The True Gems Of The 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Well, well, well. We’ve been knee-deep in the 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview for the past week, scrutinizing every piece like our wardrobe depends on it (because, haha, it kinda does). And now, Gang, I have some insights to share.

The NSale has evolved over the years — the days of snagging a Burberry trench at a steal are behind us, and public restocks are few and far between. But this year’s sale does have a few intriguing pieces (some are even under $100), and I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

As I dive into this year’s top picks, I’m also reflecting on my past NSale purchases, considering which pieces have stood the test of time and remain staples in my wardrobe. This retrospective glance helps me pinpoint what truly would make a piece worth the investment.

True Gems: The 20 Most Useful Pieces To Buy In The 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Below I’ve rounded up what I consider to be the Nsale’s true gems — those invaluable wardrobe pieces that are not just cute, but also practical, versatile, and impeccably made. In my completely biased opinion, a “true gem” is something that combines beauty with utility, and versatility with quality. We’re talking zero compromises on craftsmanship. Fabric matters — and I give extra points for natural fibers: cashmere, cotton, linen, silk, or wool. And of course, I’m taking into consideration which brands have consistently delivered high-quality pieces in the NSale, which ones have fallen short, which pieces I’ve genuinely worn long after the sale, and which pieces got donated a year later.

Here’s my highly opinionated take on the best finds (aka ‘true gems’) in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024.

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1. Timeless Wool Coats

Max Mara coat

If there’s one area where the NSale has delivered, year after year, it’s coats & jackets. Most of my well-worn pieces from the NSale, the ones that I’m still wearing years and years and years later are timeless & beautiful wool coats.

If you can get your hands on the Max Mara coat above (and you pretty much need to get lucky – it often sells out in 24 hours), I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have this exact coat from two years ago (mine is a little more blue) and it’s absolutely stunning on.

That said, there are a TON of really gorgeous wool coats in the sale, and many of these will stay in stock past the first day. Here are the coats I recommend (some of which I own, thanks to past NSales).

2. Trendy Jackets

Topshop bomber (last year’s sale) | Topshop faux-leather bomber (this year)

Looking back, I’ve also had a ton of luck with some fun, trendy jackets, too. While the phrase “trendy jacket” doesn’t sound like it would stand the test of time…many of these carefully-chosen pieces have survived many closet clean-outs.

The reason I think these pieces can be sneaky-timeless is because a jacket is one really easy way to express your style – literally throw it over any sort of base outfit to change the look – so this concept of “trendy jacket” is more about self-expression, rather than a specific trend. Bottom line? If any of these jackets make your heart sing…I say go for it. You might be surprised by how often (and how long) you wear it, regardless of trends.

3. Practical, Weather-Resistant Jackets For Rain Or Snow

Barbour ivory raincoat – also in plus sizes | similar black Barbour raincoat

One other category that the NSale does really, really well are rain, wind, and/or snow jackets & coats. If nothing else, check out Barbour’s NSale offerings – they’re stellar every year, and available in both regular and extended sizes. I’ve worn mine everywhere – it had a cool, city sensibility, but solid performance, too.

Here are a few additional weather-resistant jackets that caught my eye in this year’s NSale.

Rain & Snow Jackets

4. Cute Sweatsuit Sets

Zella sweatshirt & Zella sweatpants | Frank & Eileen caplet & sweatpants

Honestly, I often get the most excited about sweatpants, especially since the NSale often has really cute matching sets. Don’t overlook the Nike stuff (it’s always good), and I was thrilled to see that my favorite travel set from Frank & Eileen is back in the sale in two exclusive colorways. Lastly, there’s some cozy Zella pieces in this year’s sale that look REALLY promising.

5. Seriously Cool Jeans

FRAME jeans

There’s yet to be an NSale where I didn’t find at least one pair of seriously cool denim that I wore to death. Here’s a short list of all of the jeans in this year’s sale worth considering….


UGG Clogs

I have this exact pair of UGG clogs in a lighter color and LOVE them. They’re great without socks, but when it’s chilly, they look really cute with a cozy pair of socks peeking out.

Whether we’re talking clogs, or the more traditional UGG slippers (or even boots), this is one easy NSale win, year after year.

7. Neutral (Taupe-ish) Shoes & Boots

old boots | Adidas Gazelles | Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals | Reiss boots

When it comes to shoes & boots on sale, I’ve noticed that when I stick to truly neutral colors…I end up keeping them longer. And while black seems to be the obvious neutral choice, I’ve personally gotten more use out of taupe. Taupe shoes & boots go with any bag color (black, white, brown, tan, oxblood, navy, literally whatever), feel right in any season, and I’ve found them infinitely easier to style than black.

Here are a few neutral shoes, boots, sandals & sneakers in this year’s NSale worth considering:

8. On Running Shoes

On Cloudmonster Running Shoes | On Cloudrunner Running Shoes

These running shoes have been growing on me. I’ve always loved On’s colorways, but didn’t love them as actual running shoes. As running shoes, they strike me as really hard – and apparently, On has a love ’em or hate ’em kind of feel, according to the guy working at the Philly running store. But for walking?? They’re SO good I find myself craving them. I’ve started building entire outfits around being able to wear my On sneakers when I know I’ll be walking the city.

Now that I’m running miles more consistently, I’ve given On running shoes another try and don’t hate them nearly as much as I used to – especially the cushier Cloudmonsters. Anyway, this is a REALLY long-winded way of saying that both pairs in the NSale this year are really darn useful, and will be one of my first stops.

9. Vince Raglan Sleeve Cashmere Sweater

Vince cashmere sweater

The NSale continues to break my heart with its lack of 100% cashmere sweaters. There are a few, however, and this simple little Vince one is my top pick. It’s exactly the kind of chic little sweater I love to wear with slouchy jeans & heeled boots.

10. Zella Relaxed Long Sleeve Slub Jersey T-Shirt

Zella tee

This Zella tee is a total win. It’s 100% cotton, has reallllly long sleeves with thumb-holes, and has held up great over the many, many years I’ve owned it. Fits TTS, and now comes in a zillion colors.

11. Cute Pajamas

silk pajamas

While there’s not many silk tops in this year’s NSale, there are several pairs of silk pajamas – and I’m not mad about it. In fact, the NSale has become a really great sale for some of our favorite PJ sets overall: this pair, in particular, is Scotti’s favorite – she likes it more than the Eberjay version, and I can’t stop staring at these (they’re not silk, but still a plant-based fiber, viscose).

Here are the PJs in the NSale that I think are worth another look (and there’s plenty of 100% silk sets, too):

12. Vince Spread Collar Button Cardigan

Vince Spread Collar Button Cardigan | Vince Cardigan (past Nsale)

Every year, Vince has a piece like this one in the NSale. It’s some sort of wool/nylon/alpaca/viscose blend, and while I’m totally annoyed that it’s not cashmere, over the years I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter: this piece is absolute GOLD. I’ve been wearing mine for years – over dresses, as shown, or with jeans – it’s great. I’ve worn it on airplanes, to the office, running errands in the city. The only note I’d make is that the black will hold up the best over time. That said…this year, the gray is calling my name. We’ll see.

13. Vince Straight Leg Linen Blend Pull-On Pants

Vince trousers

These were the best surprise of last year’s NSale – I’m thrilled they’re back! I know these look like fancy trousers, but they’re actually just glorified elastic-waist pants. They trouser-styling keeps them looking serious, and the linen blend means that they’ve been comfy year-round. I hemmed mine for sneakers – that’s how often I wear them. Highly recommend.

14. Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra

Wacoal bra

Everyone is always asking about the best strapless bras, and this one is a good one. Full disclosure: my favorite strapless bra is still ThirdLove’s strapless bra, but this Wacoal one is a close second.

15. Hanky Panky Supima Cotton Boyshorts

Hanky Panky boy shorts

These are my favorite things to wear under short mini dresses in the summer. Cute, comfy, and something I don’t mind showing if I completely trip and fall. (Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking about things like that, haha.)

16. Chantelle Soft Stretch Thong


As I get older, thongs are getting more and more uncomfortable – I think I’m just over them?? But this is the only one I’ll happily wear on the daily. Love it.

17. Slip Silk Set of 2 Queen Pillowcases

Slip silk pillowcases

I swear by these 100% silk pillowcases for less frizzy hair, less face creases, and – finger crossed – fewer wrinkles (there’s something about silk pillowcases not rubbing your expensive skincare creams off, too). And while I have tried *some* of the lower-cost competitors, Slip’s are thicker, smoother, and hold up better in the wash.

18. Le Labo Jumbo Hinoki Hand Soap

Le Labo hand soap

This is one of my daily joys. I mean, ok: I always love washing my hands (even before COVID I was an avid hand-washer), but this scent is really transportative. I’ve tried other hand soaps, but keep coming back to this one. I keep this in our master bathroom, and have sometimes even hiked up several flights of stairs just to use it. It’s special.

19. GHD Soft Curl 1 1/4-Inch Curling Iron

GHD curling iron

GHD products are the best: they heat up in seconds, and are capable of switching voltages, which means you can use them overseas, too (just bring a plug adaptor – they won’t burn out or short-circut anything). There’s also a classic straightener in the NSale, too (I own both). While I go through phases – the straightener can make some seriously cool, messy-beachy waves – it does take time to get the technique down. I’ve found that the curling iron is a little faster and more foolproof to use, but you really won’t go wrong with either.

20. RevitaLash Lash & Brows Conditioner Set

Revitalash & brows set

While my lashes & brows will never be quite the same after chemo all those years ago…this stuff definitely helps. Scotti is the one who turned me onto Revitabrow/Lash, and, when I actually use it on the daily, it really, really works. This is basically a two-for-one deal and something I snag every year.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Share – we’d love to know.

Happy shopping!