Watch, Drink, Wear: An Offbeat Valentine’s Day Guide To Celebrating At Home


Why do I only remember the most romantic day of the year when I’m ‘helping’ my preschooler address twenty My Little Pony valentines? Maybe it’s because I was never that into going out on Valentine’s Day – so much pressure to have the best.night.ever. in a crowded restaurant, dressed wildly inappropriately for February’s windchill? Uh-uh, girlfriends. Here’s a better idea – use the money you saved by dining in on some sexy little unmentionables and fire up Netflix. We’ll tell you what to wear, sip and snuggle under – who you snuggle with is ladies’ choice.

Funny story: when I polled the other Mom Editors on their fave romantic movies, their answers were…unexpected? The movies we picked are all technically love stories but their facebook status would definitely be “it’s complicated”. We’re keepin’ it real by celebrating love in all its messy, hilarious, ugly-cry-inducing forms. mwah!


‘Spy’ Movie Night

Spy is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while; Melissa McCarthy is so flipping hilarious I can’t even stand it. Snuggle up fancy-style with a fruity champagne slush.

Cat sweatshirt: Karl’s cat is the chicest around and so are you in this comfy sweatshirt. Also, this if you really want to commit.

Lace teddy: Here’s one way to make a cat sweatshirt sexier.

Diptyque Baies Candle: The most popular fancypants candle since forever? Pretty pretty Bulgarian rose scent. (Get it?)

Metallic Gold Throw: Keep your fancy toes warm, too!

“Stay Fancy” Wine Glass: See above.

Snakeskin Coaster: Reminds me of the private plane’s seats. If there’s a sexy way to protect furniture, I got your back.

This way for three more sweet Valentine’s movie date ideas…


‘Pretty Woman’ Movie Night

Somehow when I watched Pretty Woman twenty-something years ago I didn’t really understand her job, I just thought she had a cool outfit…before the shopping spree. The 80s are back in full effect so all this black & gold keeps your movie watching game on fleek, as the kids say. (Cocktail note: This is actually a drink you can order at the Beverly Wilshire’s bar! recipe from here)

Black Lace Cami: A fun take on the famous black lace dinner dress.

Sequin Ballet Brief: How FUN are these literal fancy pants?? How could you not feel gorgeous and a little naughty wearing these?  I also love the dreamy gray-lavender color. (sold out now) but here’s another sexy option: Anthropologie Pleated Shorts

Voluspa Crisp Champagne Candle: The modern black glass is to die for, and I’m so intrigued by the description: “sparkling brut champagne mingles with hints of vanilla and barrel oak”. Yum.

‘Doe a Deer’ Throw: A prettier take on the brown polka dot dress; gets great reviews.

Midnight Black Martini Glass Set: So sleek, so stylish and definitely not just for Halloween drinks.

Gold Coasters: Love how these are so modern, but still totally 80s-feeling.



‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Movie Night Style

Because nothing spells romance like court-mandated mental health institutionalization and sex addiction. Seriously though, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were so cute together in this. (Drink recipe from here)

Jersey & Lace Pajama Short Set: Yes to being comfy and sexy, since those are usually mutually exclusive! (sold out, but here’s a similiar option: Dorina Vivian PJ Set. Throw on a sweet Ballet Wrap Sweater and re-enact the dance finale.

Pirouette Leg Warmers: It’s the comfy, cute, warm trifecta!

Eagles Throw Blanket: Because what else?

Kate Spade Candle: Cute silver polkadot candle that with a woodsy scent.  Kind of how one would imagine Bradley Cooper smells, should one be the type that imagines such things.

Buzzed Drinking Glasses: Part of a sweet set that includes “sauced”, “pickled” and my favorite, “turnt”, “blitzed” seemed most appropriate in this setting.

Similar Signed Sealed Delivered Pendant: Since notes are an important plot device, an adorable working envelope necklace with a tiny pink love note inside.


‘Kill Bill’ Vol I & II Movie Night Style

Saved the best for last. (The Sake bottle is supposed to look like a koi fish- all I saw was the blood red design!)

White Lace She Swings Slip and Lace Cheeky Hipster : Because The Bride isn’t exactly innocent despite all that white lace.

Voluspa Mosu Bamboo Candle: Beyond pretty textured black glass jar filled with the scent of “Moso bamboo, black musc and Japanese cypress”. I’d reuse the gorgeous jar to hold little things on my desk, in the bathroom or on my dresser.

Lafco Moonglow Apricot Sunroom Candle: No blanket pick here because The Bride doesn’t snuggle. And also I couldn’t choose between the candles – this one smells like apricot, lychee and white tea and matches her yellow outfit SO PERFECTLY.

Silver Stripe Highball Glasses: Still cool even if it’s not Japanese steel.

fresh Sake Rice Bath: I love everything fresh does – this is a long-standing customer favorite, with ginger, pine, and 38% real sake. I’d advise against sampling though.



    • YES Julia! I totally wanted to mention that and forgot! If you scroll down on the free people link, there are a bunch of pics customers sent in of the top styled in a bunch of ways – over jeans, peeking out under a long sweater or dress, as a beach coverup, etc and all look gorgeous!

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