TME Team: What We’re Actually Doing For Valentine’s Day 2018


Oh, how we love love here at TME. Valentine’s ANYTHING is my favorite to cover on the blog…I’m even a little mushy about it all. #allthehearteyes Even though it stays pretty predictable and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have candy all year long, there’s something so sweet about stopping to show your love to significant others, family & friends.

The TME team recreated last year’s article on what we’re actually doing to celebrate V-Day this year. Maybe you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, all about GALentine’s Day or you’re a hardcore cupid like myself, take a peek at what our team will be doing on the best date night of the year:

Do: I’ve never been to a comedy show before I met my boyfriend. I’m not entirely sure I would have EVER made it to a comedy show had I not met my boyfriend. But ya know what? He likes a good comedy show. And I like pizza. We’ll compromise for a night out at our absolute favorite BYO pizza place, Rione then head to Helium Comedy Club next door. With any luck, the comedians will have something hilariously Valentine’s-related up their sleeves and we’ll have some laughs and if they don’t..we’ll probably have some laughs anyway. If you’re ANYWHERE near Philly I highly suggest you check out Rione. The pizza – I kid you not – tastes just like it does in Rome. I’m guessing the owner Francesco being originally from Rome has a little somethin’ to do with that…

Wear: This time of year I just wear my favorite OTK boots non-stop. They’re nice enough to wear out and flat enough so the icy sidewalks don’t bring me flat to my face. Maybe I’ll show a little bare leg if it’s not brutally cold out but if it’s still wintery-awfulness…i’ll wear black tights under this dress. Obviously, I’ll be wearing a coat over this little moto jacket but when I take it off maybe I won’t be chilly! Ok..who am I kidding? I’ll be chilly. The earrings and my favorite clutch just make for fun additions.

Eat & Drink: We’ll be eating lots of pizza obvs, and drinking this wine to go along with it! The first time I ever had it was with Mike’s family and his mom swears by it with it’s my favorite one to bring for BYO. Try it out if you’re looking for something new! Mrs. S calls it “stick wine” (if you zoom in you’ll see a little twig tied to the front of the bottle) and you can’t miss it!

Buy: I’m a simple girl. I like flowers and I LOVE sweets/cookies. Give me both and I’ll love you forever (wink, wink MIKE). Urbanstems is a pretty foolproof delivery of beautiful flowers and Levain cookies cannot be beat. You can see me wax poetic about them here. Otherwise, I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Do: My birthday is just a few days before Valentine’s Day. This year is a big one, so we’re having a party the weekend before. Since there will be lots of celebrating, we’ll probably just spend this Valentine’s Day at home with take-out and a movie (knowing me, we’ll probably be rewatching a Wes Anderson movie…can’t decide if this or this is my favorite.)

Wear: Trying to up my PJ game lately and this little set from Jcrew is SO adorbs. I’d of course layer on a cozy cardigan and fuzzy slippers. In honor of upping my game, and this week’s #TMEStyleChallenge I should probably add in some fancy undies and this gorgeous bra I’ve been eyeing forever. This color is my new favorite ‘neutral.’ To add just a little fancy to my lazy at-home look (ha!) I’ll add a bit of glow with my favorite liquid highlighter by Marc Jacobs. A little goes a long way for a dewy, lovely look.

Eat: Like I said, we’ll probably do take out (I’m thinking Indian food…YUM), definitely a good pinot for me (Oregon pinot, of course) to sip and always chocolate. These gorgeous treats are made in Naples, Florida where my parents live and are insanely fancy and out-of-this-world delicious. They’re the ultimate artisan chocolate.

Buy: I’ve always been a fan of super delicate jewelry and I’d like to add in a couple of new pieces for layering. This necklace does it for you (easy) and these delicate star rings are just beautiful. (Hopefully P is taking note here!)

Do: There’s nothing we love more than a good Netflix marathon and Indian takeout for date nights BUT that’s all we’ve done for Valentine’s the last two years (and pretty much every weekend). So this year we’re going ALL out starting with an afternoon visit to the GRAM for one last look at Andy Warhol’s American Idols exhibit before it’s gone. For the main event of the evening we’re heading to Dr. Grins Comedy Club at The B.O.B.for some hopefully hilarious stand-up comedy.

Wear: I’m not gonna lie, one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to an evening out is having an opportunity to dress up in something other than snow boots and to wear something totally impractical like my tiny, slightly obnoxious red and gold heart clutch and my seldomly worn red pumps to match because It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without wearing a healthy dose of bright red and a pink camisole for good measure .The jeans and moto jacket are my two essentials for any evening out.

Eat: We’re still debating between sushi and Thai for dinner but we both agree on what we’re having for dessert: Donut Conspiracy’s amazing donuts and lots of them.

Buy: There’s no better place to find unique, personalized gifts than Etsy. While looking for a meaningful  Mother’s Day gift I became obsessed with their amazing collection of  customizable engraved handwriting jewelry. You can have a loved one’s handwriting engraved on just about everything from necklaces, rings, bracelets, keychains and even cufflinks. Also, I’m always okay with more J’adore because perfume always seems like a romantic gift to me.

Do: Ok mamas, I’ll be honest. I can’t remember the last time we actually went out on Valentine’s day. We usually cook together, but for God’s sake we need to have more fun just the two of us. We need something different from going out for dinner or watching a movie aka falling asleep on the couch. First year as parents of two and working side jobs at night has us all tired.

I recently found a shooting range really close to where we live – because one thing we don’t want is spending time getting places – and I was like “oh yeah….we need to let out some stress” Add to it, that my hubby would think I’m a cool wife, you know? Well, it’s a plan now and we are arranging the babysitting. In my list for future dates we have bowling and rock climbing too.

Wear: I asked the other girls on the team what they would wear. Cams would go casual with sneakers and A all black leather. I LOVE sneakers but one of the reasons I look forward to a date is that I can wear dress up and wear stuff I can’t wear on a daily basis.

So I settled for a casual yet fancy and sexy vibe. I just added these 501 skinny Levi’s to my collection. I love Levi! I’ve also been obsessed with wearing high-rise jeans and bodysuits. I love this one. Its bottom part is so darn sexy and a nice surprise for hubby on Valentine’s!! I’ll finish off the look with these Marc Fisher heeled hiking boots that just went on sale and come in more colors! I will keep it warm with this BB Dakota Faux Shearling Moto Jacket. Just saw it on another website with 20% off.

Eat: I love finding the thinnest, crispest pizza pies. If you are around Westchester NY, I love Coals in Bronxville.

Buy: I’ve wanted this silk pillow case for some time, but I’ve always said: Why pay all that if I can just get some silk and make one myself? Well it’s been over two years. So I’ll just buy it. Not only will my hair be healthier, but it will also be faster to style.

As a WAHM I don’t really have super pretty, delicate or special shoes. I’ve been seriously obsessed with these Sam Edelman cap toe pumps for some time. They would be perfect for spring! If my hubby gave these to me I would be the happiest.

Do:  Finish the Cards, Crafts, and Treats for Classmates!

4th Grade:  Origami Heart Bookmarks, made with this paper, plus these Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats + Chocolate , cut with these cutters,  but served like a pop using  these straws.  Packaged in these, tied with love and this ribbon.  In this class we have food allergies, that Rice Krispie treats magically avoid.  And a 9 year old boy who doesn’t wish to write anything but reads like a mad man.

2nd Grade:  C’s obsessed with pop-up cards.  And yes, she strong armed me into candy.  Not normally my thing, but ok fine, she’s not wrong, it also meets the food allergies requirement.  And it’s all for LOVE, right?  Using the same supplies in bulk, Rock Candy Sticks will also be packaged in these, tied with love and this ribbon.  And the cards.  Goodness gracious the cards.  Ok C.  We’ll get it done Sugar.

Kindergarten:  G is obsessed with Sew Cool (Thank you for that Aunt Laura!)  No Grace, I’m not buying you 100 sets of the fabric that goes with it…but sit with me Baby Love and we can do THIS on our own!  X30. NO problem.  ORhabe-you aren’t the only one with a pile of felt sitting around sister!  Though, I have to say, I’m more in love with these!  We’ll see where we end up!

EAT: We will start the day with smoothies, and these special straws. Do you need a smoothie recipe?  I wish we were that organized:  Vitamix:  3 cups of water, 2 bananas that are about to go anyway, a small package of frozen organic strawberries, and a small package of frozen organic mango.  Yum.  Or try these actual recipes!

We’ll make  heart shaped waffles with this, using our go-to recipe from Mad Hungry.   And drink some of this.  And we’ll call breakfast a love fest success!

Gift: I will gift my own girls these hoodies,  this book, and this book.  And my son this tee, and this book.

Go: On Wednesday nights, we eat salmon, broccoli, roasted red potatoes, and lentils.  Every.  Freaking.  Wednesday.  Night.  I have no right to complain.  I love nothing more than happy kids, who love a schedule.  But honestly, J will be out of town, and S will finally be back in town, and THIS PLACE is around the corner, and I’m just so, so hoping we can convince the troops that we are going OUT to dinner!!!  I can already taste the tagliatelle.  So, so, good.

Wear: I will be wearing the same TOP, JEANS, KICKS, and HAT…all LOVE, all day long. And everyone will appreciate that this is in fact, me, dressed-up.  Don’t hate on the kicks that cost as much as a car, not on LOVE day.  I have a sneaker fetish.  It’s just a me-thing.  This is my go-to scent.  And because it’s a special day,  I will also wear lip stuff and mascara and Laura, Shana, and Scotti will be so proud of me!

Do (some more): And for the grande finale, when we get home, I will break ALL the rules, and let EVERYONE pile into my bed, with popcorn, cinnamon, a pinch of salt and a bit of sugar in the raw, and watch The Princess Bride!

And one night when J is back in town, the custody calendars, and moon and stars align (which is almost NEVER), we’ll schedule an adult date night…and do all the things he’d die if I mentioned here.  This is way more than 40 and dating after divorce, in the context of a loving long term relationship.  Someday maybe we’ll spoof Mating in Captivity and write the book, Dating in Captivity.  You never know.  LOVE-  Lots and lots and lots of it.  xoxo A


Extra XOXO’s,

Team TME


  1. My words of advice to Laura…get the bra! I finally got it for myself last week in the soft pink color and I love it! Third Love bras really fit so nice. I particularly love this one because it’s pretty and comfortable. The racer back means that the straps never slip off my shoulder (which, honestly, I don’t find to be a problem with any Third Love bras) and the lace detail makes it interesting if I’m wearing a top that shows my bra. I have a bunch of halter type bralettes for tops like that, but, since I have a larger-ish chest, I find they hurt my neck after awhile. Sooo not a problem with this bra! It’s pretty much perfect! So perfect, in fact that I tried to order it in black on Friday. Hopefully, they will start making one soon! Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Oh! And The Princess Bride is the best movie for V Day with kids!!!

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