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First things first:  Nordstrom asked me to take a look at Fall denim trends, and, well…if you’re up on your blog reading this week, you know how I feel about The Chaos That is Fall Denim.  But there is something wonderful happening in the world of denim, something I hesitate to call a trend, per se, it’s more like a movement [cue swelling music], and that is….

Skinny Jeans.  They’ve gone all interesting.

Patches, rips, paint splatters, frayed hems, fringe hems, step hems, released hems, twisted hems (no I am seriously not making this up), [BIG BREATH], distressing, cool zippers, sailor-pant spoofs, moto spoofs, colorblocking and embroidery.

What these things do to a boring sweater.  SHIVERS, I tell you.  I get shivers.

My not-so-boring skinnies almost made up for the fact that our Sunday was terribly boring.  It was one of those days where Mike and I were trying our hand at Adulting: paperwork, bills, emptying the dishwasher, updating iPhone OSs, folding 276 loads of laundry.   You needn’t feel sorry for us – as evidenced by the sheer amount of laundry, Adulting is a rare occurrence that we save for when things are truly dire.

But Sunday was a perfect storm of  Too Much Adulting + Tired Kids and our usual remedy (GET TO A PLAYGROUND) wasn’t happening because, on top of it all….hangry.

So we grabbed a handful of nuts (WOMP WOMP), two soccer balls (cause sharing sucks), and set out on a Soccer Walk.  Destination?  The PHL Pop-Up Beer Garden*.

Man, we love Philly.

*Also, the game was on and they have TVs. You are welcome, Mike.
















PHL Pop Up Garden is like a magical fairy place. We’re all obsessed.  They have some cool events coming up, too: Ocktoberfest, Football Sundays, and a Halloween party.



Outfit Details

tank: Tibi Jersey Knit Cami (wearing an XS – ignore the dry clean only – I wash mine in a laundry bag on cold, and hang on a hanger to dry)…over a pretty bralette like this similar one.

jeans: 7 For All Mankind Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 25 – I chopped these off further, but initially, they hit right below my ankle bone)

shoes: my trusty old Supergas – here are this season’s colors

scarf: mine is suuuper old, but this Halogen one is a dead-ringer.

backpack: Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian (khaki is sold out)


Shop My Fav Interesting Skinny Jeans

I do think it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.  For example, Versace’s $750 bedazzled denim physically hurts me, a giant crotch zipper is not a direction I’d personally go,  and I’m terribly conflicted about Current/Elliott’s ‘catscratch’ jeans.  From a distance, they are amazing, but when I zoom in…???

But there are a ton of seriously cool, spot-on options to pair with boring sweaters, tees, and sneakers.  Here are my favs:


A few of you have been asking how I hack off my jeans…so I’m working on a little video.  We’ll see.



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Your denim department is one of my happy places, so I’m always thrilled to share my favorites.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.



  1. Great post! I love your outfit. So super casual and cool at the same time! I bought two new pairs of AGs for fall, and with the hefty price tag, I’m SO hesitant to chop them off! I mean, I want to, but I don’t want to mess them up either. A video would be helpful, thanks! And I agree those paint splattered skinnies are too uniform in their splattering.

    • Jem, for whatever it’s worth, I find AG to be one of the more foolproof brands for chopping skinnies. At least their legging ankle jeans. They’re one of the few brands that are tight enough all of the way down, so even when you chop, they retain their skinny look.

      One trick that seems to work OK is to start really long – like chop right above the ankle bone. Wear them like that for a while – you can always turn the cuff up once to get the right length (I have a pic somewhere). And then once you are comfortable with where you want them to hit (trying them with different shoes,etc), chop again. BUT WASH FIRST. I totally forgot to wash these 7’s before I chopped them, and they shrunk the tiniest bit in the wash. You can kinda see in these pics – they are a hair shorter than I’d like them to be. I mean OK – I’m just being REALLY picky, and I will happily wear them like this, but I should’ve washed them first. Gah. But the bottom line is that the chop doesn’t need to be perfect. You do have some wiggle room.

    • I hear you! Because of my job I can get by dressing up jeans most of the time. But the rips and patches, while okay for knocking about on a weekend or as a SAHM, just don’t lend themselves to the look I want to go for professionally. Argh.

      • YESSSSS. Same here. I wear jeans to work all day, every day. I can get away with a tiny bit of distressing – maybe a slightly destroyed hem, or some wear on the seams – but not totally ripped knees, or any holes higher than that. This trend seems to be going more and more destroyed. I’ve wondered about trying to distress some of my older skinnies myself, so I can control the amount and keep it work appropriate.

        That’s actually been a big source of frustration for me recently. I feel like the stuff that is trendy now – distressed denim, cold shoulder tops, tops in general with open backs or cut outs or transparent to show off your pretty bra – do not work for me 5 days out of the week. I work in a pretty casual place though, so what is considered normal work wear is overdressed here. I’m sort of stuck with a wardrobe that feels about 3 years old, because at that time weekend wear was work appropriate for me. That’s a bit of an exaggeration – I do have options – its just frustrating.

      • First, a confession: I am spoiled rotten – I can and do wear my pair of destroyed jeans to work most of the time. (Always with a cute blouse or blazer and heels or fancy flats.)

        But there are times they’re not appropriate. Some of those are actual business wear days, but some are just…polished (?) days. So I have a perfectly-fitted pair of dark wash skinnies for those days. Teamed with a blazer or a silk blouse, they’re perfect. But I keep a super lean closet so they have to do triple duty, which is where the pairing thing comes in. Maybe I’m delusional but I think that once they’re paired with the right stuff, they’re still relevant. On a casual office day I’ll still wear them – but with peep-toe booties, a slouchy, boyfriend button down and interesting jewelry. Date night with strappy shoes and a current top (cold shoulders work here, as do the more open-backed cutouts, and then I can put those pieces under a blazer at the office). But I might be delusional and I’d definitely rather be Emmanuelle Alt than trendy, so take me with a grain of salt. 🙂

        • Maggie, this comment is so freaking spot-on. Dark wash skinnies can still look completely relevant (I’d argue dark wash flares or even trouser flares can too) when paired with the right stuff. I also like plain black faux-leather skinnies.

          Hmmmm….should I try and style a pair of plain, dark skinnies for a week? Might be interesting….

          • Speaking of flares, I invested in a pair of non-distressed darkish-medium wash Seven’s last season that fit like a glove. What can I pair them with? I’m seeing fewer flares this fall so I’m wondering if that trend really never took off.

          • Shana, I’d love to see this. Office day/date night seem easy enough but playground is harder for me. With my playground shoe of choice (black chucks) they seem boring basic rather than timeless basic. Thanks!

    • I spent some time on Nordstrom’s site a few days ago looking for jeans and realized I’m over the distressed look, especially the ripped knees. It just feels boring to me after several years of wearing them. Glad I’m not the only one! I like the patched version Shana is wearing and the sailor influenced ones. Also, the prices just keep going up and up! $250-$275! Yikes!!

  2. How do you as a petite person find rips in the right places???? I’m only 5’2″ (same size as you in general) and I never get distressed denim, or even some of the embellished stuffs, because the design/rips always seem to hit in weird places. On you it looks cool, but can you as another not super tall person advise how you get it to do that?

      • I think they run true to size and are a slim fit (not as loose as on the model). They have a little stretch, but not like a jegging. I would consider them a true skinny jean.

  3. I have been looking everywhere for casual comfy shoes to wear with my skinny jeans–that aren’t sandals or boots!! Those sneakers are perfect and just ordered a pair from Amazon! (Nordys didn’t have my size) Another great post!

  4. I am seriously obsessing over the R&B pair with the tiny heart patch. Trying to rationalize the price in my head! I have loved this fall’s edit, and I can’t wait for it to cool off! Even though I am a lot taller than you, and not a size zero, I have found some many rad options that totally work. Thank you for helping me break out of my rut!

  5. Just chopped 3 pairs of jeans off I didn’t like the bottoms of! Had some grey skinnies with slits. Chopped them right off and they’re fab now! Chopped some patched jeans I had too. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Ok, for those of not quite ready to pull out the scissors…where should jeans be hemmed to this season? Is the look ankle length through the fall and winter? I’m allowing myself one pair of skinny jeans for fall and they’ll need to be hemmed (because 5’4 here) and I’m not sure where I should have them hit.

  7. I for one am done with trendy jeans. I have whiplash from being told in no uncertain terms to trash all my bootcuts, and now bootcuts are back, and I just imagine that so many of these cute skinnies will look so dated not too long from now. How long do you expect to keep a $200+ pair of jeans? I can’t stomach getting rid of things so fast. I have financial and environmental guilt about this. I’m headed toward a closet full of straight leg cuts, classic blue washes and mid rises as fast as I can. I might not look current but at least people won’t be able to pinpoint when my fashion sense froze in time.

  8. Shana, have you figured out how to keep the cut off jeans from fringing too much in the wash? I have a pair and I’ve tried several ways to keep them from unraveling beyond the perfect amount but not totally satisfied. And I do have to wash them a lot, because I’m still getting baby spit-ups on my outfits.

  9. let me know what you think of the Frame denim if you go try some!! xoxo
    ps..I love all my jeans…depends on my mood…:)
    They all have a place in my wardrobe..

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