Two Ways to Wear a Smokey Eye this Holiday Season (And An Easy Tutorial To Acheive The Look)



Smokey eyes are always a great way to add a little drama to your look, especially over the holidays.  Here are two ways to rock a smokey eye: play it safe with subtle nude lips or go a bit more dramatic by adding a darker lipstick color.  In the pics below, the only makeup I changed was the color of my lips . . . although playing up only one feature is generally a good rule of thumb, rules are made to be broken, right?  I’ve never much liked rules when it comes to makeup anyway . . .

I also made a video tutorial for how to do the basic smokey eye pictured here.  Nothing fancy (I’m nursing G, and trying to get it done one-handed #momskills), but hopefully you’ll get the general idea.

Smokey Eye with Nude Lips







Eyes: MAC Eyeshadow in Embark and Espresso over Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion

*Lips: Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner in Perfect Nude, Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb Moisture Plumping Lip Tint in Never Enough Nude (long enough name??), topped with Lip Injection Extreme (I LOVE this clear lip plumping gloss)

*Butter London also makes an incredibly perfect nude gloss (Hot Totty) and Clinique makes my favorite neutral gloss of all time that’s long-lasting and the perfect not-too-brown, not-to-pink color that my brides can’t get enough of.

Smokey Eye with Wine Lips








Eyes: MAC Eyeshadow in Embark and Espresso over Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion

*Lips: Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil in Blackmail, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame, Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Merlot Vinyl

*Any of these look great alone or in combination with one another . . .

The second look is obviously much more intense and I will admit that at first I felt a little garish.  Of course, I didn’t have anything special planned when these pictures were taken.  I do think it’s a great look for the holidays!  (Also, a good tip is that a little more makeup looks better than less on camera if you’ll be taking holiday pictures!)

Here’s a how-to refresher for a smokey eye!



ps.  Shoot!  In the video I misspoke – I’m not using Brow Wiz on my brows, I actually used Anastasia’s Dip Brow.  More about how to do your brows, here.



  1. Your tutorials are the best…so user friendly and to the point…they are the only ones I trust!

    Could you PLEASE do a tutorial on how to apply Sally Hansen air brush spray tan…I have chickened out twice on applying it because I thought I was going to screw it up.


    • Kristy, if you are afraid of the air brush spray tan – which isn’t too scary, because you can just rinse it off if you don’t like it – Sally Hansen also makes the air brush tan in lotion form now! I use it every time I wear bare legs, and the bottle of lotion has lasted me all summer and I probably still have 1/4 of it left. You just need to rub it in well, and wash your hands when you are done. The nice thing is, unlike self-tanner, you can see it as you apply it so you know where you need to do additional rubbing or add any more.

      • Becky…thank you for the hints and the recommendation of the tan lotion! I am definitely going to try it now, thanks again I appreciate it.

    • Your comment just made my day! It’s always SUCH a pleasure to hear things like that! Yes . . . I can definitely make a tutorial for the spray tan! And Becky is right . . . the good news is you can wash it off if you don’t like it. I’ll also have to try the lotion! 🙂

      • That would be great if you made a tutorial for spray tan. No rush since I’m probably going to be in fleece long johns all winter long !!!hahaha… Thanks again Scotti!

    • For what it’s worth, I have used the Sally Hansen spray for years and someone gave me advice that always works — spray on your palm first, and then apply to your legs. I find that the spray formula blends much more easily and looks more natural than the lotion.

  2. That is another tutorial that I will have to book mark. Thank you so much! And amazing job doing that while nursing. Oh the things you can do while breastfeeding or pumping – drive, eat, apply makeup….. on and on. Your videos are so down to earth and realistic. Thanks!

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