I am seriously loving this embroidered denim trend and during a recent trip to London, I saw it everywhere.  Big names like Gucci and Stella McCartney have upgraded their denim staples with floral embroidery and embellishments, and other brands like Citizens of Humanity, Topshop, and River Island have followed suit (with less extravagant and much more affordable versions of this trend).

How to wear it?

BALANCE.  It’s all about balance.  I came to that realization today as I, toddler-like, tried to pair my embroidered denim with other equally colorful, shiny, or unique pieces.  Reality being that I am definitely not a toddler but a 32 year old woman, I quelled my original impulses and paired my floral embroidered jeans with a simple white or black basic tee and neutral colored flats or booties.  No matter how much the toddler in me wants to wear all of the flashy items in my closet at the same time….balance.  (I’m still me, however, so I swapped out the neutral shoes for colorful, blue, lace-up flats).






Outfit Details:

tees –  Hard Tail’s Siro Slouchy V-neck, $55.00, in white. Hard Tail is actually is an activewear brand, but the material is suuuper soft and breathable, plus it stretches a bit more than a regular cotton tee. I just bought this hole-y Rolling Stones tee from Primark while in London, but alas it is not on their website. Fear not, an almost identical (non-destroyed) version can be found here for $22.00.

jeans – Blue Embroidered Alannah Relaxed Skinny Jeans from River Island, $96.00.  I really love River Island’s jeans. They’re a popular UK High Street brand, a lot like Topshop, that have yet to make as big as an impact state side. High quality, stylish, and relatively affordable, expect to be seeing more of this brand in the future.

shoes – The black ankle fringe ballet flats I’m wearing in the upclose detail pictures are Atrevida’s Black Fringe Ballet Flats, $26.34 and the Blue Lace Up Ballet Flats are $31.99.

bag – My trusty Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian Backpack, $395. 

Shop the Look:


Happy first days of Fall! xoxo,


    • Sure thing!
      The two pairs I’ve purchased are probably the best jeans I’ve ever bought under $100. One pair I bought close to 10 years ago while visiting London and wore them on a consistent basis for several years (I only stopped wearing them because I lost them somehow during a move). Great quality and super durable. I love my jeans with a little stretch in them and specifically look for jeans made with around 3% of elastane, which River Island does (PAIGE denim also uses 3% elastane material in most of their jeans). Also it’s just enough so they stretch when you move but don’t “stretch out” quickly AND the weight of the denim is still nice and thick so they will last you for awhile. Pretty true to size, if you are in between a size, go down.

      oh yeah and UK SIZING is different from ours. By rule of thumb a UK size is one size number ABOVE ours so an UK 12 would be a USA size 10 and so on.

      Summary: Great bang for your buck- good quality and durability for under $100.

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