Unique Second Baby Gifts From Amazon Handmade

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Finding special baby gifts is hard.  Finding special baby gifts for second babies is even harder, I think.  Second babies have everything they need, right?  A lifetime of hand-me-down toys and books and clothes and shoes and sippy cups.  I’m, therefore, always on the lookout for something more memorable and unique for baby number two.  It was heartwarming when I received such gifts for my “little one”, and he still likes to point out these treasures that have his name on them (not his older brother’s) or the extra special handcrafted gifts that someone selected with just him in mind.  

Ever since Shana introduced me to Amazon Handmade for unique Mother’s Day gifts, I’ve been eyeing all of the beautiful baby and kid gifts made by talented artisans from around the world.  So good, Amazon!   More expensive than regular Amazon?  Yes.  For artisan-made and one-of-a-kind gifts for a new baby—it’s totally worth it (especially for those times when you can’t visit your local artisan fairs in person).  Finding a little something for big brother or big sister is also fun, and if the gifts coordinate to make a cute package gift…even better.   Of course, these handcrafted gifts would be equally good for a first baby as well, but here are a few of my finds that I would do for a second baby AND big brother/big sister:   

Personalized Name Puzzles

Name Step-Stool  Name Board Puzzle

This is my favorite gift combination.   A family member gifted my second child with this footstool, and it has been used more than any other gift we received.  My eldest loved taking the pieces in and out, learning to spell his little brother’s name.  Now, my youngest uses it to sit and put on his shoes in the morning, to reach the sink to fill his own water cup, and to turn upside down as a rocket ship for his stuffed animals.  The name puzzle board with big brother or big sister’s name would be a perfect gift to go along with the step-stool.   

Handcrafted Wooden Blocks

My First Block Set (Prime) | Numbered Wooden Blocks (Prime)

Oh, how I love wooden blocks.  These are gorgeous — handcrafted from responsibly harvested trees and such a beautiful mix of hardwoods.  I also adore that the “My First Block Set” comes with a special cloth bag for play-time on the go.  My kids still play with their wooden block sets all the time (usually to create obstacle courses for their LEGO guys).  The numbered set would be a perfect addition for big brother/big sister.  There are larger sets from this artisan that are gorgeous as well, but these particular ones are Amazon Prime if you need something quick.   

Dragon Fun

Personalized Dragon “Lovey” (Free Shipping) | Organic Dragon Finger Puppet (Free Shipping)

Second babies need NEW “lovies”.  That’s just one of those things that most often should not be passed down.  My eldest emotionally needed to keep his personal lovey close when “little one” was born and let’s be honest….it was disgusting…”little one” didn’t want it.  This artisan creates such charming unique lovies that can even be personalized with baby’s name.  A couple of these little dragon finger puppets would be perfect for the “big kid” (they come one per order).  My older son loved doing puppet shows for his baby brother. 

Sweet and Simple

Classic Baby Rattle (Prime) | Wooden Star Wand (Prime)

This is such a sweet and beautifully simple gift set for baby and big kid—still special, still unique, but at a lower price point than some of the other handmade options.  The wand comes in a heart, butterfly, rocket, or star, and both gifts are Amazon Prime if you want a handcrafted but quick gift.  


Classic Beauties

Natural Wooden Stacker Toy  | Natural Wood Shape Puzzle

I always like to put our prettiest toys on our coffee table or living room floor.  The elegantly designed wooden toys bring me a moment of peace away from the sea of playroom plastic that sends my brain into sensory overload.  This handmade stacker set and shape puzzle would be a classic combination gift for baby and toddler.


Bright and Clever

Hand-painted Name Canvas | Personalized Placemat

This bright alphabet art personalized for the second child would be such a happy addition to a new baby room.  The customization takes a bit of time, but I think it’s worth the wait.  For a complementary big kid gift, this hand-drawn personalized placemat would be so fun.  You can choose your design (Robots, Monsters, Fairies and more!)   


Luxurious Active Play

Handmade Wooden Baby Activity Gym | Wooden Balance Board

How pretty is this baby activity gym?  It would be a VERY special gift for a baby (i.e. it’s on the expensive side), but I think there are many parents who would really appreciate the artfully crocheted animals and beautifully handmade wooden design over the loud musical carnival of a store-bought plastic activity gym.  As a complementary gift, balance boards are great for keeping active kids’ energy focussed, and this one is so much prettier than most.  Shipping isn’t cheap for these guys, but they would be such nice high-quality gifts.

Personalized Fashion

Matching T-Shirt & Onesie

This would be an easy one-and-done gift for anyone that likes matching sibling fashion.  Click…check off your list…do a happy dance.

Keeping Them Busy

Baby Busy Board Animal Action Game

Baby obviously wouldn’t be able to use the busy board right away, but these boards can eventually be a lifesaver for parents.  This simple, handcrafted version thoughtfully includes space to put in photos of baby’s loved ones, which would make for a memorable and lovely gift.   For the big kid,  I am envisioning mom rocking baby in a comfy glider while mastering the art of multi-tasking, and simultaneously calling out these animal challenges to keep big kid entertained.

Bath Time Buddies

Handmade Washcloth Monster-Green  (Prime) | Handmade Washcloth Monster-Orange (Prime)

I keep coming back to these little funny guys.  If you ordered the two above (one for each sibling) or the set of 4 here with some nice baby bath soap, it would be a unique and useful bath set gift package.

Vroom Vroom

Personalized Push Car | Personalized Toy Trailer Set

This sweet personalized push car is perfect for tiny little hands.  My eldest had one like this, and he pushed it for miles and miles, back-and forth-across our kitchen floor.   For the big kid—I love how the cars in this Toy Trailer Set neatly puzzle together in the truck bed (in addition to the fact that it can be personalized).  So fun and so cute.

Thank you, Shana, for asking me to put this together, and a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post.   It was so much fun to explore all of your handmade options, and I hope this is helpful to some of your readers looking for something special–Happy Baby Gift Shopping!



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  1. Wooden toys are nice in theory and they certainly are pretty, but I have learned they are a bad idea for little kids because kids like to throw things. A wooden toy accidentally throw in the direction of your flat screen t.v., window, or face is going to end badly.

    • I totally hear you Ann Marie. Your comment totally gave me flash-backs of me on repeat with my first son “Balls are for throwing, sweetheart…blocks are for building”. Haha! There was a month or two that I had to switch to cloth and soft-stuffed toys with him, and I put the gorgeous wooden toys up on a shelf. They came back down quicker than I thought they would, though, and I’m still a complete wooden toy snob. It definitely helped that my younger wasn’t a thrower. I just feel my kids always had a longer attention span with the wooden toys and used them more creatively, but I totally agree they’re not for everyone. Thanks for the comment.

  2. My go-to for a second baby is “Pat the Bunny” It never survives one child, and I love having a baby on my lap, smelling flowers, playing peek-a-boo, trying on a ring, and , OF COURSE patting the bunny.

  3. Sono interessata a comperare i cubetti 3d con le formiche ma non so dove si possono acquistare. Chi mi può aiutare?
    Grazie Luana Italy

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