Twist Front Tops: My New Leg-lengthening Favorites


At a whopping 5’4″ I’m always looking for ways to magically make my legs look longer. You’ve heard me talk about leg lengthening shoe colors and styles, but this time I’m checking in to show you my latest favorite top to make legs look longer: the twist front top. It does the half-tuck we’re all so fond of here at TME for you. No guessing involved. No re-tucking involved. Yessssss.

I would seriously wear this top everyday right now. It’s so comfy. And I feel like I’m a bit more pulled together than when I have on a sweatshirt or regular tee. Plus, leg-lengthening, y’all. Who doesn’t love that? Even those of you with longer legs will find that this is a flattering and interesting top style, I do believe.

You may notice a bit of attitude in a certain toddler above. I thought we had cleared the 3 1/2 seriously-insane-strong-willed-craziness, but there are still glimpses of it here and again and the last week has been whew. Sienna turns 4 in May and is getting to be such a buddy lately, but is also still fully testing all those boundaries, as 3 year olds are apparently supposed to do. Thanks wine in the last pic for helping to calm the 5 o’clock hour nerves.


TopGibson Women’s Twist Front Cozy Pullover size Petite Medium – I adore this top. So cozy yet it has interesting details and that leg-lengthening twist. It’s lightweight, but fleecy, so great for early spring and fall. 3/4 sleeves usually get on my nerves, but these are just the right length and balance nicely with the warm fleece of the top. For another long-sleeved option, I’m loving this striped twist top with a lower hem in back. It’s a regular cotton knit, too, if you are experiencing warmer temps already.

JeansLou & Grey Skinny Jeans – My favorite Lou & Grey skinny jeans. They are so soft. They run true to size overall but a bit big in the waist. I just ordered a size down to try out. They are seriously a new go-to for me every other day. Wearing size 27 here.

BootsDolce Vita Sonya Perforated Bootie – I picked these up in Florida and adore them. They’re a great lighter weight bootie in a perfect neutral color. They go with everything. They run a little bit big, probably because I wear them without socks. I went down to a 7.5 and am a true 8 usually. I’m wearing color Taupe. They are also on sale right now! This link to Dillard’s seems to have the most sizes in stock.

Earrings – (similar) Vince Camuto Rose Gold Twist


Twist Front Tops for Early Spring Through Summer



Any mama tips for those who have braved the strong 3 year old girl? It does take a village. And if that village needs a 3 year old that asks questions constantly, vehemently states her mind and continually requests Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul songs and dances? We’ve got ya covered, village.





  1. This article from cup of jo helped me with my 3 and a half year old…. hang in there Mama, this is such a tricky and challenging age but it will pass. I also have a 5 year old and also a twenty-three-year…and they both went through this stage…it does get better ..and yes a little wine does help too…but still it is exhausting!

    this is such a great look! Like you said it certainly dresses up an outfit a little bit more than a t-shirt does…. spring is still pretty cold here in Michigan. Thanks for the great find

  2. I’m 5’3 and I feel you. I love this look! The gray is perfect.

    I have a 4.5-year-old (boy) and man, the year between 3.5 and 4.5 was TOUGH. Testing all the boundaries, big tantrums (and we never had tantrums when he was 2!), plus constant whining and saying new things, like ‘But you’re not being NICE to me!” Luckily, we seem to have turned a corner when he hit 4.5, and now (he’ll be 5 this summer) he’s almost always delightful again. Hang in there!

  3. love this top, what size are you wearing? some of the reviews say size up, some say size down? AND I hear you on the strong willed 3 year old girl, mine has recently turned 4 and now I’m hearing “oh three’s nothing on four” argh!!

  4. Hi Laura! Big fan from the Midwest here. You’ve become such a style and hair inspiration for me, and this post is no exception—thank you!

    As for headstrong daughters, I’ve both been one and have one (she’s 13 now), so can totally relate. When my daughter was little, I often tried to find ways for her to feel included and empowered to give her opinion, which seemed to make her feel like we were on more equal footing. We also had (and still have) real conversations where I’d try to speak to her like a friend. Even from a young age, feeling like we’ve been heard and understood is pretty priceless.

    It may sound insane now, but there will come a point when you miss this age. No, really 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! And yes it’s such a balance of giving boundaries and being a friend. She’s really started to become a little buddy lately, most of the time. I hope that continues! I love that you said ‘speak to her like a friend.’ Perfect.

  5. Just wait until she is 6… ha! When my 6 year old turned 3 I was surprised that people talk about the “terrible 2s” and not “terrible 3s” several people told me they found 3, 6, 9, etc. to be very challenging, and so far I would agree. But here’s to strong willed girls!

    Love your hair, and the whole outfit.

  6. Love these tops! And love your hair. As a short haired gal, would love to know what products you use for styling?

    I have a 2.5yo daughter and am starting to see her headstrong personality develop. Not read for the 3’s! Although am looking forward to some buddy action:) It’s a roller coaster for sure, but also a lot of fun.

    • Good luck this coming year, mama. Whew. But yes, it’s super fun as they become a little sidekick more, too. I mostly use R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo paste as my go-to hair product and a little light argan oil on the ends. I don’t wash very often and honestly it does way better for me that way!

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