Two Exciting Announcements: Boobs…and Bradamant!


Ok, Mamas.  First things first.  Wanna see my new boobs?



Their perkiness is beyond my wildest dreams.  I may never need a bra again!  I mean YES – the shirt is strategically covering a whole mess of bandages and scars and my one remaining nipple is sorta facing the wrong direction….but all of that is fixable in time.  Pretty cleavage for the win!

And after this awful, horrible month…I really needed a win.   

Now – onto the next announcement!

I am honored to introduce Bradamant, a new line of bodyshirts.


Me in my bodyshirt, Pax in his body-as-shirt



If you recall, I had hinted that my dear friend Tamar (of TMRDNL which I loved) was working on a new venture…and Bradamant is the result.  When Tamar first mentioned this line of bodyshirts, I was confused.  Images of skintight spandex sprang to mind.  Gah!

I should've known better.  


(wearing: bodyshirt c/o Bradamant….similar shorts….shoes c/o Tieks)

Bradamant bodyshirts are shockingly gorgeous, insanely well-made, and comfortable.   The cotton ones are machine washable (I'd probably wash the silk ones too, but that might just be me).

I've been surprised by how much I love wearing the bodyshirts.  No matter how many times I bend over to help the kiddos or zoom cars along the floor….they always look perfect.  Perfect!!  I can't tell you how many times I've artfully arranged a half-tucked t-shirt in the mirror….only to realize a few hours later that I've been walking around Philly with my tee untucked and flapping.  Bradamant to the rescue.  I can't even begin to imagine how helpful these pieces would be to a working mom.  They can do some serious double-duty.  (And are affordable – prices range from $58 – $128.)

I'm wearing my current fav – the Pioneer.  I love that it hides a pooch, allows easy nursing access via a zipper…and the lingerie-style back is surprisingly sexy:



Because the shoulders are so gorgeously cut-out, you'll want to stick with either a racerback or strapless bra.  

NOTE:  Strapless bras not your thing?  Check out the Ingenue.  It's a different shape, yet made of the same chambray (with a black back).

Why am I harping on the chambray?  I mean YES – the silks are fabulous, too.  But this chambray – THIS CHAMBRAY – they really nailed it.  It's the perfect mix of dark blue and gray and looks fabulous with all denim.  

DSC_9787(wearing: bodyshirt c/o Bradamant….similar jeans….similar shoes….similar bag…bracelet c/o LOFT)

Bradamant's chambray pieces make the double-denim look a total no-brainer.  (And of course they look fab with all sorts of colorful crazy pants.)  The overall minimalist vibe of the entire line is spot-on for Fall.

I am a huge fan.  HUGE.  Bodyshirts….who knew?  

It was such a love-fest between ANMJ and Bradamant in fact, that we collaborated on a Bradamant bodyshirt style guide.  (Easily the most glamorous moment of my life!)  

And because Tamar rocks, Bradamant is offering a 20% off VIP discount to ANMJ readers with the code GiveATuck.

Cause I totally give a tuck.  Don't you?


Yup.  Jus me bein' all glamorous again.


Don't worry Mamas.  I won't let this "fame" go to my head.  There's too much uh, real life happening around here for that.