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I’ve been getting everything together for babe #3. I feel really proud of myself this time around, because I actually feel on top of things. I’m usually scrambling at the end to prep for a new human (or hem, rather, the child impolitely decides to show up weeks early before I have anything ready), but NOT THIS TIME, BABY. Not this time.

Don’t get too sure of yourself, Cams. You still need to clean your gross house, pack your hospital bag…and maybe prepare yourself emotionally for three kids (ha). Oh, right. That. Eh.

I recently put together a Gift Guide for the New Mom, so I thought it only made sense to follow-up with a round-up of things you can use for baby during those early, newborn days. Basically, these are the things that I have found to actually be useful. Not an expert here, but having had two babes…I have simply kept mental notes over the past four years – and I will now pass them on to you. You know, mama solidarity and all of that shizz.

There really isn’t that much to this list either…because yeh. As most of us know already, newborns only do a few things – eat, sleep, poop, repeat. I didn’t really understand that before we had our first, so I had all of this STUFF cluttering up the house. I soon realized after our daughter was born that I only used…oh…maybe a few of them on a very regular basis.

So. Let’s get all kinds of minimalistic on this baby shyat.




1. cute little socks: because there is nothing cuter than tiny baby feet in teeny, tiny socks (kills me). Plus- they keep their toes warm. I always go with simple white, but there are some cute patterned ones at H&M that I just came across. In fact, I would buy all of H&M’s baby line. Holy cuteness…and it’s affordable.

2. ridiculously cute newborn hat: stop ittttt. This hat is too adorable…and I definitely bought it (they come in a  few different colors, too). I also ordered these Rosie Pope hats with fun prints. I’ve found when I pop a hat on my wee babe, it makes me feel better…and like I’ve made a solid mothering choice. If their head is warm, they’re cool. I am master at this baby thing. Ha.

3. onesies: lots and lots of them (because spit up and poo x a mil. all day. erryday) Again, I just buy tons of basic, white ones (and these long-sleeve ones that they give you in the hospital rock, too). They are easy to bleach when you have stubborn milk and poo stains. They match everything also, so win win.

4. comfy baby bottoms: these little sweatpants and baby leggings from H&M are adorable (and they look comfy). I guess we go the athleisure route (so on top of the trends around here). I should have also added zipper footie pajamas, because…yeh. Our newborns LIVE in them at home for the first few months. They are just so darn easy to get on and off (especially during the middle of the night, for those late night nappy changes and feedings). I have been known to curse snap onesies at 2 a.m. I mean, come on. How many snaps can there be and whyyyyyy is there always one snap that doesn’t end up lining up?! Please. For the love of the mother. Zippers.

>> & seriously…check out the entire H&M baby line.

5. ergobaby original baby carrier: after two babies, I’ve come to the conclusion that an amazing baby carrier is a must. I have tried the wraps and, while all do function well, hold baby close and were pretty easy on my back, I got so darn frustrated every time I had to tie the thing around me and get it all situated, so for me…it doesn’t seem worth the trouble (for ME, personally…don’t stone me, wrap lovers ;). I made the executive mama decision to invest in the ergo baby original carrier this time around. I think it’ll be much easier to get baby in and out of when I am also trying to get the other two kids in and out of the car. I feel pretty good about it.

6. ergo infant insert: and this is the insert for newborns, which will help to keep babe snuggly and happy (hopefully) while I am trying to hold two other sets of hands. I realize this part may not be a necessity, butbutbut my husband researched it and insisted that we really…do…need…it. So, since he was so sexy and dad-ish about it, it had to be added.

7. sound machine: I was unsure about getting one with our first, but then we got this awesome one…and I’ve never looked back. Mads seemed to be able to sleep better (no matter where we were). Then Anthony came along and I was so grateful to have it – with Mads running around, not sleeping…while baby was sleeping. Even if both of them didn’t sleep better because of the sound machine, it gave me peace of mind, if nothing else. IknowIknow, but they could then be dependent on them and then not be able to sleep without one. Is that so bad though? It fixes a problem and my babies have slept more peacefully with one, so…POWER TO THE SOUND MACHINE. If they still need one in college, I’ll be sure to pack one up for them and say, “maybe you won’t be able to hear your roommate stumbling in at 3 am and other such noise, so you’re welcome”…because of course, my child will be the studious kind that goes to bed on time and never parties. Of course.

8. burp clothes: massive amounts of them. I have one set of  “fancy” set of burp clothes for when I feel like looking like a legit mom out in public, but I usually just have a stack of the generic white burp clothes. They do the trick! They are also better at mopping up projectile spit-up and the likes, in my opinion.

9. bath seat: newborns are slippery when wet…and they still try to scrunch their little bodies up like they’re desperately (and adorably) trying to pretend they’re back in the womb, so a little bath seat that holds them in place comfortable and allows for your hands to be free to wash is nice to have. I love how simple the design of this Angelcare one is. Also, it is super light weight and can be hung on a hook in the shower when it’s not being used. I am all for getting stuff out of the way (I’m a little OCD about it, actually), so this one is a big winner for moi.

10. breathable swaddlers: I have yet to master the true art of swaddling (I have tried many a time) and my babes never seem to like having their arms pinned to them anyways (it pretty much just makes them wail. We’ll see with this baby, I guess). I have been able to figure out a pretty good way to wrap the baby up so that they are comfortable and warm though. Lightweight muslin blankets like these are the best for this. Aden & Anais has a huge selection, of course, but I went with the others, because they are currently on sale. whoop whoop!

11. boppy: this two-sided Boppy is thicker than the original one. The original one works and I have used it for my two older babes, but I always found myself slouching over to nurse when using it, unless I had another pillow stuffed underneath. Sooo…why not have one that holds baby higher and is a bit easier on the back? The bottom pillow can easily be removed as well, in order for it to be used to prop baby up for tummy time or for when they begin sitting.

12. rock n’ play: a gift from God. I discovered this magical baby tool with our second. He would hang out in it while awake and then nap in it for hours and actually, shhh…don’t tell anyone…he slept in it during the night for the first few months. It worked like a charm. I didn’t want to give it up, but once his feet starting hanging over the end, I had to move on. Ha ha. I know I’m not the only mama here who has loved this thing. Right?!

13. dock a tot: I have yet to use a DockATot with one of our babes, but I have only heard amazing things about it on their IG account – mom’s comment all of the time about their babies sleeping longer than ever when they sleep in them. I also like that I can lay baby in it on the bed and not worry about him rolling off. I’m thinking it may help younger siblings and dogs to not accidentally whack him if he’s on the floor, too…which would be nice. 😀 It’ll be his little cushiony safe spot from the crazy home he’s being born into. haha.


There you have it. That is the short list of newborn MUST HAVES that I really believe in.

…& it is all currently on top of the changing table, awaiting the arrival of baby boy. eeeeeeeek. aaaaaaaaah. Is it really time for this already?!

I am having a lot of anxiety about labor and delivery this time around. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I have already birthed two and I am worried that this one will just shoot out of me and I’ll be giving birth in the car all dramatically or something like that (har). I think my anxiety is also stemming from realizing that I will be the mom of THREE kids here soon…and that is just a bit daunting. I know we’ll soon get the hang of it and everyone will be fine, and not just fine…thriving together. 

Regardless of my feelings, it’s happening and the time is pretty much here to face the baby music, so let’s do this!! (preferably not today though, please. Maybe another week or so? That’d be cool. Thanks).

Ooooooooh, but the little hands, feet, crinkly little face and that brand new, little cry. siiiiiiigh.

The best thing ever. Okay, come whenever you’re ready, boy. 😉

(but not today)




  1. I’m also pregnant with my third – due in July. My little boy slept in the rock and play until he could sit up! LOVED it! Have you found an awesome diaper bag to hold all the stuff for 3 kids? Did you do a post on diaper bags? Thanks for all the great info!

    • I think they are, actually – certified, magical unicorn hair. 😉 Hey, I’ll believe it’s unicorn hair if this kid sleeps as well as some people are claiming their babes do in the dockatot.

  2. I’m pregnant with my second (who was due friday…so I guess just whenever he/she is ready….) and I love the list! I’m addicted to the adorable patterns on aden & anais swaddles, despite the price. I swear, not finding out the gender this pregnancy has saved us a fortune in the baby clothes and swaddles I have not bought impulsively! Good luck with #3 Cams!!


  3. I used my Ergo infant insert for both babies… Yes, necessity… Keeps them all tight and bundled close while you’re chasing whatever you’re chasing… Like the other babes!

    • Used it all the time for my daughter. It was a good extra layer too for winter babies, and is a huge help for smaller babies (she was 6lbs 1oz at birth) in lots of carriers, so we used it a lonnnnngggg time. We have (and used) like 4 different carriers, and used the Ergo insert with other ones (like baby Bjorn). Just picked one up for the pending kid 2 since I had borrowed the last one and had to return it.

  4. If you want to splurge on one thing, get the bamboo A&A swaddles. They’re insanely soft and feel like they BELONG on precious new baby skin. My sis got me some for my little guy when he was new (now he’s 4 and still carries them around the house, along with BATMAN) and I promised myself if I had a girl that would be my present to her. And I did. And I LOVE them. I kind of want to take them to bed myself. Lol. Praying for your next arrival, may it be quick and easy!

    • I’m jealous that yours have held up! My daughter had chewed holes in hers by the time she was a toddler, so our youngest is going to have to choose a sturdier lovey!

  5. Early congrats — you will do great with three! I just bought that exact sound machine for my third for a trip (he’s now a year) and I’m like WHYYYY didn’t I discover it earlier?! It’s awesome. As far as new baby essentials, I used my Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing a lot. A LOT. Otherwise it was amazing how much less stuff I used by the time I got to #3 🙂

    • Depending on how big your babies are, you may be able to get away with skipping the infant insert for the Ergo. Mine are on the large side and from about 6 weeks on I roll up a blanket and stick it under their bum for support and that’s it. I find the insert very cumbersome.
      You’ll do great! It’ll be really, really hard at first and you’ll think this was the worst idea ever (or is that just me?), then next thing you know, they’re starting to walk and you’re wanting to get pregnant again.

  6. Have you tried the ergo 360? Its pretty dreamy if I do say so myself, way more comfy than the original (and I loved my original). You’ll definitely need the insert to start unless your babies are massive, just make sure baby is always close enough to kiss and has a good open airway (sniffing position or a least 2 fingers space under their chin and chest). Those inserts can be fiddly to use sometimes which makes getting a good position hard. But seriously, try the 360 🙂

  7. We loved the Ergo brand swaddlers with our second because they are so quick and easy and put baby’s arms across their chest, not pinned to their sides and let their legs stay in “froggy” position. We love our Ergo carrier too, but disliked the (necessary) insert and were so glad when both our babies were ready to be carried without it. I used a wrap when our second was really little and switched to the Ergo a couple months later.

    Our one unexpected baby essential was a Beaba sprite nightlight. Soft orange glow, easy to move about for late night baby stuff, great for toddlers and preschoolers to use safely too.

  8. I love your list and how small it is! I have four and weeks before delivery I always get anxious about labor because it hurts. Just own that you don’t care for hurting and frantically watch some baby hypnosis videos two days beforehand and your golden!

    And since no one else is playing the part, I will whip stones at you with my long and snuggly woven baby wraps!!

  9. Congrats! I had my second child three weeks ago and felt a bit of kinship with you since our pregnancies overlapped. One thing that has become a newborn essential for me this time is bibs that snap or tie rather than use Velcro. I’m sick of yanking bibs off the rest of the laundry and snagging all the precious clothes!

  10. I had that SAME anxiety with the birth of my third–with my second, I was driving myself around thinking “hmmm, my back kind of hurts” and had him a couple of hours later, so I was so freaked out that #3 would just suddenly appear out of nowhere. I went to the hospital three times with false alarms, I think? In the end he was my longest labor yet!

    I would really, really love to get an Ergo but I’ve made it through three babies with a wrap and just can’t justify the cost at this point. >< I've ordered one of those cute little hats, though. Best of luck to you as you prepare for baby to come!

  11. My third is 3 weeks old today, and I just wanted to say…you got this! You already know how to be a mom, how to coparent, and that each kid comes with his/her own unique temperament. Now for the sweet (if exhausting) part! (And good call getting a carrier that works for you! My second spent her first 4 months in carriers. I liked that I could swaddle her and put her in the Ergo because it made transitions from me to cradle or vice versa a little smoother when my toddler was ready to go NOW.)

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