Organic, Fair Trade, Bold Design, and Fun: This is Uniquely J!


Sing it with me?

‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again… recently launched Uniquely J!  And when they did, morning coffee and packing kid lunches became so much more fun.

One hot minute after my 5 year old asked a friend who was headed out on an errand, “What’s a grocery store?”


The same post-millenial metro kid, 3 years ago, promptly announced with surprise that there are in fact box stores on the outskirts of Phillyillyelphia.  Who knew?  Not my kids.  Because everything gets delivered to THIS house.  As in:  all home goods and groceries are ordered online, usually while walking down the street, from my mobile, and in 5 minutes or less, for same or next day delivery.  Errands done and done.

uniquely j


Don’t get me wrong, we love our farm share, and our daily farmers’ markets,  but for everyday essentials and groceries…we order-it-all-up.

When I had my first kid, this life convenience wasn’t yet an option.  Now, I barely remember how we did things before it was.

And while we’re big believers in bento boxes…once a week, and for field trips and random other reasons…we resort to ‘old fashioned’ snack bags.  These are so fun…Nom Nom!

uniquely j

I want to live life. I want to work at my two jobs.  I want to be present for my kids.  And to chaperone the trips and class parent the parties, and volunteer for all the stuff.  And the hour that it takes to get to a store, shop, and get home, is a very meaningful one.  Why do that when I can just order what I need online, on my way to chaperone a class trip, or meet another amazing client?  I don’t need to sell you on this idea.  If you live in a city in 2017…you live this efficiency parent work benefit with me.  And you thank goodness for the option.  Every.  Day.

unique j


Just like in all other areas of life, there’s something super fun about fresh ideas and new products (and we all know I’m obsessed with fun home design). What’s better than when things look great on the shelves in their own packages?  (And when there happens to be fair trade coffee and yummy snacks  in those amazing boxes)

uniquely j


Uniquely J offers everyday home essentials, like coffee, olive oil, detergent, and other grocery and household items AND… these quality items arrive in boldly designed, edgy, fun, witty packaging!  So they look great sitting on shelves and counters and they are fun to work with!  Organic?  Check.  Fair Trade?  Check.  And fun?  Double Check!

uniquely j


So check them out!  C and I had a blast product testing!  And chief taste-tester says, “thumbs-up!” to the biscotti, crackers, salsa and peanut sauce!

Coffee. It’s a mom’s (morning) best friend.  And while I’ve never met a cup of coffee I don’t appreciate, I double appreciate ones that taste so, so, good.  And yes, it brings me peace and joy when coffee is also beautiful…

My personal favorite?  Bad Ass Espresso.  The very fine line between having fun packing lunches and getting three kids to school on time every morning versus feeling like your got your ass kicked doing so my friends:  is a very simple and delicious cup of Bad Ass Espresso.

We’re doing this work, with love, regardless; we may as well have fun doing it!


xoxo A (and C:  the kid that helps guarantee that we get lunches packed and get to school on time every day)


Thank you to for sponsoring this post.  All of the opinions are our own, and we had a blast testing your new products.


  1. This is one of those sponsored posts that just felt…. off brand and a bit too much an advertisement interrupting usual content. I mean this as constructive feedback. I know choosing sponsorships is part of the blog business and not always easy to gauge how well they will translate and maybe other readers will react differently.

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