Upgrade the Basics — Pick a Drapey Tee


And by drapey, I don’t mean
the oversized tee in XXXL that was given to you for free at the last
conference you attended.  Also to be ruled out are tees that are given
out on race day, or God forbid, any tee that says “Hard Rock Cafe” or
“Planet Hollywood”.  The tees I’m talking about come from a different
planet completely. 

your standard tee to a drapey tee is a great way to infuse a little
style into the tshirt-n-jeans mom uniform.  Drapey tees will float over
the body, hugging in just the right places, hiding flaws and will make
you feel just a little bit sexier.  The ideal drapey tee shouldn’t be
100% cotton (usually doesn’t drape well – but there are exceptions),
and it should be machine washable. 

Here are two of my favorite drapey tees available online now:

drapey tees above come from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection at
Kohls (click on the photos to be taken to the Kohls website – both are
available online).  I like the fact that she used two different fabrics
to make each a little bit special, and both will conceal a pouchy

Styling Tips:

tee on the left is not a good choice for breast-feeding mothers, or
anyone who is very large on top (boobs, arms, etc).  For the rest of
you, this top would look amazing over skinny jeans and flats – either
flat metallic sandals, flip-flops or basic ballet flats.  You could
also pair this top with straight leg jeans and a cute neutral sneaker. 
The sneaker would ideally be something lighter – think something from
Ked’s new line – and nothing too athletic looking.

tee on the right would work for a variety of moms – it covers ugly
nursing bra straps, lifts up easily, and the light color helps to hide
spit up.  I would actually pair this tee with some low slung jeans,
tuck it in and throw on a belt.  Shoe guidance would be the same for
this tee — metallic flats or sandals – or, even better – a cute sneak
with a flash of silver on it somewhere.

xo, S

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