Proportion Play: Tunic Top + Flares


Flares (similar) | Top (more colors here) | Earrings | Bag

You know when you’ve planned something for your kids you’re sure they’re going to be excited about, and they show no sign of enjoyment whatsoever? Like a petting zoo, for example. We recently took Greenlea to our local Harvest Festival to see the animals. In the car on the way there I was like, “Greenlea, you can pet the animals and you can feed them!” as she stared blankly back at me. And Zack was like, “I think Mom is more excited to see the animals than anyone else in this car is.” And he was 100% right. I was excited to see those animals. And Greenlea? She was not impressed. She couldn’t wait to get to the bar afterwards. (You know – the one with fresh popcorn, board games, and lots of room to run.) Well, at least one of us had fun. It’s pretty clear from the pictures which one of us that was.


Flares (similar and on sale): I’m also loving these from American Eagle (also on sale). Flares are such a flattering cut (even though these are a bit too long on me).

Top (more colors here): Such a perfect top for postpartum and nursing. I’m eyeing up the black for the holidays . . . I love how the model pairs it with big black statement earrings.

Faux Fur Coat (on sale!): This one is similar and also on sale.

Boots (similar): Love the blush color.

Lightweight Earrings: So comfortable to wear, and I don’t have to worry about them breaking if the baby grabs them.

Bag: Love this roomy bag to hold everything I need. I swear I get compliments every time I use it.




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