Upgrade Your Momiform: Introducing the Long Jacket

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I’m always looking for ways to give my day-to-day outfits a boost. I used to get all craaaaaazy with it and actually wear cute pencil skirts with little sweaters and even *gasp* heels. I know. That must have been before kids, Cams. YEP. Exactly.Before kids, outfits were a bit more…less basic. Or at least, I could deal with being more uncomfortable for longer periods of time. (I didn’t have small people hanging on me, usually) I CANNOT DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE. ha.

Now, it’s all how casual is too casual? heh.

That said, I really do still like to play around with the basic momiform and give it a boost – a little edge…in a SIMPLE, yet cool way. I’ve recently been noticing the long jacket. I know, I’m a tall B, butbutbut I do think there’s enough of a range of lengths and styles that they can be worn by anyone.

So. Here’s how I wore it…

The Basic Momiform

In my case, it’s usually a loose tee, skinny jeans and Converse (or my New Balance).

Oh, man…yeh. I also like the idea of a turtleneck, ya’ll. I just realized how cool that would look underneath! I think it would add the chic, without having to try very hard. I’ve now got my eye on this J. Crew Oversize Turtleneck.



Add Long Jacket

It doesn’t have to be super duper long, especially if you’re on the shorter side. I’d just go with more length – something a bit longer than your normal jacket…one that hits right below the knee even.



Add that “Too Dressy” Handbag

I’m talking about the bag you rarely take out, well…because “it’s too dressy”. Break it out. It’s time. I loved that I instantly felt more done-up once I grabbed my Kate Spade, which…I usually only carry on dates. Honestly, how often do we have an excuse to really dress up? Just carry the damn bag. 😉





I totally should have smacked on a matching lip. I even had a color to match my tee. grrrr. Next time.

Outfit Details

coat: Topshop Textured Slouchy Coat – a nice, lightweight jacket that can be layered over tees, sweaters, sweatshirts. I’ve shared more styles below.

top: Target swing tee that I can no longer find, but this BP. high/low tee is very similar. I’d consider a turtleneck, too, like this J. Crew Oversized Turtleneck or their Tissue Turtleneck tee (love the wine color).

jeans: STS Blue ‘Piper’ Jean – I really like these…and you can’t beat the price. They fit well, are not too short (for my 5’10 frame) and are comfortable.

shoes: Shoreline Converse – a favorite. Really. The best casual sneakers.

bag: Kate Spade (old) – closest thing is their Cameron Street Margogorgeous.

earrings: Nickel + Suede – funny story. I accidentally wore these…and didn’t realize it until after. The pink actually looks kind of cool though! It’s an unexpected color combo. I currently have my eye on the Lipgloss pair and their new leather chokers.


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All photos by Ariana Clare


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  1. I have the jcrew oversized turtleneck (camel and navy) looove it. But we moved to South Florida so I may only get to wear it once. Haha

  2. Shoreline Converse really are the best! I bought them a few months ago based on your recommendation and wear them all the time!

  3. Now that you’ve said the bag isn’t available anymore, I HAVE to have it. I will be scouring the internet for it…LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Thanks for inspiration. I forgot I bought an oversized coat (petite size-5’2″!) last year and pulled it out last night. It was a perfect addition and just what I needed to elevate my outfit. I’ll be wearing it all weekend. Does anyone else forget what’s in the closet?

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