Leggings That Don’t Roll Down, Part 2 (Lululemon, Athleta, Amazon & More)


Honestly, these legging articles and videos are starting to kill me, haha. BUT I’ll set aside my love of styling actual outfits a little bit longer in the name of practicality and the hopes of finding leggings that work. Right now most of the leggings are making ME work and uh, yeah, no thanks.

Second verse, same as the first! Interested in my findings for Round 1 of this leggings that don’t roll down? Here ya go. And if you want the video of me doing the testing (aka burpees)? Yep, I did that, too.

Which Leggings Rolled Down The Most?

The Why: For years I’ve struggled to find leggings that don’t roll down when I’m working out. I am short-waisted and straighter through the middle and I think those elements are the reasons for my struggles. In the first article, I put leggings from Vuori, Zella, Adidas, Beyond Yoga & Aerie to the test. This time around I tried five more pairs of leggings (some based on recommendations from you guys): Athleta, Lululemon (x2), Avalanche (available at Amazon) and Sweaty Betty (a pair some of y’all swear by!)

The Findings: Which Leggings Didn’t Roll?

Stats: Sizes I tried are indicated below with each pair. Reminder,  I’m 46 yrs old, 5’4″ and typically a size 8 + Medium these days.

Let’s get into the details.

My Search For Leggings That Don’t Roll Down: Lululemon, Amazon, Athleta + Sweaty Betty

I think the ultimate winner is still Vuori’s Daily Legging from round 1 – for the least amount of rolling with the best fabric – but the Avalanche (from Amazon) comes in at a decent 2nd! A nice surprise, especially for the under $40 price tag. I did like the Lululemon Fast + Free, too; they were a joy to put on, but they did roll a bit.

I forgot to snap photos after I did the burpee test for each legging, but I did record clips for our upcoming Youtube video, so follow over on our channel to see the video (dropping soon)! Just take my word for it on the reviews here. I promise I did the burpees, haha.

1 | Avalanche Brookhaven Drawstring Legging 

Amazon leggings, leggings that don't roll down

Leggings (L)

Roll Test: Didn’t roll much! Because of the mid-waistband drawstring these stayed up pretty well.

More Details: These Avalanche drawstring leggings were good…really a solid choice for under $40 for sure, but I need to try the Medium (only the Large was available for quicker shipping for this round of try-ons.) They border on a little too thick for workouts, but would be a great everyday option.

Amazon leggings, leggings that don't roll down

Leggings (L)

2 | Lululemon Fast + Free Legging

Lululemon leggings, leggings that don't roll down

Leggings (8)

Roll Test: Only rolled a bit, but I personally don’t love an inner drawstring that is placed at the top of the legging. It just doesn’t work well for my straighter midsection. Otherwise, these leggings didn’t roll too too much and the fit is so good.

More Details: So I mostly do barre/pilates workouts and I know these Lululemon Fast & Free are running tights, but some of y’all said these are hands-down the best. And I will admit, they are pretty awesome. The construction is so good and the fabric is phenomenal. For the price though I wanted them to perform a little bit better at the waist.

Lululemon leggings, leggings that don't roll down

Leggings (8)

3 | Athleta Salutation Stash 7/8 Tight

Athleta leggings, leggings that don't roll down

Leggings (L)

Roll Test: Rolled a bunch in both M + L sizes. I had recently tried my typical size Medium in these in January (before I started this journey, doh!) so I went with a Large here to see if that was the problem. Nope, still rolled a BUNCH with my burpee test.

More Details: Ok, for sheer comfy factor? These Athleta Salutation 7/8 Stash Tight would win, hands down. So if you’re a leggings-everyday person, gosh, get a pair of these for sure. This fabric is truly lovely and the side pockets are great. Also, Athleta always gets the colors so spot-on. This is gorgeous. I so wish they worked!

Athleta leggings review

Leggings (L)

4 | Lululemon Wunder Train

Lululemon leggings review

Leggings (8)

Roll Test: Rolled quite a bit. Womp womp.

More Details: Super cute if I don’t have to bend at the waist, heh, great construction + details, inner drawstring.

Ok many of you love the Wunder Train and I can see why. They are a bit thinner than the Fast & Free above, but not as thin as the Aligns I’ve tried in the past. They are so cute and again, well-made, but they rolled on me, even though they also have the inner drawstring.

I am not a physicist y’all so I cannot give you a perfect explanation of what is happening here but gahhhh, haha. Is someone else one? Can you please tell me? LOL. Just a nope for me due to rolling. Loved everything else.

Lululemon leggings review

Leggings (8)

5 | Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Legging

Sweaty Betty leggings review

Leggings (M)

Roll Test: Sorry Sweaty Betty…these rolled a bunch.

More Details: A little pricey, great construction, available at Nordstrom, good on the butt.

I LOVE Sweaty Betty sweatshirts and jackets and this was another highly recommended pair from y’all, so my hopes were…high. Gah, no. These rolled the most in this round even though again, the construction and fabric were great.

Leggings (M)

Even though I still love the Vuori Daily Legging, I’m amazed I haven’t found a single pair yet that don’t roll at all. I’m super stoked to realize, though, that a mid-waistband drawstring is where it’s apparently at for me. But gah. Is it the shape of my butt + my straight midsection? Plus my short waist? If you search for leggings for short-waisted women you just get Petite options, but I’ve tried those and they don’t work either. SOB.

What I have been doing to get by (because 1 pair of leggings does not cut it)? I’m now working out more often in my Vuori Performance Joggers, too, since they have a drawstring that can be tied at the waist. They’re fine and that fabric if you haven’t tried it is buttery and amazing, but I do prefer the bit of compression leggings give for a workout. They just make me feel more supported and stronger in a way. So, alas, the search will continue for at least one more round of 5 more in a few weeks.

Stay tuned! And as always, thanks so much for your suggestions and help. Keep them coming!



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  1. Have you tried Lulu align? They aren’t ideal for other reasons (I personally like a bit more compression) but they don’t roll on me. I have this same issue – I think bc my waist is VERY high and my hips are curvy- and Aligns are a very good option. I just ordered a couple amazon pairs to try out as well 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for these articles. I have never loved leggings but have been trying to get into over the past year to get out of wearing sweatpants 24/7. I have been wearing the Atletha Stash and they roll so bad. The leggings I own are a size S and I’m more of a size M these days so I wondered if that was the problem but your research indicates even the M would probably roll (we have a similar body type).

  3. Have you tried the Elation legging from Athleta? Same yum fabric as the Salutation stash, but the waistband is different and doesn’t roll as much (yes, some) on me as the Salutation. We are built similarly I would say.

  4. Try the Ultra High Rise Elation tight!! I’m built similarly to you — 5’4, short waisted, hips and waist are almost the same size, inches-wise. They don’t move at all — the rise is so high that it almost hits my bra and I think that helps keep them up. I wear a size smaller in the Ultra High Rise compared to regular Elations. They are also super soft, flattering and really comfy. Literally the only leggings I wear to work out — yoga and barre mostly.

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