Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Price?


About a year ago or so, I was casually perusing Pinterest with my morning coffee (as one does) and I happened upon a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. Now, these were not just any pair of sneakers. They were beyond: refined yet modern…all with a vintage style. Whoa.

I immediately clicked the link to purchase these sneaker unicorns and…oh. Little did I know that they came with a big, HUGE price tag. So therefore my infatuation ended abruptly.


I started to see Golden Goose popping up EVERYWHERE — Instagram, blogs, Facebook. As much as I tried to bury my feelings for these sneakers, deep down in the depths of my fashion blogger soul…I wanted them. BAD.

I just couldn’t get past the price. $200? Maybe. Considering cost-per-wear, plus the fact that they’re perfect. But more than $300? hmm. That’s a lot. I didn’t get why so many people were willing to shell out such big bucks for them.

So. S, being well aware of our mutual obsession over these shoes, finally decided: it was time to test them out. One of us HAD TO DO IT. It just made sense, considering how popular they are and that we are a style blog. Being the self-sacrificing, generous person that I am, I agreed to take on the task. A pair of Golden Goose were ordered, shipped and delivered to my casa…and I may have squealed a little when opening up the box.

It is now official. The Mom Edit is in possession of THE “IT” SHOE. It was time to give these babies a real try and possibly give them the TME stamp of approval (…or at least a nod).

A Review of Golden Goose Sneakers

We took the plunge to see if this lux lace-up Italian sneaker is worth the price. Check out our pros & cons. The ugly sneaker trend may be here 4eva.We took the plunge to see if this lux lace-up Italian sneaker is worth the price. Check out our pros & cons. The ugly sneaker trend may be here 4eva.golden goose sneakers outfit (1 of 1)We took the plunge to see if this lux lace-up Italian sneaker is worth the price. Check out our pros & cons. The ugly sneaker trend may be here 4eva.We took the plunge to see if this lux lace-up Italian sneaker is worth the price. Check out our pros & cons. The ugly sneaker trend may be here 4eva.We took the plunge to see if this lux lace-up Italian sneaker is worth the price. Check out our pros & cons. The ugly sneaker trend may be here 4eva.

So. I’ve been wearing these puppies for the past couple of months now, and I can say, without question, that this is a really. cool. shoe. They’ve beat out my Converse, and I get why they’ve become so popular. They are just…really cool.

In order to really lay it all out there for ya, though, I put together a Golden Goose Sneaker pros and cons list…all are my own observations and honest thoughts on them.


  • the designers (Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo) are from Italy, so, yeh. Legit footwear.
  • raised heel bed, which makes the shoe appear to be a bit smaller than it actually is. *this is just an observation, not 100% fact. I am 99% sure that that is how they engineered the shoe, though. I could feel it and even see it.
  • the overall style is just the epitome of everything a street-style sneaker should be — sporty (but chic), with understated details — in the star and its placement, unique colors of the soles, laces & of course, a proper amount of scuffing.
  • comfortable — the foot bed is slightly cushioned & the laces can be worn more loose to make it a more roomy fit
  • all-leather – never a bad thing. They smell good and I know that they will last.


  • They’re $300+.
  • I’ve noticed that they feel a bit stiff (in the sides and soles, specifically). I have been wearing them for a coupe of months now, though, and they are getting to the point where they feel like they’re getting to that perfectly worn-in place…and I think that they’ll just get better with time.
  • I find that they fit a bit smaller…and I even ordered a size 41/10 (and I am usually a 9.5). It’s not a huge problem, but it’s something to be aware of. It may be the particular style that I have, but I thought it was definitely info. worth passing on to you.

Hey. I made a video, too! I can’t help myself.



Our Favorite Golden Goose Sneakers

So here’s my vigorous nod to Golden Goose Sneakers. Ya done good. Now, if you would just possibly consider doing a more affordable line…maybe at Target? Many of us would be really appreciative, thanks. 😉

Are there any other specific items or brands that you’ve been dying to try out, but just can’t…because $ or can’t be bothered? LET US KNOW. We want to really test things out — see them in person, wear them in our everyday and share our honest thoughts with you.



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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.

Note: This post was originally published in 2017, but was recently updated to include a fresh crop of Golden Goose sneakers. Two years later, and we’re still loving them. xo!


  1. ok they’re cute, but – I just don’t get pre-distressed sneakers. Jeans I get – it DOES take years to make your jeans look the way we buy them pre-distressed. But sneaks? All it takes is a couple of walks in the city with my clumsy self, catching my toe, bumping into stuff, my kids stomping on my feet in their dirty shoes. Boom: instant scuff. I’m not sold yet on the pre-scuff.

    • Agreed. I’m all for spending a bit more for a quality item that will last, and i do love the look of these, but the price tag for this pair of sneakers, not even new but pre-distressed!, is ridiculous. My worn in pumas look the same but without the star. I get it, they look awesome. I can’t shake the feeling that people are being cheated literally hundreds of dollars for a specific look that, if desired, can easily be achieved by oneself. Sorry.

  2. You look super cute, love the entire outfit! But my husband would absolutely KILL me if I spent $495 on a pair of sneakers, any sneakers ?. I think if I do ever spend that on shoes I will save it for some killer pair of stilletos (he is a sucker for heels ?). Glad you guys tried the trend for the rest of us!

  3. yes, I do agree they look like they’ve already been worn. I think I would feel like I’ve been tricked if I paid hundreds of dollars on shoes that look like they’re used.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I already love it because you basically crawled into my head and typed out all the words that I have been thinking about Golden Goose sneakers. I did the exact same thing – found them on Pinterest, clicked through and…..NO!!!!!! But they are on my list to buy at some point…hopefully on sale!

  5. Ok. I’m so glad other people are commenting on the distressing! I have been seeing these shoes on other bloggers and I’ve been flabbergasted over the fact that all of these fashion-y people wear dirty sneakers (major faux pas in my household! Haha!) These might be the ONLY “it shoe” I’m not dying to own. To me, they look like dirty Stan Smiths! I do, however, love the outfit you’re wearing here! So cute, as always!

  6. I have a pair of these! So happy to see them on the blog. Full disclosure: I bought them at a sidewalk sale for 75% off so the price was a little less scary. Thanks to my giant size 10 feet and the fact that mine are bright yellow they made it to sale price. I love them, they are more comfortable than Converse, they have more support which is always my issue with my Chucks. They do start a little stiff so I had to wear little socks with them to break them in. I wear them with dresses, jeans and cutoffs, they are my new go-to shoe and always make me feel super chic. Thanks for the review Cam

    • I know this is from months ago now, but just have to chime in to say YES to all these points. I have two pairs of the Mid-Stars, and the thing is, these shoes are NOT Chucks, or Vans, or any other kind of sneaker out there + distressing. They are a lot more comfortable, the quality of the leather is top notch, and they have great little details other sneaker brands just don’t have. I’m not one to spend anything like this amount of money on shoes usually (I’m a Midwesterner, it’s practically a sin here!), but if I have the chance I would buy another pair in a heartbeat. Stan Smiths are the only remotely comparable shoe comfort-wise, but they’re ubiquitous now and lack the thoughtful details. I don’t blame people for not wanting to spend this much – that’s completely understandable! – but at least know that they’re not a literal dirty trick!

  7. Love GGDB! The wedge insert gives me a little height. Even used, these go for $200+. Another European brand makes some good knock-offs. Check out Philippe Model. I’ve scored several pairs of Models (trainer style) for under $50 on eBay. Good luck! Totally worth it in my opinion. Elevates any outfit.

  8. I’m on my second pair of golden goose! def worth it! I feel like my lazy day outfit is totally upgraded and chic when i have them on =)

  9. I recently moved to Italy and saw these last summer in the windows of the boutiques and on all of the chic women about town. I just thought they were overpriced vintage shoes. Even today I spotted a woman (mid-age or older) wearing a pair with a motorcycle jacket and the GG belt. I couldn’t take how cool she looked! I’ll be buying a pair soon. However, it will be my luck and they will partner with Target soon and then everyone will be wearing them!

  10. OMG i love them!!! Do you think they can be laced in a more distressed manner? Maybe they can be left loose?

    Would this look work with this shoe?

    Just trying to tie the whole scuffed up look together!!!

    Thank you

  11. And now Nordstrom carries P448… which are very similar in style. Now I’m wondering what the difference is… will you purchase them and compare and post about it? Hehe!

  12. If you want a look alike that won’t break the bank Vintage Havana carries some really cool looking sneakers that are very very similar to the Golden Goose ones!!

  13. This has nothing to do with GG but I have been wondering about Rothys and if you all had tried them! I love the look of GG though! Super cool!

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