Valentine’s Day Ideas (Gifts Under $50)


What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day? Fancy lingerie and wine by candlelight? Staying in and cooking something special with your family? Or being alone in a hot bubble bath listening to music with champagne and chocolates all to yourself? Whatever sounds perfect to you, we’ve got gifts to help you celebrate. Cheers to love in all forms this Valentine’s Day!How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Flowers & dinner; bubble bath & candles; chocolate & champagne? Whatever it is — our gift guide is the perfect match.

Pour some wine, light some candles and see where the night takes you (no judgment if it’s just a much-needed nap for two).

1. Cashmere Cardigan: This one is worth the splurge. Super-soft cashmere that goes with everything and will last for years . . . looks much sexier over lingerie than a bathrobe, but still just as comfy.

2. Mesh Bra: (Also available in underwire.) Adorable and sexy and matches . . .

3. Mesh Undies: (Also available in a thong.)

4. Romper:(Also available in a jumpsuit.) I love this romper — adjustable straps and pretty lace detail.

5. Sleep Mask: Use it for getting restorative, deep sleep or as a blindfold . . .

6. Striped PJs: Super-soft, relaxed fit. Reviewers LOVE these pjs.

7. Gold Wine Glasses: How fun are these? Also in copper.

8. Candle: Candles are always a good idea.

9. Mini Bluetooth Speaker: This speaker is MINI but reviewers say it’s surprisingly loud. It comes in a ton of colors and takes up such a small amount of space — perfect for throwing into a bag and going.

10. Plush Throw: Over 1,200 reviews and almost a full 5-stars. In a bunch of colors.

11. Crystal Stud Earrings: Gorgeous. A perfect gift that won’t break the bank. (Also in a ton of colors).

12. Heart & Arrow Lipstick: I love the packaging on this hydrating lipstick that goes on super-smooth and leaves a shiny finish.

13. Massage Oil: A good massage requires oil. This one is a best-seller on Amazon.

14. Talk, Flirt, Dare Game: After reading the reviews, this game actually sounds like it would be fun instead of cheesy, and reviewers say it would make a great gift.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Flowers & dinner; bubble bath & candles; chocolate & champagne? Whatever it is — our gift guide is the perfect match.Skip the busy restaurants and opt for a date night in . . . with or without the kids.

1. Apron: I absolutely fell in love with this apron . . . adorable whether you cook a lot or not. (Clothing underneath optional).

2. Oven Mitt: All about the matching, obviously.

3. Serving Bowl: Gorgeous and available in multiple colors.

4. Personalized Rolling Pin: Completely customizable, this would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, as well as weddings and birthdays.

5. Teapot: Superior heat retention and nonporous stoneware that blocks moisture and odors.

6. Cup: Again, to match.

7. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set: Upgrade from plastic spoons to these oval-shaped spoons (to fit in spice jars) with curved handles (so you can set them down without worrying about tipping).

8. Stoneware Measuring Cups: These are adorable. Would be fun to use while baking with the kids.

9. Salad Servers: Also in white or black swirl, these servers are made of smoothly polished resin and would look great with any serving bowl.

10. Retro Style 5-Quart Stand Mixer: OK, so this isn’t under $50, but it would make an awesome gift! I love the design of this mixer, and it comes in seven different colors to choose from.

11. Cake Stand: Every time I bake a cake, I’m sad that I don’t have a cake stand. This one is beautiful.

12. Pie Bird: I had never heard of a pie bird, but they release steam from your pies while they bake ensuring a crispy crust without overbaking the filling. Mom will love this.

13. Date Night In Cookbook: The author writes about reconnecting with her spouse through cooking at home together . . . she includes stories about their relationship in addition to delicious recipes for two.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Flowers & dinner; bubble bath & candles; chocolate & champagne? Whatever it is — our gift guide is the perfect match.Mamas who just want to be left alone and relax by themselves this Valentine’s Day . . . this one’s for you.

1. Chocolates: There’s no calories in chocolate on Valentine’s Day, right?

2. Bath Mat Cushion: I had no idea they mad entire body cushions for the bath!  This changes everything.

3. Plush Robe: I don’t care if it’s sexy or not, you can’t pry my soft robes out of my hands!

4. Seamless Cami: The most comfortable top to wear under a robe (and works for nursing as well). Available in a ton of colors.

5. Stretch Modal Pants: Not a day goes by when I don’t look forward to slipping on some comfy pj pants.

6. Faux Fur Slippers: Nothing says comfort like slipping your feet into a super-soft pair of fuzzy slippers.

7. Luxurious Bubble Bath: This made Oprah’s Favorite Things list, and looks as good on display in your bathroom as it feels to soak in.

8. Insulated Champagne Flutes with Lids: Nothing is worse than warm champagne. These will keep it cold and prevent spills (also perfect for travel).

9. Waterproof Flame Speaker: This looks amazing. I love the flame look and who doesn’t want music while relaxing in the bath?

10. Candle Set: You can’t have a bath without a candle or two, and these are packaged perfectly to give as a gift. On sale for under $10, this makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

11. Hydration Bath Set: Soften chapped lips with the lip conditioner, scrub away dry skin with the body polish, and hydrate your face with the face mist (keep it in the fridge for a refreshing cool spray).

12. Hair & Body Oil: An oil that can be used on both skin and hair? I’m sold. (Especially in this dry winter weather.)




  1. Love this but can we get one for men? After 10 + years of marriage I’m at a lost beyond beard oil and whiskey ( great but I’ve been gifting it for a bit). Also responsibly priced too.

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