Channel Your Inner Ballerina Babe with These Unique Flats


So I found these “fluff” flats. Yeh okay, they do kinda-sorta look like slippers you’d wear around the house and do have a ridiculous name, but…they also kinda-sorta are the best things ever. They need to be on your radar, if not on your feet.

When I first noticed them I saw a pointe shoe in the form of a wearable flat, and well, I’ll be straightforward with you. I can’t really say no to ballet-inspired fashion. It’s very difficult for me. (Impossible. It’s impossible.)

I did hesitate on purchasing them at first glance, though!…for two reasons:

  1. Wasn’t at all sure they would be realistic with their satiny exterior. I can’t usually have nice things like that (kids).
  2. Couldn’t figure out whether I’d actually wear them out of the house, with everyday outfits. Ya know, the whole slipper-looking thang.

Turns out I didn’t care that much about securing the answers to those questions…or maybe I just couldn’t help myself (the ballet-ness!). Yeh, two seconds later I ordered them. heh.

The good news is that they are as comfortable as they look. Any of you who wear UGGs already know how freakin’ amazing that sheep fur lining is. I meeean, ugh. So good on the feet. Also, ladies….I HAVE successfully been able to incorporate them into eight real, actual outfits — all relatively casual stuff I’d wear everyday.

P.S. They come in a gorgeous port color, too…

Eight Outfits to Wear with the UGG Lena Flat

1. Slouchy Sweatshirt + Pleated Skirt

pleated skirt oversized sweatshirt ballet flats

sweatshirt | skirt | shoes

2. Denim Jacket + Mini Wrap Dress

burgandy wrap dress with pink ballet flats

jacket (similar – I usually go up one size) | dress | shoes


Mini Wrap Dress over Cropped Jeans

mini star print wrap dress over jeans

dress | jeans (similar) | shoes

3. Layered Turtlenecks

grey turtleneck swing top

pullover | turtleneck | jeans (similar) | shoes


4. Polka Dot Top

polka dot blouse jeans pink ballet flats

blouse | jeans | shoes


5. Hoodie

hoodie grey top with jeans

hoodie | jeans (similar) | shoes


Anorak Jacket

grey hoodie sweatshirt green anorak jacket and pink ballet flats

jacket | hoodie | jeans (similar) | shoes


6. Denim on Denim

denim jacket cropped jeans white turtleneck ballet flats

jacket (similar) | turtleneck | jeans (similar) | shoes

7. Plaid Blazer + Matching Pink Tee

plaid blazer pink tee jeans pink ballet flats

blazer (similar) | tee (similar) | jeans (similar) | shoes

8. Wide-Leg Trousers

wide leg trouser sweatshirt and ballet flats

sweatshirt | trousers (similar) | shoes




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  1. At first glance, they feel almost silly to me, and yet when you wear them with all those great outfits, they are totally adorable and SO tempting. At the very least, your outfit combos inspire me to take a fresh look at the flats that have been collecting dust in my closet. Thank you!

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