My Favorite Budget-Friendly Pieces (Under $100)


Reading Shana’s take on budget-friendly week was hilarious because I pretty much have the exact opposite philosophy when it comes to buying clothes.  Instead of focusing on pieces I don’t spend money on (pretty much anything, if I can help it), I think about what pieces I’m really willing to spend more on.  A fabulous pair of jeans, really well-made boots, a bag that will go with everything and cashmere sweaters that will last years . . . those are the things that are worth shelling out a bit more money to me.

I was SO excited for budget-friendly week that I lowered our total.  I kept everything under $200 and (almost!) every piece under $50.  I could do this allllll year long.  (Oh wait, I do . . .)

Outfit #1: My Everyday Uniform (Interesting Sweater, Jeans + Boots)

Sweaters are pretty much a necessity where I live during the winter, but I’m always looking for ones with interesting details like cold shoulders, asymmetrical hems and  cut-outs.  Because they’re trendier (and may not be in style for years) I don’t want to spend a ton on them.  Under $100 is a necessity, but closer to $50 is ideal.

I am willing to spend more on a fabulous pair of jeans, but when I find fab jeans under $100 I’m thrilled.  Which is why these 1822 denim jeans (under $50!) are my new favorites.  They’re super comfy and have interesting distressing without being too holey (and therefore too cold).  The entire line is under $60 (includes maternity!) and has great reviews . . . I will definitely be trying more of them.

Outfit Total: $172


Jeans: 1822 Jeans $45, I’m wearing a 29 (usually a 28) and they may be just a tad big, but I loved the way they felt.  They also didn’t need to be hemmed (I’m 5’4″) which is a big plus. Here are some of my favorite 1822 pairs (the ones I’m wearing are the first pair):

Sweater: Turtleneck $34, This one sold out almost as soon as it was stocked, but it’s still available in ivory.  I sized up for a baggier fit and I love the open back.  Here are some of my favorite interesting sweaters:

Boots: Silver Sock Boots $35, These are so fun.  They’re made of stretchy fabric so they’re comfy around my ankles with or without socks (sometimes leather boots are too hard rubbing against my skin).  Here are some more fun silver boots (mine are the first pair):

Bralette: Free People, $20: Free People makes the best bralettes.  They’re super comfy and are always coming out with seasonal colors.  Here are some of my favorite Free People bralettes (all come in multiple colors):

Coat: Thread & Supply Peacoat, $38: You need this coat.  I’ve had it for a few years now, and I still wear it all the time.  It comes in a ton of colors and runs about one size small (I’m wearing a small). Here are some of the other colors it comes in:

Lipstick: Hourglass Lip Stylo in Lover I’m not including this in my total, but I wanted to share it with you guys because I love it . . . no liner required and it’s hydrating (which is awesome in the winter) and comes in a ton of vibrant colors.

Outfit #2: Basics + Fun Accessories

I saw this duster cardigan and fell in love . . . the fact that it was under $50 was like icing on the cake.  I paired it with my new favorite jeans (yep, the same ones I’m wearing above) and added a fancy cami and fun accessories.

Outfit Total: $194

Cami: Ruffle Cami $6! (Yes, really . . . from JCREW): Originally $60, on sale for $15, plus an extra 60% off with “todayonly…” my kind of cami!  (Available in regular, petite and tall sizes for the perfect fit.) Here are some more fun camis under $40:

Cardigan: Cardigan $49, I’ve been looking for an extra long cardigan for awhile, but most of them are more than I want to spend.  This one was perfect.  More budget-friendly long cardigans:

Jeans: 1822 Jeans $45 I’m wearing a 29 (usually a 28) and they may be just a tad big, but I loved the way they felt.  They also didn’t need to be hemmed (I’m 5’4″) which is a big plus. Here are some of my favorite 1822 pairs:

Earrings: Earrings $16 Costume jewelry is my jam . . . it’s such an easy and inexpensive way to update an outfit.  Black earrings seem to go with everything.  Here are some of my favorites:

Clutch: Sequin Clutch, $13 Before I broke down and bought my Rebecca Minkoff Leo Glitter clutch(which is still under $100), I tried out this sequin clutch first.  I got a LOT of use out of it, which made the Minkoff purchase make sense.  Here are some more budget-friendly options:

Boots: Boots $65 (Sold out, similar boots on sale for $60)  I would so love to own a pair of Weitzman boots, but they’re just not in my budget right now.  These boots have been a great substitute . . . especially since I can wear them in the snow without worrying about ruining them!  Here are more options in lots of fun colors, $100 and under:





  1. Scotti, as a babe on a budget with a similarly well-endowed booty, I love all of your posts. I aspire to rock these styles as well as you do!

  2. Looooove your post. I’m with you–I have trouble finding anything in my closet I’ve spent MORE than $100 on. I thought for about two weeks before spending $90 on a pair of boots this past fall. (I don’t regret it! I wear them 3x a week!). Honestly, it’s refreshing to have a post that recognizes that Target/Loft/etc (and lots of careful thrifting and secondhand!) is a reality for many fashionable people.

  3. Great post Scotti! Loved so many of your suggestions—that outfit with the black JCrew cami….gurrrlllll… look G-O-O-D!

  4. I always love your posts, but this might be one of my favorites! My clothing budget is on the lower side, so I greatly appreciate this budget friendly week! Love your suggestions here. In fact, I immediately bought the j crew cami!!! Thanks!!

  5. First time commenting! Scotti, this is so well done. I found some new brands in this piece and real inspiration. I am here for weekly posts from you on outfits under $100, just sayin.

  6. I too recently discovered 1822 denim and really like it!

    And the T&S pea coat… they’re not that warm, but for the price, can’t beat them. I have two, infact! And I live in California anyway, so who needs a heavy coat?!

  7. I just bought a pair of 1822 jeans and they’re like jammies! So soft and comfy! I’m hoping they don’t stretch out after they’re worn, but I’m loving them! Thanks for all your style tips and inspiration!

  8. Scotti – this was a great post!! I hope to see this more often. I’m on a budget but certainly love to look fashionable. You nailed it!

  9. I love everything about this budget series you guys are doing. Scotti, your picks are all amazing. Please make this an annual tradition!

  10. Great series, ladies, and this might be one of my favorite TME posts ever (second only to Shana’s about postpartum sex that came at the perfect time for me)!

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