13 Fancy Gifts That Are Worth The Splurge


While I’m a huge fan of a well-curated stocking (complete with charming and – hopefully – affordable goodies) every once in a while a girl needs to feel spoiled. And whether you’re looking for a splurgy gift for someone you love, or if you’re looking for ideas to spoil yourself rotten, I do have a few ideas (shocker).

The list of gifts I’ve deemed “splurge-worthy” range from cozy cashmere to non-boring tech gifts (they do exist!). There’s wildly expensive items (like Dyson’s Airwrap) to a game-changing hair mask. I’ve also identified a few unicorn items – well-tested pieces that go the distance, look cute, and are truly unique.

13 Unique Gifts That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

Before we really get into it, I wanted to highlight a late-breaking item that is so good it deserves its own article (coming soon!): Naked Cashmere’s matching cashmere sweater & wide-leg pants set. This cashmere is thick, soft, and decidedly luxe. The fit of both pieces are so freaking good – the pants read almost like sophisticated trousers rather than sweats – and I’m shocked by how thick this set really is (cashmere sweatpants, in particular, are often on the thinner side).

ps. Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Ideas page, too. We’re cooking up lots of new ideas for 2023. xo!

Unique gifts that are worth the splurge.

1. Printfresh Pajamas

Unique gifts. Printfresh pajama set.

Printfresh pajama set

The newest, most luxurious of the Printfresh PJs are their new Luxe satin line, made from an eco-friendly viscose from sustainably grown forests. That said, all of Printfresh’s PJs are an amazingly fun gift to give & receive. And don’t overlook their robes and/or ponchos – I have my eye on this sherpa-lined one.

ps. They also have family pajamas (omgggg so cute).

2. Not Boring Tech Gifts

Unique gifts. Apple Airpods Max.

AirPods Max

Mike bought me Apple Airpods Max for my birthday last year and I LOVE them. I’m forever annoyed with air pods – they are never comfortable in my ears for very long, and I also find Beats headphones uncomfortable, too. These, however, I can wear all freaking day. They stay charged for a really long time (something that I REALLY appreciate because I always forget to charge them), and they’re available in the cutest colors. I mean, the blue is great, but there’s also….mint??!! OMG. Love.

A few other non-boring tech gifts I can personally recommend are:

  • Apple Watch – for the ultimate in splurge gifts, Apple Watch’s collab with Hermes is really, really good. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how often I use my Apple watch (and how annoyed I am if I forget to put it on in the morning).
  • Oura Ring – I’ve always *thought* I was a bad sleeper, but the Oura Ring has really helped to pinpoint what, exactly, disrupts my sleep. And while I’m not going to win any sleep awards, I am really thankful I have this product.
  • Kindle Oasis – I’ve tried all Amazon Kindle styles, and I still think the Oasis is – by far – the best. It’s the most comfortable to hold and read (especially if you like to read one-handed, or lying on your side), and it’s the kind of tech product I use daily. Like…if my Kindle ever breaks, I’m ordering another immediately. FWIW, my husband is over-the-moon about his Kindle Scribe, but it strikes me as more of a work device, rather than a cuddle-up-and-read device.

3. K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

K18 hair mask at Sephora | at Amazon

I cannot state this enough: this hair mask is a GREAT gift. There’s a reason it has over 4K 5-star reviews on Amazon. This (stupidly pricey) little mask is a total game-changer…but you have to use it correctly. Which means this: wash your hair in the shower, but do not add conditioner. Get out of the shower, towel-dry your hair, and then grab the mask. Pump 3 pumps into your hands and rub them together vigorously until the product is very white and thick (almost like glue).

I get that this sounds like a witch recipe. Whatever. I will continue.

Work the product through your wet hair. It will be terrible. If you have lots of hair, you might need another 3 pumps (I usually need 9-12, tbh). Done. Leave it in your hair. Don’t follow with anything else (styling products, blow dryer, etc) for at least 15 minutes. Repeat this process every time you wash your hair for at least the next 6 shampoos. After that, use as needed.

Every time I use this, my hair seems to get softer & softer, shinier and shinier. It’s great.

4. Luxury, Not “Designer” Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples sunglasses

No shade to Dior, but I’ve found that the Big Designer brand sunglasses are often indistinguishable from my good ‘ol Le Specs (which are a fraction of the price). That said, there are a *few* luxury eyewear brands that are – truly – luxurious. The materials feel far superior, the fit is great, and the lenses are far superior. The lenses alone make a huge difference. The two luxury sunglasses brands that I can personally recommend are Garrett Leight (that link goes to Jenni Kayne – she has the best selection, followed by Revolve) or Oliver Peoples (Saks has the best selection).

5. Day-To-Night Metallic Silver Bags

Coach bag

In all of the styling we’ve been doing as of late, the silver bag has risen to the top. Time and again, this piece has been exactly what we needed to infuse our outfits with something fresh and modern. And even when the trendiness of the silver bag has run its course, it’ll forever work as an evening bag, too.

6. A REALLY Good Cashmere Sweater

Unique gifts. Naked Cashmere.

Naked Cashmere Noelle Turtleneck Sweater

I’ve been working on our round-up of the best cashmere sweaters of 2024, and this one is definitely on the list. It’s cozy, soft, and has a really easy, swingy shape. I love the shorter length – looks great with all sorts of denim (loose, baggy, straight-legs, flares, etc). It was easily my most worn sweater last winter, and I’m thrilled Naked Cashmere brought it back. Highly recommend.

ps. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this Naked cashmere set (cropped sweater + wide leg pants) is the ultimate splurgy gift.

I’m still working on that cashmere article, but here’s a few really special cashmere sweaters I can personally recommend:

7. Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap at Nordstrom | at Sephora

The Airwrap is always subject to hot debate – is it worth it?? And, after much discussion over the years, it seems to come down to this one question: long hair? Then yes: worth it. With long hair, there’s nothing that comes as close to a gorgeous blow-out at home, while doing so little damage. Once hair starts creeping up above shoulder-length, however, the results are more varied. Dyson’s Airwrap really is a niche product, perhaps, but for those who love it…they really REALLY love it.

8. Free People Movement ‘In A Bubble’ Puffer Vest

Free People Puffer Vest

I need to do an entire article on the wonders of this puffer vest. It’s the kind of thing I can throw on over workout gear (like pictured), or bulky sweaters that don’t fit under a coat. This layer looks cool and intentional, and I almost always have someone stop me on the street to ask me where I got it. It’s been an unexpectedly good wardrobe win, and would make a great gift. Comes in a ton of colors, too (I have the color pictured).

9. Halfdays Ski Jackets & Snowpants

Unique gifts. Halfdays ski and snowboard gear.

Halfdays Ski jacket – also at Nordstrom | Snow bibs – also at Nordstrom

I’m a HUGE fan of Halfdays’ ski & snowboard gear. Made by women, for women, this small (but quickly growing) brand is behind some of the chicest ski gear I’ve found. Not only are the styles both technical and cute, but they come in a range of colors that feel decidedly high-end. Best of all? They have inclusive sizes (XS – 2XL), too.

10. Frank & Eileen Triple Fleece Travel Sets

Frank & Eileen Triple Fleece Montecito Travel Set

I have two of Frank & Eileen’s Triple Fleece travel sets, and they are some of the most useful things I own. They’re essentially fancy sweatpants, but look so chic and so elevated that they’re the kind of thing I wear on an overnight flight…and still look perfectly presentable once we land. I’m not sure what kind of magic is happening at Frank & Eileen, but these pieces never seem to sag or get stretched out, either. While I LOVE the sweatpant-skirt set (pictured above), my most-worn travel set is probably this one.

11. UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots

UGG platform boots

I’m a longtime lover of UGGS, and the newest iteration, the platform minis, are their best yet. Especially now that denim hemlines are getting longer, these boots are bridging the gap between jeans I wear with heels and jeans I wear for everyday. Love them.

12. Moon Boot Classic Snowboots

Faux-Fur Moon Boots

Scotti (my sister) and I have discussed this at length: which winter boots really are the warmest? Our answer, after years of testing in both the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (basically Canada, eh) and Northern Vermont are Moon Boots. And this latest one, all covered in faux-fur, is especially luxe.

13. Tumi Voyageur Celina Backpack

TUMI backpack

I keep trying to find a better designed laptop bag – for both travel and everyday – and I always (always!!) come back to TUMI. They’re virtually indestructible, look chic on, yet are really functional, too. Highly recommend.