Comfort Shoe Guide, 2024: The Cutest & Most Stylish For Summer


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As the reigning comfort shoe queen at The Mom Edit, each spring I take a long look at ALLLLLLLLL the comfort shoes in comfort shoe land (a truly magical place for me), order dozens to try on – everything from supportive slides, cushy sneakers, walkable wedges, clogs, ballet flats and more – and then come back to you with my personal recommendations.

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The Ultimate Guide To Comfort Shoes, Summer 2024

For summer 2024, my recommendations start with 6 tried-and-true styles of comfort shoes that get my highest possible recommendation. These are the styles I KNOW I’ll be wearing on repeat all summer long. Additionally, I’ve found a handful of other comfort shoe styles that I’m considering simply because they’re so on-trend – while still meeting my VERY high standards for comfort shoes.

Finding shoes that are a combination of REAL comfort and style is definitely my thing.

That’s why they call me the queen.

Wearing on Repeat: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Newbies I’m Considering: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

*Note: I am the first to admit I have developed expensive taste in comfort shoes (they stick around for a long time, so I find them worth the $). BUT…in each shoe category above I provide alternative selections (with at least one budget-friendlier option) in the category sections below.

What, Exactly, Are Comfort Shoes?

Birkenstock comfort shoes

Birkenstock Favs From Left To Right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

A bit of background before we go into the details of the comfort shoe guide.

Let’s start with I have picky feet, and do not tolerate wearing uncomfortable shoes. I also, however, like my shoes to look cute and stylish (or at least cute and stylish “enough”). This is my 7th year creating a Comfort Shoe Guide for The Mom Edit, and each year it’s a balancing act trying to find the cutest and most stylish options that are also ACTUALLY comfortable.

Almost all the shoes I talk about in this guide (with a few exceptions that I note) are from comfort FIRST shoe brands. Brands that focus on quality design and engineering that keep feet happy. I search for the cutest and most stylish of the bunch, but try to stick with shoe brands that pay attention to such features as arch support, shock absorption, cushioned footbeds, weight distribution, and more.

I recognize that everyone’s feet are different when it comes to comfort and comfort-feature preferences, so in each section, you’ll find a range of options to choose from.

The 6 Top Comfort Shoe Recommendations For Summer 2024

I decided to focus on the wear-on-repeat workhorse comfort shoe categories first in this year’s comfort shoe guide. I then give you a peek at the sandals (many of them in the more on-trend category) that are catching my eye to add to the mix for this summer (some of them I already ordered and have thoughts on…some are still floating around –to be considered– in my cart).

1. Supportive Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Comfort Shoes

 My Birks | More Colors | More Colors

This category will not come as a surprise to anyone who follows TME, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Birkenstocks and wear different varieties all.year.long. This summer, I already know my most worn pairs will be my Birkenstock Big Buckle Arizonas and my Birkenstock Big Buckle Madrids. Supportive, really pretty buckle, simple, and the shiny pairs add an elevated casual chic vibe to whatever you’re wearing.

More Birkenstock Favorites

If you want allllllll the details of my Birkenstock “expertise”, check out my full guide to Birkenstocks or my Youtube show-and-tell. Or…below you’ll find some of my VERY favorites.

2. Cloud-Like FitFlops 

FitFlop Comfort Shoes

Where to Buy: Nordstrom | FitFlop

I can’t break way from this comfort brand for summer…likely EVER. I’ve been wearing this super cute pair a lot already, these beachy-ones are also fabulous, and every summer I keep these by my door because they’re easy and simple and make my feet UBER happy.

The FitFlop brand flip flops and sandals are truly like walking on cushiony clouds… but the type of cushiony cloud that is soft and lovely on your feet and also supportive in the best kind of way. I’m extremely happy wearing many different brands of comfort shoes, but without fail when I put a pair of FitFlop brand sandals on my feet there is always that feeling of ahhhhhh.

More FitFlops That Are Cushiony Heaven

Although I love and wear many types of FitFlops, there are some major differences between the various lines, so read the notes below each pair below.

3. Walkable Clog Sandals 

Clog Sandals Comfortable

Where To Buy: Nisolo | Anthropologie | Target

Many summers, when I need height for full-length summery jeans or dresses, I go with a walkable wedge (often from Cordani). This summer, however, I’m feeling my newest clogs from Nisolo. They have a fabulous combination of a wood base, but with a nice comfy layer of cushioned memory foam on the footbed.

The styling is simple (just how I like a clog sandal), and the height is high, but walkable. You can always go with one of the traditional wooden clogs from No.6, Swedish Hasbeen, Lotta, Sven, or Bryr. But even though I’ve collected some of these gorgeous clogs (and they ARE gorgeous)…I typically find myself gravitating to the clogs that have more cushion for wearing on repeat throughout the summer.

More Clog Sandals I Love 

I’m not including the traditional wooden clogs in this round up below since I personally tend to gravitate to the cushioned clogs for wearing on the regular. And for you clog purists, I admit I also got a little loose with my classification of “clogs”…let’s just say they are clog-esque.

4. Chunky-Soled Sandals

Birkenstock Papillio Chunky Arizona Sandals

My Birks | More Colors | More Colors | More Colors

I didn’t anticipate loving these chunky-soled sandals as much as I do! We know I love a good Birkenstock, and this chunky-soled version is pretty fabulous for something a little different. They look like they’re going to be marshmallow squishy, but they are VERY firm and supportive. So note: if you’re looking for a pillowy slide, these aren’t for you.

I’m liking a chunky-soled sandal this summer in general for adding a little interest to my typically minimalist simple outfit combos. You know those moments…you want a simple look and you put on your favorite jeans and your favorite basic top, but you just need a little something more. Chunky-soled sandals are your answer.

More Chunky Soled Sandals

You can go for a chunky lugged sole or a chunky platform to add some interest to simple looks…and my feet loooooove a good supportive platform chunky sole!

5. Comfy Ballet Flats

Comfy Ballet Flats Everlane Day Glove

Everlane Day Gloves 

My comfy ballet flats are the shoes I grab on repeat when I’m wanting a bit more polished look. Summer, fall, spring…the ballet flat saves the day when trying to pull together a chic look. I have been a dedicated fan of the Everlane day glove for years.

More Ballet Flats & Closed Toe Summer Shoes 

I own several colors of the Everlane Day Gloves and am super happy with the comfort and look, but there are SEVERAL ballet flats below I’m considering adding to the mix. So many cute options!!! I added a few Espadrille closed-toe shoe options too for you readers looking for cute more summery options.

6. Black & White Sneaks 

Alternatives to Sambas

Where To Buy: Nordstrom | Rag & Bone

This category started with my dislike of Sambas. Sambas are EVERRRYYYYWHERE! But I just can’t. They’re too sporty for my personal style, too low-profile for the proportion balance I like, and I don’t find them THAT comfortable.

I will admit, though, that seeing SO many simple and cool outfits worn with the standard black and white sambas did get into my head. In the search for a Samba alternative, I landed on these Rag & Bone sneakers that are way more expensive than I wanted them to be, but I’ve gotten a ton of use out of them already. Added bonus, they’re super comfortable with a special built in Ortholite comfort footbed. I typically put my beloved SuperFeet inserts into fashion sneaks to make them pavement-walkable all day long, but no need to do that for the Rag & Bones. A great option, though, to make any fashion sneak a comfort shoe.  

More Black & White Sneaks (That Aren’t Adidas Sambas)

Well-done Rag & Bone! I LOVE my comfy new Court Sneakers, but many more black and white sneak options (that aren’t Adidas Sambas) as well. 


6 New, On-Trend Comfort Shoe Styles For Summer 2024

Lots of new and exciting trends in 2024 summer shoes, and the comfort shoe world is actually keeping up! Well…at least mostly. Lots of comfort shoe brand denim sandal options, fisherman sandals, and metallics. Some classic styles I’m considering adding to the summer comfort shoe mix in my closet as well.

1. Minimalist Tan Sandals

Beeks Minimalist Sandals

Beeks I’m Wearing (here), but considering these instead: Sugarbirds | Honeybirds | Tori Slide

So…off and on throughout my years of comfort shoe research, for some reason or another (often the ones I want are sold out) Beeks just haven’t felt like the perfect sandal for me. When I HAVE found some styles in stock…they’ve never felt AS at-home on my feet as the similar Birkenstock Madrids, so I just always stick with the Madrids.

There are times, however, when I want a more minimalist look, and I gravitate back to Beeks. Shana, also LOVES hers for the look and comfort. So I’m feeling like I just haven’t given them a true chance.

More Minimalist Tan Sandals

Now it’s just determining which ones to REALLY give it a go with. I tried this pair, but I’m leaning toward one of the all leathers option I list above instead. If you’re not a Beek fan, here are some more great-looking comfy minimalist tan sandals.

2. Denim Sandals

Denim Comfort Sandals

Mine (above) , but these are the ones I’m really eyeing.

Denim sandals are definitely a thing. I’m undecided on them. I got these Naturalizers in and thought they would be brilliant, but they only work with certain darker shades of denim and I prefer lighter wash denim in the summer.

More Denim Sandals

So…I’m going back to the stylish Rag & Bone ones I’ve been eying since they came out. Rag & Bone, although not an official comfort shoe brand, does tend to make sandals and shoes that are comfortable enough for my feet. Here are more denim sandal options that caught my eye as well.

3. Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman Sandals Comfortable

Where To Buy: Nordstrom | Zappos | Vionic

When we were discussing sandal trends for 2024, Shana mentioned Fisherman sandals and laughed about how I would NEVER wear this trend. I strongly agreed (totally not my style)…and then. Long pause of anticipation. As I was rounding up all the cute and stylish comfort shoes for summer 2024, they grew on me.

Especially this pair from Vionic (major comfort shoe features) and also these from FitFlop. Maybe it’s because they have a wedgier/more platform look than some of the others, that gives them a slightly more feminine vibe? Whatever it is…I definitely could see myself wearing them with wide-leg denim and a cute tank, flares, or with simple solid color dresses.

More Fisherman Sandals

Once this style grew on me…I had a hard time stopping. Lots of great fisherman sandals (and fisherman-gladiator hybrids) in the comfy shoe category below.

4. New Cute Wedges

Comfort Shoes Wedges Birkenstock Papillio

My Birk Wedges or these cute Cordanis I’m eyeing.

Do I need a new pair of wedges. ABSOLUTELY not. I have these classic Papillio by Birkenstock wedges that are truly an everything shoe and also have a few pairs of older Cordanis that have held up well, still look beautiful, and are super comfortable. But…it’s always fun to look.

More Cute Wedges

I’ve always wanted a gorgeous navy wedge to wear with midi dresses. Such a classic look. I’ve tried a navy Naturalizer wedge in the past and they haven’t been comfortable enough, so I’ve been eying these from Cordani. Cordani makes an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedge and my feet are happy with the comfort despite the height. More Cordanis and other comfort shoe wedges below.

5. A Luxe Metallic

Metallic Birkenstocks Soft Footbed

My Metallic Birks or Luxe Vince Slingbacks

So…I’m stuck with this category a bit. Of course I love the silver Birks, but can I really wear Birkenstocks for pretty much EVERY category of shoe? I ordered these Vince slingbacks because Vince like Rag & Bone( although not a comfort shoe brand) tend to make comfortable shoes for my feet. The Vince slingbacks are comfortable and GORGEOUS, but the sizing is off. I ordered my typical 7.5 and a 7 and they’re too big, so I’m debating whether to do the 6.5.

More Luxe Metallics

I love a luxe metallic shoe to make any outfit feel a bit special. My favorite way to wear them is with lightwash jeans, a cream or white top, metallic shoes and a fabulous structured bag. Here are some more great luxe metallic options.

6. Candy-Colored Kicks

Candy Pop Bright Sneakers

Candy-Colored New Balances

I’m loving my new black and white sneaks, but summer IS coming and candy-colored kicks DO sound pretty fun. If I go for it, I’ll likely do a more budget-friendly option. New Balance is great for that budget-friendlier price point.  

More Candy-Colored Sneakers

TONS of fun candy-colored sneakers out for Summer 2024. And if they don’t have a built in supportive footbed, just add my favorite SuperFeet inserts.

As always, I’d love to hear from you guys what your most-worn go-to’s are for summer comfort shoes. The ones you wear on repeat all summer long, but also the new trends you’re considering for summer 2024. Thanks for following!