Trending Now: Suuuper Fancy Sneakers (YAY!)


Have you noticed what’s happening with sneakers right now?  Sequins and glitter and glitz…suddenly, at every turn I’m seeing shiny, shimmering, sparkling SNEAKERS.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled!!  I mean….FANCY SNEAKERS.  Right?? I finally splurged on a pair (Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me) of the infamous Golden Goose sneaks, and I’ve been wearing them everywhere.  Not only do they make school pick-up a little more fun, but the big bonus is that I’ve been wearing them on date night, too.  Because they’re fancy.  That surprise party we threw for A?  I wore ’em with black skinnies.  Salsa night?  Yup – fancy sneaks with a sexy little slip dress.  For NYE, I’m seriously considering them with this silver dress….but I don’t think I can do bare legs in Michigan. WE WILL SEE.

And while the fancy sneaker trend may have snuck up on us (much more press has been given to the ugly sneaker trend)…it’s come on in full force.  Meaning?  Everyone has some seriously cool fancy sneaks in their winter line-up….and they’re so freaking fun I DIE.


Tretorn Velvet Navy at Madewell, $89 – Currently on sale for $59.99! – there’s something almost tuxedo-like about these sneaks.

Chuck Taylor Studded at Bloomingdales, $95 – studded and velvet with sleek black laces – dying to pair these with black skinnies.


Marc Jacobs Lightening Bolt, $125.69-$230.40 – kiiiind of ridiculous, but also made my heart skip a beat.  Would wear with light wash denim and black sweaters all. day. long.

Steve Madden Allure Multi Glitter, $129.95 – On sale for $79.95 – I adore how wildly, over-the-top these are.  And have an almost worn vibe (despite the glitter) that reminds me of Golden Goose.


Golden Goose Silver Metallic, $565 –  these are the sneaks I’m wearing and loving.

Chuck Taylor Pink Metallic, $65 – Other that the pair I own, I think these are my favs.  I mean…c’mon.  AMAZING.


Chuck Taylor Navy Sequin, $69.95-$83.50 –  Well, shoot.  Maybe these are my favs.  Totally obsessed.

Kate Spade Latisa Pom Pom, $168 – On sale for $117 – That pom-pom is so freaking fun.


More SuperFancy Sneakers We Love

Lux Velvet

The rich texture is everything.  (And would look just as good with tshirts as they would with silk tops or even nubby sweaters.)

Glitzy Glitter

SO over the top, but…sneakers, so not over the top at all!  (Balance, you guys.  It’s all about balance.)

Moonlit Metallics

Aren’t these dreamy?  Like something a badass fairy princess would wear.


Shine Bright Like a…Sequin

Somebody please get those navy Converse and send me a pic so I can stand up and applaud.


Which is your fav??




  1. I’m so in love with all of the fancy tretorns! It’s like high school but fancier! And with kids and stuff, but oh well. I’m currently wearing these leopard print sneaks on constant repeat with every kind of pants I own! Lovlovelove a fancy sneaker!!!

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