I’ve been neglecting my plaid lately.  I don’t know if it’s because of the unseasonably warm weather (although that seems to be changing – fast), or if it’s because I had stopped wearing plaid when my hair was short (it was skewing a little masculine for my taste – I suspect lipstick would’ve helped), or because I was uninspired by the plaids around me (it IS hard to nail that perfect plaid)….

….anyway, inspiration finally struck.  In the unlikely form of a sweater vest.  (New here?  Hi.  I’ll teach you our vulcan handshake right after the sweater vest discussion.)

No but really:  sweater vests!!  They’re a thing. If you’d rather (you SciFi haters you), we can refer to them as ‘sleeveless tunics’ to make you feel better about things.  Or perhaps ‘unsleeved knits’ or even ‘buttonless gilets,’ if you are the fancy type.

In any case, I love them.  And I especially love them over plaid.  This pairing is so freaking perfect as we head into winter:  Cold?  Layer this combo under a leather jacket – there’s NO BULK to contend with!

















Outfit Details

plaid shirt: Paige Denim Mya Plaid Shirt (wearing an XS)

sweater vest: bought during the Nordstrom Anni Sale – this one is the closest (more options below)

jeans: Seven For All Mankind Patched Skinny Jeans (wearing a 25, chopped them off myself)

boots: Free People Cecile Boots (SO freaking good I might get these in another color)

bag: old Coach – similar one here


Shop Plaid Shirts + Sweater Vests


Are there any other plaid shirt styling ideas you’ve come across lately?



photo credits:  Redfield Photography (these two rock my world)

A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  A special vulcan handshake is in order, just for you.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.  

May you live long and prosper.  

(OKOKOK. I’ll stop now.) 


    • Oh no!!! Is it? I use it the same way I use, “skewing a little bit preppy”. It’s a style in it’s own right. Not bad, just not me.

  1. I’ve been seeing these sleeveless turtleneck things everywhere and I couldn’t figure them out. But pairing it with plaid is genius. I absolutely love your whole outfit!

  2. My first reaction was negative, but I think it’s because you called them sweater vests and that just conjures up images of dorky, old dudes. But after you explained about have no bulk under a jacket I started to warm up to the idea (as would anyone with big arms who feels all jackets might as well be straight jackets when you try reach forward). And then once I started thinking of them as sleeveless sweaters instead of vests, I felt better. But yeah, this one isn’t going to happen for me anytime soon.

    • Ok. I changed it to “masculine”. Like I mentioned above, I see NOTHING wrong with the term butch, someone who identifies as butch, etc. But neither do I want anyone to come away from here feeling offended – ever.

        • That’s not really true anymore. Culturally, it’s used to stigmatize women who identify as lesbian. Some of those women have re-appropriated the term, but it’s generally impolite to use it when you’re not actually one of those women. Language evolves quickly, however, so it’s hard to keep up. Accidental slip-ups happen to even the best-intentioned. Thanks for changing the term, Shana. I appreciate your commitment to making the Mom Edit a welcoming place for readers.

          • I love the fact that this conversation just happened and that everyone was respectful!!! Thanks to those that took the time to comment. I learned something today… besides the fact that I now want a sweater vest 🙂 The Mom Edit community pretty much rocks.

  3. I like this look on you, but I have a few sleeveless sweater-vests from early fall that don’t have turtlenecks so I’d have to wear the collar of my plaid shirt out… which feels super preppy. Not sure if it still works without a turtleneck or at least mock neck.

  4. I bought the Nordstrom Anni sweater vest back in July (totally based on your post and recommendations, btw) and FINALLY got to wear it last week…it’s still 80 degrees in Houston but I couldn’t wait any longer. Wore it with a cami underneath, so it was sleeveless, but got so, so many compliments on it. And now can’t wait to try it with plaid underneath!

  5. Love this look but I’m too, shall we say rotund, in the middle to pull it off. Gorgeous flannels but truly I can’t fathom paying these prices for them.

    • Give it a try. I’m 4 months noticeably pregnant and the same sweater that Shana wore hid my belly. Unbeknownst to others, I had an old gapping button down shirt underneath. I felt great and got complements.

  6. I love this idea, but I am not sure how I can pull of a maternity version of it. Maybe if it i was a sleeveless sweater vest cardigan?

  7. Funny I didn’t wear my plaid last year either, I was kind of over it I guess? I had quite a few and gave most to the goodwill this summer, still have 2 kicking around- and just this morning I was considering ditching them. Might reconsider- especially after you brought up vests not adding bulk under a coat! I had a lot of sweater vests in the late 90s, I might bring that back. Thanks!

  8. Shana- I LOVE your leather jacket. I’ve been drooling over this jacket and keep looking at your posts wanting to buy one. But alas, I cant do the shorter length. Do you have any suggestions for those of us that are “hippy”? Thanks!!

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