We’ve spent the last several weeks in Michigan doing all sorts of kayaking/tubing/hiking/swimming/boarding.  It’s so deliriously fun that my boys are now old enough for Mad Summer Adventuring.  (And it’s only the beginning, I think.)

So….a note to my future self:  Next time, leave the fancy pants at home.  Only pack swim stuff, shorts (specifically these and these – I honestly haven’t worn anything else), a few tees, one great day dress, my Nike sweatsuit (yeah, man) and this North Face jacket.



The jacket is even cute from the back – I love how it’s ever-so-slightly shaped, with a feminine silhouette.






Outfit Details

jacket: North Face Calentito 2 Jacket (xs for reference)

tee: Love the Lakes tee (size S for reference)

bikini: bottoms (old), but I paired them with this zip crop top (under the tee, size L for reference)

sunglasses: Ray-Bans

necklaces: Chan Luu (closet one here), Pyrrha (mine is 18″ long)

that weird stick I’m carrying: GoPro HERO4!!  We’re obsessed.  More later.





Also?  This sweatsuit.


Outfit Details

hoodie:  Nike Gym Vintage Hoodie (size S for reference)

cut-offs: One Teaspoon (size 25 for reference)

sweatpants: Nike Gym Vintage Capri Sweatpants (size XS for reference)

bikini top:  old, but this is the time I like to stock up on miss-matched bikini tops and bottoms.  Revolve is having a pretty decent sale – this top, for example, would look adorable with a plain black (and cheap!) bikini bottom.


What kinds of summer adventures are you guys up to?  I’m always looking for ideas, especially since this whole don’t-need-diapers-kids-can-buckle-their-own-seat-belt phase is so new.





  1. Oh man, we just got back from 10 days in MI. What a great place. Love it and the clothes. Will keep this in mind for next summer there. 🙂

  2. Wonderful pictures! You look so happy – you clearly are enjoying your trip. I agree with you that there’s no need to bring all wardrobe with you, just some simple and practical clothes that look and fit nicely on you. That North Face jacked looks incredibly cool actually, good choice. You have reminded me of my brother’s SO who is a freelance worker of custom writing services in the US, now she lives in Alaska and I cannot remember when I saw her in dress last time, it kinda tough to wear it there, isn’t it?)

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