Spring Layers To Try Now: Colorful Hoodies + Trench Coats


Ugh, Spring.  I like Spring in theory, but in reality there’s too much rain.  Or, sometimes, sleet.  And it’s altogether too cold.  Who wants to be wearing a puffer coat in April?


I’m always looking for ways to ditch the winter coat without freezing my tush off.  I’ve been eyeing up trench coats lately – I have an old one from Banana that never gets enough use.  Partially because it’s not water resistant, and partially because it’s never quite warm enough.  But layering a hoodie underneath (bonus points for pretty colors) seems to do the trick.  On most days.

I’m currently looking into trench coats that can survive a bit of rain (more on that topic later), but for now….I’m loving the warm, sporty vibe of the hoodie under a classic trench.

Look 1: hoodie | trench | jeans | sneaks | clutch

Look 2: hoodie | trench | jeans | sneaks | clutch

Look 3: hoodie | trench | jeans | sneaks | bag

Hoodies, Trench Coats, And Totally Random Accessories

While I will concede that my silver sneakers and leopard-print clutch are an unusual pairing with this outfit….I stand by it.  I have no explanation for it, other than I LIKE IT, so…..hey.  Good ’nuff.

Outfit Details

hoodie: Adidas Cropped Hoodie (xs) –  I’ve been loving this lately, especially with high-rise jeans. Here are a few additional hoodies that caught my eye….

trench: old Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo collab – this London Fog one has similar sleeve detail (and more options below).

jeans: AG Farrahs size 25 – my exact wash is sold out, but this one is really close.  If you prefer a light wash without distressing….I’m also loving this pair.

sneaks: Golden Goose – my favs.  Just for fun, here are a few other pairs that are a little more affordable…..

clutch: Providence Story c/o – Isn’t this cool?  Designed and made locally.

Pax’s outfit: t-shirt | jeans | shoes





  1. Here’s a letter of rec for the Burberry Bowpark rain jacket. I’ve had it for four years in New England and I love it. Worth every penny (and it costs plenty of pennies). It has a removable wool liner (by way of a zipper) which makes it very versatile in the Fall and Spring. It is seriously waterproof – I’ve been caught in downpours in it and stay dry. It has a deep, detachable hood which I love because this mama rarely has an extra hand for an umbrella. And by unzipping the hood you can wear a hoodie like S wears here. The jacket has a swingy, A-line shape which is fun and more forgiving of the middle than a belted style. It worked well with my baby carrier too. Reviewers mention tight armholes, and they do sit high but I think that helps keep the line swingy but not tent like. Have I mentioned it’s machine washable? I highly recommend it!

  2. My favorite part of this post is the “cuz I LIKE IT”. 🙂
    Second is that your firstborn is channeling Jon Bon Jovi (in a good way) (as if there’s any other way) and P. looks about as Beastie as a lotus in bloom…

  3. No need to defend the clutch and sneaks, they work perfectly and are the magic Shana touch we love in all your outfits.

  4. This post speaks to my soul. Perfectly practical for baseball sidelines but still a little bit funky and just, cool (for lack of a better word). I am seriously loving everything Adidas does right now. Whatever sporty type thing I dream up, I manage to find in their store. And I’ve the Abercrombie hoodie, too. I bought it in black I’m the fall and wear it with EVERYTHING! Thanks for this post! I now know what I’ll be wearing on a class trip next week!

  5. Oh this is a great way to revive an old Anthropologie trench that I had written off as being too preppy/girly for my current style. Now to find the perfect hoodie….thanks!

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