Our Favorite Kinda Valentine: Sweets Delivered To Your Door


When Annmarie said she was going to cover Valentine’s Day…she meant it. The only other thing we could think to add, however, is dessert! (A are you on a diet or somethin’?) I’m not. Seriously though – I’ve taken down 2 bags of V-Day M&M’s all by myself since I first spotted them on the Target shelves. Anyone else? Please tell me someone else…

Aaaaanywho, these treats are much more special than regular ol’ M&M’s and just the thing to have delivered to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Or hey, maybe just have them delivered to yourself. Just make sure no one intercepts them before you can actually get to them (see R&P above…totally intercepting.) We put our heads together to come up with our top list of sweets you canNOT and should NOT pass up. Can you tell I’m passionate about my sweets yet? Just making sure you’re paying attention.

We’ve narrowed it down to all of the best deliverables but act fast – these are genuinely the sweetest.

Sakylly’s – The first time I tasted this seafoam candy unique to Shana’s hometown…I just about died and went to heaven. It’s a seafoam-y textured sweetness covered in dark chocolate with sea salt on top. I really don’t know how to do it justice in words. You just need to order it yourself.

Levain Bakery – These cookies are our FAVORITE. First of all, they’re HUGE. Second of all…they’re gooey and dense and rich. Shana has taken me well out of our way to get these cookies when in NYC ..and that’s why I love her. Plus, if they’re good enough for Blake Lively, they’re good enough for us.

Chocolates Unlimited – Created by a Philly area mom who has taken her serious skills to Etsy. These are a unique go-to for birthdays, classroom parties and of course…Valentine’s for the kiddos. Be sure to check out her Instagram, too. Denise makes some real magic happen.

Kron Chocolatier – When Shana & Mike lived in DC,  these truffles were like a little local secret.  They were only kept in the fridge behind the counter and you had to know to ask for them. They’re so rich and melt in your mouth. She says..”I probs wouldn’t order them (for shipping) any other time of year.” Sounds like a trip to DC is in order!!

Marcie Blaine – A Philadelphia treasure! Marcie Blaine chocolates are just as delicious as they are artisanal and we buy them year round. Show your Philly LOVE even from miles away.

MAST – Regular chocolate bars from the grocery store just don’t hold a candle to these specially-flavored MAST bars. With deliciously unusual flavors ranging from classic Milk Chocolate to Goat Milk Chocolate and Coffee Chocolate there’s sure to be a bar to satisfy your Valentine’s sweet tooth. S will be buying a few and having an at-home chocolate taste test with the kids – how fun!

Bridge Street – Based in Phoenixville, PA Bridge Street is a local chocolate shop with an owner SO passionate about what she does. When Shana randomly discovered this little shop in search of not-too-sweet chocolate covered cherries Gail was quick to assure her Bridge Street’s Chocolate Covered Cherries (with bourbon!) are it. S is obsessed.


Do you have any favorite treats that you order online or will be ordering this Valentine’s Day? We love the internet for so. many. reasons.



Team TME


  1. French Broad Chocolate Company is amazing, their truffles are the best (lots of vegan options!) and they are feel good Asheville, NC company.

  2. I love how many of these are Philadelphia based! Usually are the trendy foods are in NYC or LA, fun to see local stuff. And I’m totally ordering from chocolates unlimited for my son’s birthday

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