Two Spring Denim Trends To Wear Now





I’ve been in a flower-buying, bring-on-Spring mode since the day after Valentine’s Day.  Philly, however, has other ideas.  While I won’t be busting out these drool-worthy espadrilles anytime soon (seriously, they’re a dead-ringer for these Valentino rockstud ones), denim is a different story.  Here are the ways I’m rocking two of my favorite Spring denim trends RIGHT FLIPPING NOW.

Washed Black (With Rips) + Pretty, Pretty Pastels



I’m having a serious pastel moment.  Normally anything overly girly isn’t really my thing, but with denim?  Especially ripped and washed and super-soft black denim?  That’s totally my thing.










jacket: Iro Leather Jacket…this BLKDNM Leather Jacket is similar, but I’m also intrigued by this Treasure & Bond Leather Jacket (it’s $328)

sweater: Equipment Asher V-Neck Sweater in pink (size XS for reference – it runs HUGE and would easily pull down for nursing)….sold out in that color, but Equipment’s Cecile sweater also comes in pink.  NOTE:  I throw these sweaters into the washing machine in a mesh wash bag, and lay flat to dry.  They wash up really well.  (A few colors of the Asher V-Neck are on sale here.)

jeans: Rag and Bone Shredded Skinny Jeans in Rock With Holes (so soft – seriously like sweatpants)

boots: old Ugg Combat boots…but am currently obsessed with Steve Madden’s Quilted Combat boot.  Such a cool blend of girly and tough.  I mean.  (But the Madden Troopa boot is probably the closest to what I’m wearing.)

bag: old Kate Spade …. this Kate Spade satchel has a similar duffle bag shape that I’m totally into right now.

hat: old, but Topshop’s tuck-back beanie has a similar shape

sunnies: Ray-Bans forever

bra: Free People Lace Halter Bra (love how the lace peeks out from a v-neck)


Light Wash Denim + Navy

By now, I’ve worn these light-wash Rag and Bones a zillion times ( herehere, here, and here for example)….and they seem to inject all of my outfits with a little dose of Spring.  But to really amp that vibe, I’m especially loving them with navy (even if the accessories are still black).







Is it just me, or is there something about 7 year old boys?  He just…he makes me swoon.  His shoulders are suddenly getting a little broader, and his humor a little dryer (although we still hear our fair share of butt jokes) and I stare at him and wonder where that tiny bald head went.




sweater: Free People Long Summer Funnel Neck (size S for reference) – make no mistake, this is a mock neck (the very thing I swore I’d never wear again.  Sigh.).  And it’s 100% cotton, yet it’s gotta be brushed or something because it is INSANELY SOFT.  Like…fleece.

jeans: Rag and Bone The Skinny Stretch Jean in Surf

boots: old Ugg Combat boots…but am currently obsessed with Steve Madden’s Quilted Combat boot.  Such a cool blend of girly and tough.  I mean.  (But the Madden Troopa boot is probably the closest to what I’m wearing.)

hat: old, but Echo’s Optic Dot Skull Cap has a similar texture

necklace: old….but if you are looking for an easy necklace to throw on with any ol’ thing, this Kendra Scott necklace is the ubiquitous blogger necklace for a reason:  it literally looks good with everything. (Of course, while I’m looking I fall in love with this $700 Marni leather necklace….big kiss to anyone who can DIY this baby. And by “DIY” I mean “Find It On Etsy So I Can Buy It.”  Just so we’re clear.)


Shoppity Shop It

If you happen to be in the mood for a little Spring denim shopping, below are my favorites.

Black Denim

If you’ve read along for a while, you may know that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of slightly-distressed black denim for…a year now?  Two?  And then BOOM.  It’s everywhere.  My very favorite pair are the Rag and Bones I’m wearing above, but all of the pairs featured below I would happily wear.



Lightwash Denim

Remember my “quest” a few years back for a lightwash skinny?  I must have an in with the denim gods – it’s like my own personal denimpalooza this Spring.


Any other styling tricks for dealing with Spring Brain? Please share!!  I – heck WE – could use ’em.



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions are my own.  (Or as Pax would say, “MINE OWN”.)  Thank you for supporting the retailers who help support The Mom Edit.  

photography credits: Mike Draugelis




  1. Love this…but then again I love all the posts…keep doing what you are doing…it all looks great!…I for one would love a “what i wore to school drop off” only because I would love an outfit of the day snap…You have great style…and I am a great copycat :)…
    are you going to show an outfit with the sorel boots?

    • Thanks, Belinda. SO appreciated!!!! And I think Scotti is going to show off the wedge Sorels. She’s more of a heels girl than I am. 🙂 And to be honest, except for the few inches we got yesterday….we really haven’t had enough snow to need boots!! The poor boys are bummed. Hopefully Denver has been better?

      • Out of curiosity…did you find the rag and bone jean “rock with holes” to run small? They don’t appear to have much stretch? or is it me?

    • A year ago I did a big try-on sesh at Madewell. Not bad!! I loved one of their high-waist skinnies, but didn’t love the wash (at the time, the only available washes were all pretty dark and plain.) I also had a bit of trouble with sizing – it varied between washes of the same style jeans, and all but one were too big on me (even their smallest size), and the boyfriend jeans were falling right off my hips. Mind you, this was a 00 sooo….yeah. Vanity sizing at it’s worst. But their new line looks good – high waist, yay – so might be worth another try.

  2. Your posts make me click and shop more than any others! I would love a “gray vneck tee round up” post….allll the gray drapey vneck tees you can find, maybe compared with you and the other writers? Side by side photos? Keep up the great work!

  3. Shana – love how your post incorporate real life, not just flashy fashion life. Can you tell me what brand your son’s boots are? Thanks!

  4. Sigh, I totally relate to your comment about 7 year old boys…I look at my oldest who turns 7 in April and think, wtf just happened? Weren’t you a newborn 5 minutes ago?

  5. The harness debacle is giving me deja vu about the time I verbally assaulted Amber about her fur jacket (vest)? I can’t remember now…. Funny that the harness post got so many comments but the one previous about vibrators? Nary a word. I love the edgy look too but the harness…I would rock it as long as I could be guaranteed that no one would ask me, “So what the F does that DO, exactly?” Cause it doesn’t DO jack, it only looks pretty darn cool. I will, however, be picking up one of those Free People lace halters because that is my uniform- leather jacket, v-neck, and distressed denim with my Elisabeta Uggs (thank youuuuuu for that recommendation, they are beyond-words fabulous).

    I fully trust that you are aware that everyone thinks that bloggers only link to things that they get money for, regardless of whether or not they really like the stuff or would actually buy what they are recommending. Anyone who *knows* you knows that you wouldn’t do that pathetic shit. I have never once looked at something you have recommended, sponsored or otherwise, and thought, “Bullshit Shana, you would never wear that.” And please, I do not want to read about how you scored a pair of $30 denim from Old Navy. That’s just….no. I want to dress like an adult and adults should spend more on denim than they would on a round of coffees from Starbucks. Also, in this stage of the life game, we are all making more money, right? So let’s up our game. (If not, there are pleeennnnnntttyy of blogs that will accommodate you). Keep on keeping on and chin up! I know that you are probably bummed about all that but…let it go. I still love you. Now, can I see your boobs again? xoxo.

    • T!!! Babe, I freaking love you. Thank you – SO MUCH – for this. This seriously brightened my whole freaking day. And you can see my boobs anytime you want. BOOBS FOR T. ANYTIME.

    • I feel a little late to the conversation, having just read the harness comments. For what it’s worth, I’d like to echo T’s comments about adult dressing! Also, I agree that this is a unique type of fashioin POV and I am glad for it. Thanks.

  6. Hi Shana- Raines’ coat with the camo and faux fur trim on the hood is my 6 year old’s dream coat. Can you share the details on his coat in the top pic?

  7. Okay, I love, love, love this post. Such great ideas. I haven’t done the ripped jeans yet, and it’s like, what am I waiting for? Instead, I’ve been cuffing my skinny jeans and wearing them with pumps and ankle-strap sandals, which I love, but is starting to feel a little stale. So thanks for the push to try something new. Also love that we share the same definition of DIY. Ha!

  8. I love that you have my favorite AG jeans posted in a lighter wash! And on sale!! I want to say that contrary to many of the posters, I started reading just as Mom Jeans was ending and Mom Edit was starting. I have to tell you, I love Mom Edit. Maybe it’s because my kids are the same ages as yours and I’m now ready to invest in some good looking quality pieces. I’m okay with the higher price points. I have spent over $200 on a pair of jeans in the past year and have also spent $80 or more on a Tshirt. But I do get where the others are coming from regarding those price points, and I myself felt that way when the kids were younger. Now that I have time to focus more on getting in shape, I want to get some clothes that make me feel great and I can spend a little more on them. So thank you for this blog!!

  9. I tried to comment in the harness thread, but wordpress ate it or something. This continuation makes me want to try again. Empirically, older posts did feature a wider range of price points, more frequently. (Think Levis skinnies in addition to R&Bs.) I assume (and hope) that your success has allowed you to reinvest in your business/brand, Shana, and good for you. Besides, those R&B skinnies are gorgeous, and the Elisabetas still haunt my dreams.

    They will continue to haunt my dreams, but I won’t spend the $200 on the pair you suggested as an alternate, and here’s why. While I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply to my comment, $200 on a pair of (not as good, in my eyes) moto boots for play isn’t for me. (That said, I followed your Amazon link and scored a good alternative on sale for $40 – which did make sense – so thanks!)

    You can’t be all things to all readers, but since your style works for me, I’m in for doing the work to translate your ideas into something that makes sense for my budget, lifestyle and body – all different from yours. (That said, I think the popularity of the Sarah Gap/Loft/Target posts speak as much to readers loving you “doing the work for us” as to alternate body types. So, you know, feel free to keep those coming! 🙂

    All that to say, keep on with your badass self, Mama! I may not be buying, but I’ll be reading. (And I may even be digging out an ancient pink sweater, because this color-adverse Mama is DIGGING the vibe of that first outfit. Wonders never cease!)

  10. Hmm, I was hoping maybe my comment got stuck with you or something. I’ve revisited this post several times to comment. Let’s see if it makes it this time…

    Shana, I too was desperate to have some black skinny distressed jeans this fall. Living in Hong Kong meant I couldn’t really have any of these totally cool pairs shipped to me, so….I made my own! Here’s my DIY for Distressed Jeans. It was so easy: pick up a pair of Forever 21 black skinnies ($12) and an Xacto knife ($3), and I had a pair for $15 buckaroos! Win! I love ’em.

    Now for those beautifully washed Rag n Bones…I’m gonna figure out how to get them shipped over here. I’ll let you know.

    Ok, I hope this one stays.

    Ann of Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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