborne. Not feeling ill, but everyone around you is sick? Take an Airborne. Already sick? Take more Airborne. My chiropractor friend said it’s the zinc in it that really helps you fight off and get rid of colds. A naturopath said the acidity of Vitamin C makes your system acidic and helps ward off germs. Whatever it does, I’ve taken it for years and it’s my favorite.
14/ Mason jar salad – My friend Jennifer suggested a lunch like this for the plane, and I think it’s brilliant. I always want to bring my own food, but a smushed sandwich sounds way less appealing than grabbing the meat and cheese platter in-flight. This will go along with my current dairy and gluten fast, and sounds delish! The link goes to a jar with a mini dressing dish in the lid. And here’s a recipe for a salad I think sounds yum — chickpea mason jar salad!

Packing List: To Sleep

15/ Bose noise-cancelling headphones – As much as I totes sympathize with the mamas and dads with crying children on the plane, I still don’t want to hear them (or the dude snoring behind me). WORD. These headphones are a bit more affordable than some others by Bose — and they’re pretty.
16/ Huzi travel pillow – This is my next purchase. My friend Posy said she’s searched for years for the best travel pillow and this is it. Check out the link for the different ways you can adjust it for various airplane resting positions. Plus, it looks like it squishes down more than those neck donut things which are so annoying to carry around.

Packing List: To Entertain

17/ Kindle oasis – I got this on Black Friday and am addicted. It’s such a fabulous upgrade from my old Kindle. It’s waterproof and super lightweight but the best part about it is how long it holds a charge…which is forever! I mean, a really long time. This one can be paid for in easy monthly payments, too, without any interest charge. Love it.
18/ Paint by sticker – You’re probably thinking this is a kids activity but…nope — this paint by sticker books comes in a grown-up version. I bought the kids version for Sienna last year and loved it so much I got one for myself. It’s not super small mind you, but it’s surprisingly relaxing and fun. It’s definitely a good thing to zen-out on either on the plane or at your destination.

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Where are you headed this year, my friends? I’m off to Mexico, Palm Springs, and LA, and couldn’t be more excited to check out these warm spots. We’re considering a little jaunt to New Orleans for our 10th anniversary in October, too. I want to eat all the good food and hear some fab music. What’s your favorite domestic destination? Maybe I’ll add more to the list!

Happy Travels, friends!



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