Valentine’s Movie Night Ideas – Unromantic + Unfiltered



In our annual tradition of non-romantic-movie themed Valentine’s date nights, I polled the Mom Edit team for their faves and whipped up some really fun ideas if you’re staying in this year. Because it’s February and no one wants to leave the house – hot popcorn & warm couch > fancy dinner & unsensible shoes.

Grab the remote and your bae: we’ll tell you what to watch, wear, drink and give for a low-key but awesome Tuesday night.


My Bloody Valentine

Last year’s sleeper hit on Netflix is so good, it’s worth a re-watch if you haven’t seen it yet… (Except it kinda feels like we’re living in a real-life Upside Down these days!)

Wear: Still not over these fun name t-shirts and Will’s especially clever. In ladies’ & mens’ sizes and a bunch of colors (including chocolate brown which doesn’t happen often.) This one’s also amazing.

Give: The perfect card for your bloody valentine?

Snuggle: My fave UGG blanket in the same pink as Eleven’s dress. How else are you going to build a blanket fort? Also, this banner is awesome (spoiler alert!)

Drink: Leggo my Eggo…cocktail? Try this maple bourbon drink and don’t forget the mini waffles.

Really want to set a spooky mood? This chandelier is key. Also, you’re gonna want this Spotify playlist once the amazing 80s soundtrack earworms its way into your head.



Wild About You

This sweet but not saccharine Disney movie is great if kids are invited on your date. Also fun without!

Wear: This snuggly set is so cute and warm but the shorts make it a little sexy. And the star is kinda like bunny’s badge, no? (Fit notes say size up!) (Sold out, but here’s another cozy option: Be Mine Pjs)

Give: Got a stone cold fox? Let ’em know.

Snuggle: This chunky fox faux-fur blanket with luxe faux fur helps you get your cozy on, cruelty-free.

Drink: The Tiger Boys Cocktail from Bell, Book & Candle restaurant in NYC – spike carrot juice with good quality tequila and lemon, then warm it up with cardamom & ginger.



Star-Crossed Lovers

Enjoy a stellar date night without leaving the universe, or even your couch.

Wear: If you saw the Valentine’s lingerie post, I’m still not over these nip sticks. Let’s just say this is the youngest my (your, our) tatas are ever going to be again. And these are holographic, so you’re right on trend.

Give: Still counts, even if it’s forced. (My pun game is so on point right now!)

Accessorize: Death Star shaped ice cubes? Oh yes. Also use it as a chocolate mold for a dessert that’s out of this world. Ba dum bum!

Drink: These light saber ice pops can easily be made for adults – just put a teaspoon of booze in first, then fill with your red or green beverage of choice such as Mountain Dew with all the artificial colors. And yes, they light up!



Ghostly Galentines

Scariest thing about this movie? The original was made thirty years ago.

Wear: Proton pack, obviously. And this organic marshmallow fluff lip balm.

Give: Ok, ok I know it’s the old one, but Bill Murray. Forever. (Sold out, but here’s another ghost card.)

Burn: This artisan candle, inspired by the movie, smells like “toasted marshmallows and big red apples” – I’m intrigued.

Drink: If your mom was awesome like mine and put Ecto Cooler juiceboxes in your lunch, you’ll remember that citrusy sweet nectar of the gods that was an unholy orangish-green hue. Guess what? It’s baaaaack! Mix with orange vodka and call it The Slimer. (In case you can’t find the Ecto Cooler ones, Surge also makes citrus drinks!)




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