That Time I Tried Trunk Club…


I get questions about Trunk Club all of the time.  It seems like many of you have been eyeing up Trunk Club as an easy way to shop.  I had never thought I needed something like Trunk Club – I mean, this is my job – so I had previously ignored these questions.

Trunk Club came back onto my radar with A’s boyfriend, J.  He’s a Trunk Club devotee.  We jokingly refer to his Trunk Club stylist as “the other girlfriend”.  Admittedly, J is a pretty well-dressed guy.  And he’s been encouraging me to try it out for myself, just to see.  So when Trunk Club themselves reached out and asked me to give it a go, I had to say yes.  By this time, I was totally intrigued.

The process is pretty simple.  You start by filling in a questionnaire with your style preferences and budget, and then you’re matched with a stylist.  Your stylist will message you with a few questions, you have the ability to share a Pinterest board with him/her (which I highly recommend doing), and then they put together a trunk.

From there, you have the ability to approve or deny each piece, or ask them to swap it for a different one.

I had told my stylist that I needed a cute backpack, and clothes that felt Spring-y, but still warm (it’s been freezing here in Philly).  Basically, I was asking for a capsule wardrobe of Spring transition items.


My Trunk Arrives….


The boots?  I kept the boots.  They’re boots I didn’t even realize I needed. And now I’ve been wearing them nonstop.  Trunk Club also sends a little guide to help you try stuff on – they pair pieces with others in your Trunk, so it’s truly a capsule wardrobe idea.

Not everything was a hit.  There were pants that were too tight, a dress that was too big, and a boxy jacket that was a disaster.

BUT.  Never fear, because there was plenty to love (and blow my budget on).

Ironically, the outfit I loved the most was the outfit I would never have picked out myself.  And that, my friends, is the true power of Trunk Club.  Unlike J, who likes Trunk Club because he’s been with his stylist for years and knows exactly what he’s getting blah blah blah…I ended up loving Trunk Club because they sent me pieces I had never thought to try.

Fun stuff, right?  But the big question….would I honestly do Trunk Club again?


And I think Trunk Club would be especially helpful when packing for a trip.  Trunk Club is a Nordstrom Company, so you can expect the same drool-worthy brands that Nordstrom carries. I had put in my budget as $200+, simply because I like my designer denim, but after going through the process, it would’ve been no big deal to give my stylist a better idea of what I actually spend money on (jeans and shoes, over $200, tops usually less, etc).  I was really impressed by how easy it was to collaborate together on a trunk, make changes, etc.  Although….I’m glad I didn’t make too many changes.  My first thought upon seeing my Trunk online was “black pants? BORING” yet they ended up being my favorite thing.  There’s a bit of ‘trust your stylist’ involved.  Which makes sense, considering that they’re seeing these pieces in person, so know more about how a piece feels and moves.  It is a shortcut to shopping, which is appreciated by this busy mama.

If you guys want to try it out for yourselves, here’s a link to Trunk Club.  I’m so curious to see what others think.




  1. I’m super excited about this information! most of the companies out there provide cheep made clothes ( no name) for a relatively high price! The fact that the true and trusted Nordstrom is providing this service is super Fabulous! Thank you for introducing this and being quite frank and honest; I mean seriously, it would be a MIRACLE if it all happened to be the right fit,design etc etc!!! I love your blog – thanks for keeping it real!

  2. totally not fashion related…but what color paint did you use in this room? love the shade…love the headboard too…you did a great job decorating…

  3. I LOVE Trunk Club because as Shana found, I’ve received pieces that I’d probably have not tried BUT love them. Arriving at your door; no shopping time needed! BTW: Under Armour launched ARMOURBox in the fall. Same concept but for work-out to athleisure. I LOVE IT and highly recommend.

  4. I”m also a fan of Trunk Club and have been using them for 2 years, even though I blog about life/fashion. I know, it totally feels like cheating, right?! Through my Trunks I’ve found some of my most loved pieces, simply because they were items that I never would have thought that I’d even want to try on! I did switch stylists after a bit, because I felt like my first stylist was no longer hearing me… but my second stylist (who I found on Instagram) is wonderful and always delivers! =)

  5. ’bout time.

    I think the “surprise” items are a great part of Trunk Club. Some of my favorite stuff I did not pick out/review and were included last minute.

    Other use is “special occasions”; “I need an outfit for a BBQ, casual wedding, etc….”

    It is also super convenient on both the arrival and return. Its worth a try.

  6. I definitely want to try Trunk Club! As you said, I think it’d be great to see/get pieces that I may not normally choose for myself. We’re creeping into hot hot hot temps here in the desert, which means it’s nothing but tanks and shorts for this mama. But I can definitely see this coming in handy for fall!

  7. I love seeing this article, in part because I’ve been using Trunk Club for years – probably 5 or so? And that doesn’t include the many years before that I’ve been using it for my husband.

    It’s worth it – every single penny. You can be very descriptive about what you are looking for, pricing options, etc., and the best part – is that they actually send you outfits. They don’t assume you have things in your closet already.

    And, once you have done Trunk Club a few rounds, they will even do outfit suggestions with the pieces that you had already purchased previously. One of my most recent outfit suggestions included a pair of shoes that I had purchased a year ago.

    It’s the BEST way to shop. Hands down.

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