Valentine’s Day Hair & Makeup



I’ve been working on a look for Valentine’s Day.   I wanted something pretty and romantic, yet easy.  And while I will always love pink and red, this Valentine’s Day I’m leaning to a softly dramatic purple.  It’s a universal color (looks amazing with all eye colors), but more forgiving than black, making it easier to apply.

I finished the look with a nude lip, pretty cheeks, and pulled my hair back, weaving in some flowers.  The entire hairstyle takes about 5 minutes (tutorial below).







Holidays are so much more fun when you have a child.  This is the first year that Greenlea is really aware of what’s going on when it comes to Halloween, Christmas, and now Valentine’s Day.  I took her to Lutey’s Flower Shop, our favorite place to get flowers  in Marquette, and she was loving all of the flowers, balloons and stuffed animals.  We left with a beautiful Casablanca Lily, which is my new favorite.  You only need one stem to make a gorgeous statement on a counter or table and the fragrance is awesome.





Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse: I’m loving cold-shoulder tops right now – warmer than a cami but still sexy. (sold out but here’s a similar option: ASTR Blouse)

(similar) Paige Denim Flares: (Paige denim is awesome for curvy girls!)

MAC Eyeshadow in Blackberry & Fig. 1: These are both matte colors so the look is less frosty than a shimmer and appropriate even in daytime.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Grape: This is one of my very favorite eyeliners and I especially love this color.  It’s purple enough to notice but not garishly so.

Hair How-To

My hair was surprisingly easy to do . . . and it’s a quick hairstyle that will work with all different hair textures and lengths.  I asked Zack to throw in some flowers in my hair at the flower shop and he just put a few in without bobby pins or anything . . . like I said, surprisingly easy.  I loved the flowers.  I feel like they added a little boho vibe without being too cheesy.




  1. Hey Shana! Love this post. Love love love the hair (can’t try it coz mine is very short ) and the top!! Planning to order the top from Nordstrom. Does it run big/small or true to size? You are wearing one of my fav eye shadows. Isn’t it gorgeous? Happy Valentine’s Day.❤️❤️

    • Hello! I think it runs true to size! I was wearing a small . . . I think the xs would have been too small and/or short. And I love MAC eyeshadows! Love the Naked palettes from Urban but MAC’s shadows will always be my favorite! 🙂

      • Must’ve been thinking about Shana a lot yesterday! LOL..sorry about that. The length is worrying me a little bit. But I guess it should be fine as I am only 5’4″ and am planning to wear it with high waisted jeans. I think I am a MAC junkie. The husband-man thinks I spend way too much money and time at the MAC store You look lovely in the top. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I wouldn’t have seen it on you. Cheers!

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